Disclaimer: Hello everyone. This is my new story Depth of a Heart. This is going to be a series of short, interconnecting stories that take place during Deathly Hallows. These are basically the moments that I wanted to see told from Ron's POV. Some parts will be shorter than others. I will also add in some events that while never mention in DH, they still could have happened in the context of the story.

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-Depth of a Heart-

By: Mists

-Flight of the Potters-

"Hermione's right; Harry's eyesight is awful," thought Ron as he adjusted his glasses, for what seemed like the millionth time. Ron stared at his reflection in the Dursleys' window. It felt odd being Harry. Though he had to say, it was nothing like being Polyjuiced as Crabbe. Ron shivered at the memory and watched Harry's reflection do the same. He gently lifted his hand up to his dark, messy hair and gave it a quick pull. He grimaced in pain as his hand slowly moved down over Harry's infamous scar.

"There you go," Harry said. "Something for you to wear on Tuesday. You might even have a scar now, if you're lucky… That's what you want, isn't it?"

The stinging words flew though his mind like an arrow strike.

"No, Harry. That wasn't what I wanted at all," thought Ron sadly.

How could he have been so foolish? The turmoil Harry must have been going through …and he turned a blind eye to it. All he could see was that once again, Harry got his chance to prove himself to the world… while Ron sat on the sidelines. But the main reason he had been so angry, was because he thought Harry had chosen to face the challenges alone. Ron felt like he was purposely being left behind. That Harry thought Ron was weak and useless, like the twins did. Throughout most of Ron's life, he had been a failure. During first year, he had to let Harry go on alone because he wasn't good enough. In the Chamber of Secrets he couldn't save Ginny, and Harry once again had to face it on his own. At the Shrieking Shack, he let Peter get away, and Harry and Hermione had to save the day. That stupid Maze… the Ministry… the list just went on and on.

But Ron wasn't going to let that happen this time. He was a part of this. And he was going to protect Harry no matter what. Come hell or high-water, he wasn't going to fail this time.

"Ladies and gentlemen, find your partners!" bellowed Moody and everyone quickly assembled. Ron made his way to Tonks and her broom. He caught sight of the real Harry emerging from the house carrying his broom and Hedwig's cage. Ron couldn't help but smirk at Harry as he squished into the tiny sidecar. He'd have to remember to tease him mercilessly when this was all over. The look in Harry's eyes told him he knew exactly which Potter was Ron. He could tell that Harry was already anticipating his comment.

With a snort, he climbed on the back of Tonks' broom. Once again Moody preached urgency.

"All right, then." said Moody. "Everyone ready, please. I want us all to leave at exactly the same time or the whole point of the diversion's lost."

Everybody motioned their heads.

"Hold tight now, Ron," said Tonks. Normally he'd feel his face become red hot after a comment like that, but Harry's form seemed to prevent it. "Luckily little bleeder," thought Ron threw a forced, guilty look at Lupin before placing his hands on each side of her waist.

Ron respected Lupin greatly. And to be quite frank; Tonks was really hot. He felt the gesture was the decent thing to do. He shot a glare at Harry as he caught his friend quickly looking away.

"Oh Harry's going to have a field day with this," thought Ron grudgingly.

Hagrid kicked the motorbike into life. The incurring roar sent their adrenaline pumping. Ron stole a fleeting glance at Hermione on the back of the Thestral.

"Merlin, please keep her safe."

"Good luck, everyone," shouted Moody. "See you all in about an hour at the Burrow. On the count of three. One … two .. THREE."

Tonks kicked off and they shot into the air. For a fraction of a second, everything was fine. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, they were surrounded. Thirty hooded figures were suspended in midair. They had the Order covered from all sides.

"Well look at that; it's a trap. Didn't see that coming," thought Ron sarcastically. Jets of green light ignited the sky as a group of the Death Eaters broke off and followed after them.

"Come on, follow the Harry on the broom, dumbasses," thought Ron as Tonks wove through the sky like a Quidditch pro. Curses tore through the night. "Protego!" "Impedimenta! "Stupefy!" yelled Ron as he dueled the three wizards right on their tail.

