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"Mallori RUN!" As soon as the little girl heard the order, she immediately turned on her heel and bolted toward the safety of her mother's hospital room. She only prayed that she was fast enough to out run the older woman in order to have time to lock the door behind her. Jason had gotten hurt protecting her, something no one has ever done for her besides her mother, and she was going to make sure it wasn't for nothing. It was now her turn to protect herself and her mom.

As she was running Mallori heard the footsteps getting closer, as well as the slew of threats and names which were being thrown her way. Not taking the chance of looking back, the little girl finally rounded the corner and almost ran right past her mother's room. Upon rushing through the doorway, she immediately slammed the door shut and locked it. Backing up slowly, Mallori tried to catch her breath but spun quickly when she heard the soft voice of a woman speaking to her.

"Are you alright child?" Sizing up the older person in front of her, the little girl came to the conclusion that she wasn't a threat. However she didn't move any closer and remained quiet until a very familiar voice reached her ears.

"Come here, baby. They didn't hurt you, did they?" Tears came to the child's eyes at seeing her mother sitting up and awake. Rushing to the side of the bed, Mallori carefully climbed up and gently hugged her mom. They were only like that for a second before the banging began on the hospital room door.

"Unlock this door you little brat. You've been nothing but a pain in my ass and now you are going to learn some manners." Sam hugged the child a little tighter to her body, ignoring the pain it was eliciting. Lila was now standing and making her way over to the telephone in the room. Dialing security first, and then having Emily paged, the older woman once again sat down.

"It's your fault that your mother is in the hospital. Do you really think she wants you anywhere near her?" Sam felt the shoulder of her gown grow moist and knew that Mallori was crying. It was breaking her heart that she didn't know the extent of harassment the child had to endure because she wasn't strong enough to leave her husband.

"It's not your fault, baby. I love you and you I need you to understand that I do not blame you for anything that has happened. It's not your fault…. It's not your fault…." Sam rocked her daughter back and forth the best that she could while whispering in her ear reassuringly. As tears of her own threatened to fall, Sam heard a bunch of voices coming from outside her room.

"Ma'am I am afraid that I am going to have to ask you to leave." Sam assumed that it was a security officer speaking and was relieved until she heard her mother-in-law speak.

"I am not going anywhere without my granddaughter…. "All of a sudden, Emily's voice interrupted the older woman in a panic.

"Grandmother, its Jason, he's hurt pretty bad." Lila got to her feet as quick as she could and went to unlock the door. Letting her only granddaughter in, the matriarch of the Quartermaine family could tell that it was serious.

"What happened, dear?"

"According to witnesses, there was a fight and Jason lost. That crazy old bat knocked him out. It's another head injury, Grandmother. He's unconscious and Patrick is monitoring him now. He said that it's too soon to tell if there will be any permanent damage…" Lila knew exactly what 'permanent damage' her granddaughter was referring to. He might wake up with no memory for a second time and she wasn't sure if anyone could handle that.

"That thug assaulted my son! It was self-defense and I want him arrested!" Mallori's grandmother tried to push her way through the door of the hospital room at the same time that the young child jumped out or her mother's embrace and went to stand next to Emily.

"Daddy hurt my Mama and put her in the hospital. He yells and screams when he is mad. He hits us both…. Jason was protecting me!" Mallori trailed off at the end and Sam was speechless. The tears fell freely now that she realized how she hadn't been able to keep her daughter safe. She could deal with the abuse, she had been for years, but Sam made Thomas promise that he wouldn't touch their daughter. She was stupid enough to believe him when he said that he would leave Mallori alone. All this was her fault. Just like everything else was her fault. While Sam was lost in her own little world, an officer walked up to Mallori and kneeled down to her level. Pulling his badge out of his pocket, he handed it to the young child and then spoke in a calm, comforting voice.

"My name is Mac and I'm a police officer. What's your name?" The little girl looked towards her mother who wiped her tears and gave her a loving smile.

"Mallori" Her answer was quiet and she didn't look Mac in the eye as she played with the badge in her small hands.

"Did your daddy do that to your hand?" Mac gently touched her injured palm and the little girl slowly shook her head no.

"No, I was climbing on the cupboard to get a glass and it fell and broke. I tried cleaning it up and I cut myself. It was my fault… Dr. Emily fixed it for me." Mallori gave the woman a slight smile before turning her attention back to Mac. She stepped closer to him and leaned in before whispering in his ear.

"Daddy says I'm not supposed to tell but he only hurts me where nobody will see it." When she steps back, Mallori lifts her dress to show Mac a discoloration on her stomach. The bruise was faded and told him that it had been healing for a while. It definitely wasn't anything new.

