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R&R! Oh yeah, at the end when Katniss says that this is World War 4... well, here's my logic. World Wars 1 and 2 have already happened. And let's just say that World War 3 was the one that destroyed America and left it in ruins-Panem. But WW4 is just getting started! ;)]

One hundred years later…

Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Cato, Gale, President Snow, Finnick, Beetee, Kata, Foxface, Madge, Wiress, and Johanna were gathered around a glass table.

Haymitch sharpened his knife. "Now that we've gathered every single person in Panem who had listened to this song and had hated it, what do we do?" He turned to Johanna. "Sweetheart, remember, youplanned this," he added with a hint of accusation in his voice. Johanna shrugged and reached for her axe.

"Okay, so maybe I haven't reached that far in the plan yet." Johanna glared at everybody.

"We have to confront her," Peeta replied quietly. "Rebecca Black, I mean. We should tell her what we really think about her song."

"Wonderful idea, Mr. Mellark!" President Snow exclaimed, clapping.

Kata stared at him, an eyebrow raised. "I know you; you're that evil guy back in my mother's time."

Finnick patted Kata's shoulder. "I see they taught you well." He shot a look at President Snow. "And since when have you started supporting Peeta's ideas? Don't tell me you've converted and turned good or something."

President Snow shrugged. "Hey, we're all united against one cause. I have no choice."

Johanna glared at him. "Are you bi or something?"

"Bi? You mean bisexual?" President Snow laughed. "Maybe, Ms. Mason."

"I didn't mean that! But thanks for your confession," Johanna replied hotly. "I meant bipolar, idiot."

"So what should we call ourselves?" Madge interrupted. "We need a name, you know. So it would be easier for the author of this story to write us in." Everyone stared at Madge in confusion. There was an author? Madge shrugged. "Hey, I'm psychic. Not crazy."

"More of paranoid," Cato muttered. "Weren't you the one with the crazy stalker? If you were psychic, then you would've known who he was. And you would have avoided him in the first place."

"Shut up, you're not making any sense," Madge snapped.

"Hey, hey, hey," Beetee said. "Stop! We need to cooperate and make decisions as one! It is essential if we want to continue on with Johanna's plan."

Gale added, "He's right. We need to cooperate." He turned to Madge. "And she's right, too. It would be easier."

"I know!" Foxface—a.k.a. Mara—added. "How about the Anti-Blacks?"

"No, that's very racist, sweetheart," Haymitch told her. He took a swig of booze.

"Where the hell did you get that?" Katniss asked. She turned to Peeta accusingly. "You didn't give him any booze, did you?"

"Katniss, we're dead. There is no booze in the Afterlife," Peeta answered. "Okay, this is what I think we should name our group. Let's name our group the Army. It's simple, and it's not racist or sexist or whatever."

"Peeta is correct," Wiress said, speaking for the first time. "The Army sounds good."

Exactly three hours after their 'conference', the Army stormed through the gigantic doors leading to Rebecca Black's room. Katniss aimed an arrow at Rebecca, who was sitting in her throne. "Hail, Queen of the Underworld. We have come to tell you how terrible your song 'Friday' is."

"SHUT UP!" someone behind the Army screamed. Katniss spun around and saw Glimmer standing behind them with a hand on her waist. Behind her was President Coin, Effie, Annie, Finn, Buttercup, Rue, and… Prim? "We have come to praise you, Queen Rebecca!" yelled Glimmer.

Haymitch held up his dagger and turned to face the Army. "Prepare for battle! Now!"

Kata whispered to Katniss, "Mom, what isthis? I don't get what Uncle Haymitch is saying."

"Honey," Katniss replied. "What Uncle Haymitch is saying basically means, 'Welcome to World War 4.'"