"Why the bloody hell aren't more following us?" thought Ron as Tonks went into another dive. "Gotta make them think I'm Harry… Shit- what-"

In a stroke of brilliance, the answer dawned on him. "AHH!" he screamed and clutched at his head.

"Did you get hit?" demanded Tonks as she disarmed one of their pursuers.

"N-no," gasped Ron putting on the best show he could, "It's just my-my scar."

He could feel the stiffness in Tonks' muscles relax.

"Don't worry, Harry," she yelled at top of her lungs. "We'll be out of here soon."

"And now, for the piece de resistance," thought Ron wickedly as spun around and exclaimed, "Expelliarmus!"

"We found, Potter!" yelled one of the wizards. "His scar hurts and he used the curse; it's him!"

Ron smirked as he saw several Death Eaters brake away from the other Potters.

"Brilliant," thought Ron ruefully, "Now all Tonks and I have to do is stay alive."

Tonks and Ron dodged more hexes in a death defying dance. An idiot Death Eater named Rodolphus, suddenly tried to sneak up on their left. The two moved together in one simultaneous fluid motion, dashing the man's side with slicing hexes. Immediately, he moved off as one of his buddies called out, "That's Potter, alright. No one fights like him."

Ron fought down the smirk itching to stretch across his face. He was not going to blow his cover over that.

It was then that a familiar cackle filled the air; the sound made Ron's blood run cold.

"Nymphadora, dear! Auntie's come to play!" the mocking voice called as a barge of furious curses flew towards them.

"How nice of you, Bella. I have a little gift from Sirius," she retorted as her hair turned crimson red. She then swerved and darted away.

"Shit," thought Ron as he and Tonks desperately fought for their lives. Tonks was distracted by Bellatrix and almost missed the Death Eater that had his wand aimed at her head. Ron didn't even think. He just reacted. The hex flew silently from his wand and stuck the bastard right between the eyes. Tonks and he watched grimly as the man took a swan dive off his broom to the ground below.

"Dora, sweetheart," taunted Bellatrix completely unphased by the death of her comrade. "I came all this way to see you. Don't I even get a hug or a kiss?"

"The only kiss you'll get from me is Death's," she replied coldly.

Tonks was the most elegant and aggressive flyer Ron had ever seen. On land she was a klutz, but in the sky she was graceful as a falcon. Ironically, Ron observed that Bellatrix dove and clawed at them like a hawk.

"Didn't Hermione once say that hawks killed falcons?"

"Great, I really shouldn't have thought of that."

As he made another show of grabbing at his scar, Bellatrix sent a black whip out of her wand. It wrapped tightly around the handle of their broom.

"Aw! Does wittle Harry's scar hurt?" she crowed and dove straight down, dragging their broom along with her. "Allow me to send you back to your Mudblood mother to kiss it."

Tonks franticly tried to brake while she sliced away at the whip. The two held on for dear life as they were dragged straight down. Ron shielded and returned fire at the others still attacking them. But it wasn't enough; Bellatrix was going bring them crashing back to earth.

"Hermione…I'll never get to tell her how I feel. And Harry…he'll blame himself. It'll destroy what sanity he has left. Mum- Dad- I'm sorry, I wasn't strong enough."

Then, just suddenly as the Death Eaters had appeared, they took off again. Tonks was finally able to cut them free and Ron helped her brake. They streaked through the air, mere feet from the ground.

"Until next time my dear niece; I have a real threat to kill," she evilly laughed and took off in the other direction.

They knew which Harry was the real one now.

"No... NO!" yelled Ron at her retreating back while Tonks sent curses after her.

"I'M HARRY! COME AFTER ME!" he screamed desperately at the night sky.

"It's no use, Ron. Their gone," she said with a shaky breath as she turned her broom to the East.

"The hell are you doing? We have to help the others!" he exclaimed, looking at her horrified.

"You know very well we can't do that. We've done all we can. Our orders are to go to your Great-Aunt Muriel's now," stated Tonks sternly and they took off.

A pained sigh escaped Ron's throat as he rested his forehead against Tonks' back.

