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436. That's how many books we have in our flat.

23: the average number of chapters in each book.

567: the average number of pages per book.

247: the time.

It was only 2:47 in the morning, and that's what I had come up with as a solution to my problem.

What's wrong with me? I can't think straight without thinking about her. Every time I close my eyes I see her face and feel her lips. It's driving me insane! It happened three days ago! I still can't think of anything, though, to do about it. I've written countless letters - that i didn't send - to her trying to express my feelings, but now of them are right. I wish I could just forget.

That's it! I can forget.

I ran to the kitchen in search of a glass phial. Finding one in the cupboard above the stove, I unstoppered it and set it on the counter. I soundlessly summoned my wand out of my bedroom and placed the tip to my right temple. A small glowing orb appeared at the end of my wand after muttering a few words. Carefully, I moved my wand over the phial and let the memory slide inside. Feeling relief wash over me, I suddenly felt tired.

Without thinking I placed the phial into a bag on the counter top and somehow my feet shuffled their way to my bed and my head found my pillow.


I awoke early the next morning in order to prepare for Hermione's bachelorette party. I had convinced Percy to let me rummage through his room so i could fine a suitable book for Hermione. Under some old school robes behind his door. I found a bag of books from Percy's Hogwarts days. Rifling through it, I found two books I had never seen before that were written in the Middle Ages. Perfect.

I packed them away in a cute handbag I'd gotten for her a few days earlier that I had stocked with girly thinks like blush, mascara and nail polish. I picked my way through the creaks and cracks of the Burrow's stairs down into the kitchen. From there, i kissed my dad, and mum and I flooed to Hermione's flat.

We were on of the first to arrive. Only Hermione's mum, and her cousin Laura were there before us. After hugging Mione and Mrs. Granger, mum and I busied ourselves with decorating tables the Muggle way until Mione's cousin Laura levitated the table we were working at to show us she knew about magic. She had gone to Beauxbaton's and graduated the year after me.

Fourty minutes later, the small flat was crammed with familiar faces. The Patil twins were there, along with Susan Bones, Katie Bell and a few other Hogwarts friends. And, of course, Luna. I was determined to act normal in her presence, especially now that the memory from the other day was gone.

Hermione had gotten many gifts, including season tickets to the Hollyhead Harpies games from Katie, and an antique necklace from her mother. Luna gifted a dirigible plum sapling and then came my gift. She neatly unwrapped the package, making sure to fold the paper before placing it in the rubbish bin. She smiled when she saw the handbag and thanked me saying, "Oh, Ginny, it's wonderful! I've been eying this bag in the window for ages! Thank yo so much!"

I hugged her in return and replied, "Wait until you look inside. Harry finally taught me how to buy things on the internet so I filled the bag with tons of Muggle beauty supplies as well as magical ones so you can be extra-beautiful all the time." She reached in and started to empty the bag when I stopped her.

"Mione, when I said tons, I literally meant tons. I took a page from your book and put and Undetectable Extension Charm on the purse. And speaking of book," I pulled out my wand and pointed it toward the opening of the bag, "Accio books!" The two large tomes flew out and landed on the table in front of us.

"Oh my Merlin, Ginny..." Her mouth hung open in awe as she stared at the books in front of her. "Ginny there are,,, ancient. And very rare. Only several hundred of these were printed in the mid 14th century." She held up the pair. "I've wanted to read these since 3rd year! You're wonderful!" She practically leapt across the coffee table to wrap me in the biggest bear hug imaginable. "Where on earth did you find these?"

"Percy's room under a pile of clothes behind the door." The whole room filled with laughter. "It was a real task," I joked.

A few hours later and the party was almost done. Only Luna and Mrs. Granger remained besides me. While the two of them tidied up the kitchen and food, Hermione and I took the rest of the living area.

"So how do you feel about the wedding being so close?" I asked her. She peeked into the kitchen to make sure no one was listening and turned back to me. She sighed. "I'm really nervous, Gin. More nervous that when I took my NEWTs. More nervous than the Final Battle, Gin! I don't know what to do with myself!" she whispered furiously.

"Calm down, Mione," I chuckled. "There's nothing to be worried about. Except perhaps how much money you're going to spend on food later. Ron's a simple man with simple needs. If anyone should be nervous its my brother. I'll kill him if he hurts you."

She laughed at that. "You do cast a mean Bat Bogey Hex."

"Let's finish getting this place cleaned up, and I'll do your make-up for a night out. Sound good?"

When the last piece of paper was picked up off the floor and Hermione had said goodbye to her last two guests, we stared getting ready for the night. She began rummaging though the bad I'd given her to find a suitable color eyeshadow and nail polish for out girls night out.

"Her, Mione, I'm gonna go to the kitchen to get us some drinks. I'll be right back. But if you find a nail color called Starlight Blush, set it aside foe me, will ya?"

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed two big glasses out of the cabinet. I filled them each with butterbeer and got some cookies out of the pantry, too, and started back for the bedroom.

I handed Hermione her drink and the in of cookies and asked, " Did you find it?"

I plopped down next to her nibbling a cookie.

"No," she said. "But I found this."

She held out a small phial. My eyes went wide.

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