Ginny woke with a start. For the fourth time this week she'd had a rather strange dream. She slowly eased herself out of bed, trying hard not to wake the sleeping man beside her. Thank goodness Harry sleeps like a rock.

She crept her way over to the bathroom they shared and turned on the tap. The redhead felt a rush of relief as reality gripped her senses. She tried to assess the dreams she'd been having. She didn't know why Luna was constantly in her thought. Although the two had been friends for nearly nine years, it still unsettled her that her friend was creeping into her subconscious.

Why Luna? Why not Harry? I shouldn't be having these kind of… provocative thoughts about someone, let alone a girl!

These thoughts, feelings, mental accusations, about Luna were just not right.

This isn't me, she thought.

She let her mind wander back to where it had been just a few minutes earlier, to her lovely blonde friend. Luna really was beautiful. She had long soft hair the color of fresh milk. Ginny had been caressing that hair in her mind.

Not caressing! Playing in it. Braiding it. That's it. I was braiding Luna's hair… Urgh. I'm a mess.

With that she looked up into the tall rectangular mirror just above her pedestal sink, curiously eying her reflection. She wondered about the girl in the mirror. Who she was and why such images were crossing her mind.

"Morning, Gin."

"Morning, Harry. Coffee?"

"Yeah, thanks. How did you sleep?"

"Fine," she lied. "I'll be off to work then."

"Wait, Gin. Why're you off in such a rush? Something bothering you?"

"Not at all," she lied again. "Just lots to do today. Want to get an early start."

"Alright. Well, I love you."

"Love you, too, dear. See you at dinner."

Ginny took one last swig of her coffee, checked herself in the hallway mirror, and strode out the front door, grabbing her coat on the way. She and Harry had purchased a flat together downtown near the Leaky Cauldron. It was easy access for her to get to and from work, seeing as she worked in Diagon Alley.

After the War, she, Luna and Hermione had opened a shop together. It was an odd kind of place. It was part café and bakery, to suit Ginny, and part bookshop and creature shop to suit Luna and Hermione. The shop was extremely successful and quite popular amongst many of the older Hogwarts students and young twenty-somethings. Students came to see what kind of treats were for sale and for Hermione's help with summer studies. The slightly older crowd came for the coffee and books. Occasionally, a parent might venture in to purchase a gift for a child, too.

Raising her head at the tinkling of the bells, Luna Lovegood caught Ginny's smile with her pale blue eyes.

"Good morning, Ginny. You look a bit flustered. Did the Nargles get you too? I woke up with my favorite pair of radish earrings missing."

"No Nargles this morning, Luna. But what do you mean your radish earrings are missing? You've got them on right now."

"Oh not these. I have several pairs," she stated. "These are just a backup. You know… just in case."

"Have you seen…?" Ginny started to ask. She trailed off as a fluffy ball of rust orange colored fur rubbed against her leg. "Hello there, Crookshanks. Looks like Hermione's just arrived."

As if on cue, the newly engaged Ms. Granger came bustling through the back door balancing about twelve massive books in her arms. "Sorry I'm late. My Remembrall went red this morning. I spent twenty minutes just trying to fine two bloody books!"

"It was the Nargles, Hermione. They must have tried to take your books but left them behind once you were onto them. If you found your books then perhaps you found my earrings? They seem to be missing."

"But Luna they're… Nevermind. I really am sorry that I'm late. Has anyone fed the Pixies?" She quickly went over to feed the animals in the next room, leaving Ginny and Luna to their own devices.

Much to the redhead's delight, a small group of teenagers came strolling in out of the early morning chill. Ginny flicked her wand at the chalkboard above her head to change yesterday's menu as she circled around to the other side of the counter. The new menu read

Blueberry Scones

Lemon Scones

Buttermilk Biscuits

Raspberry Jam

Apple Butter

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Luna began taking orders and fetching coffee while Ginny transfigured a couple of doughnuts into scones. After delivering them to the teens she set about making more baked goods the Muggle way. Hermione had taught her to bake this past winter and she couldn't get enough.

Things just taste better when made by hand, she thought.

Tucking a lock of fiery hair behind her ear and wiping a bead of sweat off the end of her nose, Mrs. Potter sighed with contentment after placing the last of the cookies on a cooling rack.

I'll have to bring any extras home for Harry. He loves blueberry scones almost as much as Luna loves…


Her mind went back to her strange dreams. She'd gone all morning without thinking about them. Until now. She glanced over at her friend, frosty blonde hair glistening in the midday sun. Ginny was still utterly confused by her newfound feelings for Luna.

Not my feelings! She cursed herself. I'm a 23 year-old married witch. I should have more control than this! But she didn't.

Luna recommenced sipping her coffee, which she'd topped with too much whipped cream. Ginny sauntered over and swiped some with her finger. She accidentally knocked some off onto Luna's blouse. Instead of getting angry, Luna simply pulled out of her top and licked the whipped cream off. Some had slipped off in the process and landed on her pale breasts. Her soft, smooth, plump breasts. Ginny turned red in the face and mumbled an apology to Luna.

"Ginny, where are you going? There's no reason to be upset. It's only a blouse."

"I-I've got to go uh… to the bathroom," she blurted. "Right now. I've got the go now."

"Must've been something she ate."