"Sorry," he finally mumbled after flying in silence for a while. His whole body suddenly shook for a moment in shock. They had almost died.

"By the way, I owe you my life, Ron. You were brilliant out there! Never saw a more naturally gifted Auror," she praised as her hair slowly faded back to its normal purple hue.

Ron thanked his lucky stars that he still looked like Harry. Otherwise, he'd never live down the blush he was sure to have had. He really wasn't used to people giving him compliments.

"Well…" said Ron with a croak. He quickly tried to think of a funny retort to break the tension, "Does that mean you'll write me a letter of recommendation?"

Tonks' laughter burst forth as the two passed through the wards around Aunt Muriel's house.

"Sure thing, mate. I'll even write it on Ministry stationery."

"Ooooo… fancy. With the letterhead and all? That's true gratitude right there, that is," he joked as they skidded to a stop in the yard.

"Looks like the potion is staring to wear off," said Tonks as she pointed to the red streaks beginning to form in his hair. Ron just snorted and the two made their way to the house.

Muriel opened the door and greeted them in her usual manner, "And who are you lot? I hope there aren't more of you planning to use my yard as a Quidditch pitch."

"Not now, Aunt Muriel," growled Ron at the crotchety old bat. "Where's the Portkey Mum left with you?"

"Humph!" she exclaimed indignantly. "You're one of Molly's aren't you. I told her to never marry that impoverish Weasley fellow. Breed like rabbits they do. Marry that well-off Stanton man, I said. But no one listens to me. Should have never-"

Ron's right eye rapidly began to twitch. He could feel the last strands of his patience snap. They had no idea if the others were okay. Hermione and Harry could be dead for all he knew and she was going off about his father.

"I've had enough," he thought.

"WHERE'S THE BLOODY PORTKEY, MURIEL!" he bellowed in her face.

"Rude as well I see," she said while turning her nose up at him. "Don't even know why you and the rest of Molly's lot are risking your lives for that Potter boy. He's so famous, I'd doubt he'd care if you lived or died. You're just fodder to keep him alive."

"SHUT IT, YOU SAGGING OLD HAG!" he exploded in rage. "You know nothing about Harry, so don't pretend you do!"

"I know enough. Rita Skeeter seems to have him pegged quite well," Muriel replied with a sniff.

Before Ron could go at her any longer, Tonks stepped in. "Muriel, we need the Portkey. Where is it?"

"What? Oh, that blasted thing left over fifteen minutes ago," she said offhandedly with a wave. "You'd better watch what you say to be boy, or I'll take you out of my will!"

"I'll tell you where you can take your will," mumbled Ron under his breath as Tonks dragged him toward the door.

"Thank you again Muriel for the use of your lovely home," said Tonks in an overly sweet voice.

"Well at least one of you has manners. And another thing-"


Tonks slammed the door in her face. She then got on the broom and Ron jumped on with her. The two quickly flew to the nearest Apparition spot and spun in midair.

They appeared right outside the wards of the Burrow and streaked down to the ground. Both Ron and Tonks let out shaky sighs of relief as they saw Hermione, Harry, and Lupin on the ground looking up at them. Ron felt his pent up adrenaline leave him all at once. Numbness overtook his limbs. Exhausted, Ron stumbled off the broom as Tonks embraced Lupin in a desperate hug.

"You're okay," Ron mumbled. For some reason, his mouth was refusing to work.

"They're alive. Harry and Hermione are live," he thought contently as Hermione flew at him and hugged him tightly.

He never wanted to let her go.

"I thought – I thought –"

"'M all right," said Ron, patting her on the back. "'M fine."

"Ron was great," said Tonks warmly, relinquishing her hold on Lupin. "Wonderful. Stunned one of the Death Eaters, straight to the head, and when you're aiming at a moving target from a flying broom –"

"You did?" asked Hermione, gazing up at Ron with her arms still around his neck.

"Why can't she ever just believe in me, like she does Harry?" he thought ruefully.

Out loud, Ron just grumbled, "Always the tone of surprise."

Author's Notes: Hope you all liked it! Another little role reversal like in my other story, Redhead for a Day, except this time it's Ron in Harry's shoes.

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