"Your dad did that to you?" Mac questioned the little girl as a way to see if she would open up to him and tell him just exactly what her father did to put the bruise there. Nodding 'yes' to his question, Mallori lowered her dress without further explaining the injury.

"And Nana did this" She turned so her back was facing Mac and lifted her dress again. This time she revealed another faded bruise with healed over cuts that encased almost her whole back. Mac felt the disgust rise within him and couldn't believe the type of people Annabel and Thomas Walcott where. He also couldn't believe that none of this had been reported. With the girl's mother, it was a probably a matter of the woman telling the nurses that she fell or something. By law, spousal abuse couldn't be documented unless the victim consented to it.

In Mallori's case, however, it wouldn't matter. The second she entered the hospital with these injuries should have caused the nurse or doctor to contact Child Protective Services so that gave Mac two situations. Either someone was paying of the attending medical personnel or the child was never taken to see one. Both scenarios were complicated seeing as it would be a matter of stripping someone of their medical license or adding a charge of neglect along with child endangerment to the abuse ones. In his opinion, Mac would rather it be the latter. The longer mother and son rot in jail, the better. There was nothing he hated worse than wife beaters and child abusers.

"Well Mallori, you are a brave little girl and I would like to talk to you about what your daddy and grandma did, if that is alright with you and your mother?" Not wanting to put her daughter through any more than she has already been through for the day, Sam spoke up.

"If you don't mind, officer, I would appreciate it if it could wait until after the holiday. In the meantime, I would like to press charges against both my husband and mother-in-law for assault." As soon as the officer who had been physically restraining Annabel Walcott began to place her under arrest, she began to struggle and attempted to lunge toward Mallori. Mac shielded the child and asked her if it was worth it to add assaulting an officer to the list of charges. As she grumbled something under her breath, the handcuffs were successfully secured around her wrists. Right before they led her away, Sam addressed her mother-in-law one last time.

"Oh and Annabel, when you see Thomas please inform him that he will be receiving divorce papers from my lawyer. I should have done this a long time ago, hell I probably never should have married him in the first place, but I am finally done. If my 8 year daughter can admit what is going on, then so can I. Don't ever come anywhere near myself or my family ever again." Mallori handed Mac's badge back to him and excused herself politely before climbing back onto the bed and snuggling in her mother's embrace.

"Oh, and officer, I would like to place my daughter into the guardianship of Lila and Emily Quartermaine until I am well enough to care for her myself." Looking towards the two women, Sam was relieved to see the acceptance in their eyes,

"Nonsense, Sam. We would be honored to take care of Mallori, wouldn't we Grandmother?" Lila agreed wholeheartedly and Sam wondered if maybe they weren't mad at her for the accident. Then again, they also may just be doing it to help out a scared and broken little girl who had nowhere else to go right now.

"I would also like a restraining order against my husband and mother-in-law. I want to make sure that they never come in contact with my daughter" Mac nodded in understanding and led a protesting Annabel away in handcuffs while giving orders to find and arrest Thomas Walcott.

"How is he doing Patrick?" Lila and Emily stood in front of the doctor with worried expressions. Any head injury was serious, but with Jason it was even more so due to his past history. The accident may have been 8 years ago but the damage that was done would always play a part in his future wounds. He could easily end up without memory yet again or he could end up as a vegetable for the rest of his life. And then there was the worst case scenario… He could die. But Lila and Emily refused to believe that would happen. Jason was a fighter and now had two more reasons to live.

"The fact that he woke up, even for a second, is a good sign. The fact that he was able to recall at least one person from before he lost consciousness is even better. We are keeping a very close eye on every change there is but, as of right now, Jason has a moderate to severe concussion and he will wake up when his body thinks he is ready."

"Thank you Patrick. Can we sit with him?" Emily was eager to tell her brother about everything that had happened in Sam's hospital room. As soon as her brother found out that Mallori's father had been abusive to the child, there wouldn't be a place in hell that he could hide. Jason would no doubt enlist Sonny's help and Thomas Walcott would mysteriously fall off of the face of the earth….. not that she was complaining.

Annabel Walcott was different story. Emily wasn't quite sure how her brother would handle that. Normally women were untouchable, but this was an extreme case. This old woman chose to assault her own granddaughter and nothing could excuse those actions. Lucky for the older woman, she probably wouldn't disappear in the same manner as her son, but Emily was certain that there would be some kind of repercussions for what she had done.

