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Many years had passed. Ichigo have became a successful doctor. Few years ago, Ichigo had married Rukia. Ichigo is currently running a hospital in Karakura Town. Ichigo have a son with Rukia. This tragic day have finally come by, the very day his beloved Ishida pass away. Ichigo, Rukia and their son went to visit Ishida's grave. Ichigo, Rukia and their son got on Ichigo's car. After sometime, they reach the graveyard. All of them got down from the car and walked up the hill. Soon, they reach Ishida's grave.

Ichigo kneeled down and started to pray at Ishida's graveside. He then opened his mouth ans said, "Hello, Ishida. How are you? I hope you are happy up there. Do you remember that I told you I married Rukia? I hope you don't mind... I have a son now." "Haha", Ichigo gave a light chuckle. "I named him after you...Ishida. His name is Kurosaki Uryū." After Ichigo was done, Rukia kneeled down and started to pray too. Suddenly their son asked, "Who is that, daddy?"

"He is a very special friend to me, Uryū." Ichigo smile slightly and patted his son's head.

"Why did daddy's special friend pass away?" Uryū, their son asked with curiosity. Rukia was shocked that their son asked such matter.

"He got hit by a car while trying to save me, Uryū" Ichigo said and frowned slightly.

"What is your special friend's name daddy?" Uryū asked.

"Ishida...Ishida Uryū." Ichigo replied to his son's question.

"Cool, I have the same given name as him! The one who saved my daddy." Uryū chirped happily.

Ichigo and Rukia then set down some flowers at Ishida's graveside and prepared to leave. "Let's go, Uryū." Rukia said telling her son it is time to go.

"Wait, mommy! There is something I want to say to Ishida-san. Can I?" Uryū begged his mother.

Ichigo then turned his head and looked at Rukia. Rukia nodded her head and said,"Alright but don't take too long."

"Alright mummy!" Uryū repied while kneeling down at Ishida's graveside.

"Thank you, Ishida-san... For saving my daddy back then... I am also very happy that I share the same given name as you, Ishida-san." Uryū said quietly. He then skipped back to his parents.

"Rukia, I have something on. Bring Uryū back home first." Ichigo said to Rukia.

"Okay, Ichigo. Come back soon." Rukia said.

After Rukia left with their child, Ichigo stood there alone.

Inoue Orihime's P.O.V.

I have already moved away from Kurosaki-kun many years ago. I can't still help to think what I did back then. It was a terrible thing for me to do. Why did killing Ishida-kun crossed my mind in the first place. Right... Because of jealousy... But I can't forget the very day. I've already tried to move on many years ago. At least there is Ulquiorra here for me. Speaking of him I must get ready for our date ! Hm... What should I wear ? I looked through my closet and tries to find something good to wear. Finally, I've found something a blue T-Shirt and a white skirt. "This could be good." I said to myself as I started dressing. As I was done dressing myself.

"Ding Dong!" The doorbell rang. Ulquiorra must be here already ! Oh dear, I must be running late. I rushed to the door and opened it. As I expected Ulquiorra is here already.

"Hi, Ulquiorra !" I chirped happily.

"Woman..." Ulquiorra replied to me. I frowned when he called me 'woman'. I told him to call me 'Orihime' not 'woman'.

I pouted and said, "Ulquiorra, I told you to call me 'Orihime not 'woman' !"

"..." Ulquiorra did not say anything in particular.

"Wait a second, Ulquiorra. I forgot to take something !" I said as I smiled at him sheepishly.

"That woman..." Ulquiorra said as he waited for her.

"I got it already. We can go now Ulquiorra !" I said as we exited my house. I'm very excited about where is Ulquiorra taking me. I'm sure it is someplace good though. Ulquiorra has never disappointed me. I smiled when I though of that.

We were still walking to that place. Ulquiorra said it is quite close so there is no need to drive there. A moment of silence between us. I tried to break the silence by saying," Where are we going, Ulquiorra? Are we they yet?" I was getting really excited.

"We'll reach there soon, woman. Be patient..." Ulquiorra replied and said to me. He called me woman again. I sighed inwardly. I guess that is already a habit of his by calling me 'woman'. I would really like it if he called me 'Orihime' instead of 'woman'.

"Okay, Ulquiorra." I chirped happily. We were still walking on the street. We pass by quite an amout of shops. Suddenly, Ulquiorra stopped his tracks.

"We are here already, woman." Ulquiorra said as he stopped outside a shop.

"Okay." I smiled. I looked at the store. It is a small cafe. It looks new.

"Let's go in, woman." Ulquiorra said still keeping his stoic face.

I nodded as we walk in the cafe. We found a place to sit. A waiter had come a taken our orders. Another moment of silence between us. Ulquiorra don't talk much but he is a very great person. Sometimes I wonder why do I like Ulquiorra. He always seems very appealing to me. His features were all so mesmerizing. I wish I had met him earlier sometimes. Perhaps that incident would not happen. Kurosaki-kun is just a high school crush I used to can't get over it. It seems like I'm more obsessed with Kurosaki-kun. I killed Ishida-kun for my selfish purpose but now I have met Ulquiorra. My life had changed a lot. I matured slightly over time. I understand what does it feel to truly like someone now. Ulquiorra broke my thought when he started saying, "Woman, the food is here."

"Thank you, Ulquiorra ! Let's eat !" I replied and I said happily as I snapped out from my thoughts.

Kurosaki Ichigo's P.O.V.

I was walking on the streets after Rukia left with my son. The sky became quite cloudy. I think it is going to rain soon. Ishida... Ishida left me this very day. I muttered this to myself as I put my hands in my pockets. Then, I wander of to my thoughts. The rain started to pour down the now grey sky. I can hear the rain go pitter patter all over. I was drenched in the rain as my hands still in my pocket. It was like that day with me and Ishida. The differences from then to now is that I'm all alone. I frowned thinking of that memory.

As I crossed the roads there was a car sped on the puddles. I got sprayed by those water puddles. Don't the car driver have eyes? I scowled looking at my clothes as it got even wet. All those good times with Ishida. Memories with him keep on crossing my mind. I took the shortcut to the nearest back home. I saw someone's shadow. I was walking behind that person. When he turned back and looked at me I was shocked. "I-Ishida? I stuttered out. It could not be ! Ishida... Ishida is dead ! I ran as fast as I could to catch the person but then he disappeared. How the hell? I swore I saw someone... Could this be just an illusion ? How the heck... I must be hallucinating...

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