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C. Duct-Tape

"Aha! Got you!" Ven cheered loudly, as he ran away from Terra with duct-tape trailing from his hand. The brunet smiled warmly, and began to chase after the younger boy around the Throne Room. Aqua smiled widely as she watched the action unfold, as Master Eraqus beamed on from the centre golden throne of the three.

"I'm so grateful to Sora. If it wasn't for him..." She trailed off, looking down at her metal boots as she thought about the smiling brunet who had made this all possible. Feeling a warm hand on her shoulder, she looked up into Eraqus' kind grey eyes.

"We have a lot to be thankful for because of him. He saved us all, and I'm surprised that the darkness didn't affect you." He stated, looking over as Ven and Terra began to fight over the infamous duct-tape. Aqua laughed slightly at this, before standing up straight and smiling warmly.

"He reminds me of Ven. So cheerful and... he never gave up, even when..." Sadness overwhelmed her when thoughts of what Xehanort had done near the end overwhelmed her mind. The Master nodded at her certainly, while the other males' cries rang out in the room.

"Don't think about that. It is in the past, and we must focus on the future." He comforted, staring straight ahead as he became lost in thought. Ven suddenly stopped playing with the duct-tape when he saw his Master deep in thought.

"But don't you miss Xehanort?" The blond perked up, immediately earning a slap on the back of the head from Terra. The man suddenly sighed, and looked at Ven with sorrowful eyes.

"You have no idea, my boy."


"Sora!" Ven greeted the young brunet by jumping on top of him and hugging him to the grass beneath them. Sora smiled widely as he tried to push the over-eager blond off him.

"Hey, hey! No need to get so excited!" He teased, although a huge grin was plastered onto his face. Riku watched with a small smile on his face, while Kairi was too busy chatting with Aqua and Naminé to notice her boyfriend on the floor.

"But you guys came to visit!" He shouted loudly, slowly picking himself off the boy. Grinning, he held out a hand which Sora accepted whole-heartily. Looking around him, the sun was setting in the Land of Departure, tinting the World a beautiful shade of twilight. It reminded him of Twilight Town; and that was one World that he would happily visit again.

Until he spotted a familiar blob of bright red, and ran as quickly as his little legs could carry him.

"Lea!" He exclaimed, tackling the male from behind. Eyes widening, the redhead fell to the floor with Ven on top of him, much to the amusement of Roxas and Xion.

"How many times do I have to tell you that it's Axel? Big difference, Ven!" Axel teased, ruffling the blond's hair as he grinned widely.

"Got it memorized?"

"You couldn't forget that, could you Lea?" Ven exclaimed in mock horror, throwing his hands up into the air.

"It's Axel!"







"How old is Axel again?" Xion asked with a mocking tone, as she whispered to Roxas. The blond grinned widely at her, and looked back to the two who were arguing on the ground.

"Twenty-four, apparently." He teased, with sarcasm dripping from the last word. Xion's grin somehow turned wider.

"Hmm... Could have sworn that he was five." The two of them exploded into laughter, Axel's glare only adding to it.


"I win, Lea!" Ven cried in victory, jumping up onto Axel's stomach making the redhead groan in pain. He looked down with a smug look on his face.

'Lea' just shook his head and wondered if Ven had really aged that much at all.


"It was nice to see them all." Terra commented, as he took a bite out of some sea-salt ice-cream. Aqua nodded happily, as she took a small nibble of her own salty treat.

"Kairi was all excited because she's taking her Mark of Mastery soon, and bless Naminé; she just wants to draw all day on the beach." She laughed slightly at a memory. Ven suddenly grinned widely, and turned to face his two friends.

"Hey Terra; did you forget this?" He demanded, taking out a long silvery line of duct-tape that glistened in the moonlight. The brunet jumped up in alarm, dropping his ice-cream for some duck to eat.

"Oh no you don't!" He shouted as the blond began to chase after him with the deadly weapon, the two of them laughing the whole time. Aqua smiled warmly at them, before grinning widely.

"You two really are the weirdest brothers!" She called out loudly. The two males stopped and looked at her oddly before they all exploded into laughter that rang through the Worlds themselves.

After all, everything was going to be fine now. Everything was...

Birth by Sleep.


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