"Of course, you can stay with him as long as you like. I'll be back later to check in and please have me paged the second he wakes up." After the two women thanked the doctor again, they promised to notify him of any change. Lila closed the door behind them and her and Emily began the waiting period, just as they had done all those years ago. Unknown to them, however, they were being watched by Thomas Walcott himself. As soon as the door had shut, the man slinked back into the shadows and inconspicuously made his way back to his wife's room. Her and that little snitch of his were in big trouble this time.

"Where is Jason?" Carly ran up to the nurse's desk and didn't even bother to acknowledge the one that was standing there. She addressed Patrick and when he didn't answer immediately, she asked him again.

"I said, where the hell is Jason, God Dammit! And don't tell me to calm down. I get a call, on Christmas Eve no less, that my best friend is in the hospital with a concussion and you seriously want me to calm down? Tell you what, I will as soon as I see for my own eyes that Jason is alright." Patrick had given up trying to interrupt her tirade. Instead, he waited until she finished and then walked up next to her. Motioning for the woman to follow him, he led her down a hallway and then stopped in front of a closed door.

"He's in that room, Carly. I am warning you now that he is unconscious and probably will be for a while. He suffered extensive trauma to his head and it is going to take time in order for the injury to heal. Lila and Emily are in with him now so try not to create a scene." Patrick started walking away when Carly grabbed his arm.

"Patrick I want to know right this second who did this to him. And don't you dare give me that look." The doctor sighed in resignation while he reached up and rubbed the back of his neck briefly.

"From what I understand there was an altercation over a little girl, Mallori is her name. Her father was abusing both her and her mother, who is also in a hospital room right now. Jason was trying to keep the dirt bag away from the child and ended up with a kick to the head. If you want more details you will have to ask Emily. I have rounds." This time Patrick successfully walked away

Sam had asked her nurse to take Mallori to see the attending pediatrician in order to get a full physical once everyone left the room. She wanted to know the full extent of the damage her husband had done. She couldn't believe that she hadn't known that Thomas was also abusing their daughter. What kind of mother was she that she couldn't tell the hell that her little girl was going through? While she was waiting for Mallori to return, Sam began to drift off to sleep and vaguely heard the door open. Figuring it was her daughter, and that the child would simply climb into the bed with her, Sam didn't even bother to open her eyes.

The second she felt a strong hand close around her throat, her eyes flew open. Staring down at her was none other than her husband. Trying to fight him off, she was quickly losing strength. Her body wasn't getting air and she was beginning to get lightheaded. She tried to scream, but all she could do was gasp for oxygen.

Sam figured that this was the end. That Thomas Walcott was going to kill her once and for all. She would never get to see her little girl grow up and go to college, get married, and have kids of her own one day. Just as she was drifting into unconsciousness thinking about never seeing her baby again, she heard the scream calling for security. She prayed to God that it wasn't the nurse returning with Mallori. The last thing she wanted was for her bastard husband to have the chance to hurt her again. Sam's throat was finally released from Thomas' grip but it was too late, darkness had taken over.

"You stay away from my Mama!" Mallori screamed at her father before shaking off the nurse's hold on her. She ran across the room and jumped on his back. The child had had enough of him hurting her mother. Biting down on his shoulder the man cried out in pain, causing him to release his hold on Sam. He stumbled slightly and attempted to shake the girl off of him. He managed to reach behind him and grab hold of the back of her neck. The pressure he applied made her let go of his shoulder. Swinging her like a rag doll so that he was holding her by the scruff of her neck like a puppy, he dropped her to the floor.

Thomas rubbed his shoulder while angrily staring down at his daughter. Pulling his hand away, he noticed the blood and realized that she had bitten hard enough to break the skin. He heard footsteps rushing down the hall way towards the room so he leaned over and grabbed Mallori yet again. Now holding her like a football, the child attempted to wiggle out of his grip. The more he tried, the tighter he held her and it was getting difficult for her to breathe. She had to think of something, and she had to do it fast.

When Thomas turned to face the door, she noticed a lamp within her reach. Grabbing it, she swung as hard as she could and managed to hit her father in the face. The glass shattered and he effectively dropped her yet again. After landing with a thud, she got to her feet and saw the blood dripping from the cuts on his face. She slowly backed away from him and moved toward her mother's bed.

And that is what Mac and his officers walked in to. Mallori was leaning against the mattress of the hospital bed and Thomas Walcott was screaming in pain while his hands covered his bleeding face. In the background, the machine meant to monitor Sam's breathing was going off.

Nurses rushed to the woman's bedside and started CPR while the PCPD placed Thomas under arrest. Mallori stayed put as her father screamed as he was forced out of the room.

"I am going to get you for this you little brat. No matter where you go, I am going to find you and I am going to kill your mother. I will make sure you end up alone. Do you understand me? You are going to have nothing!" She heard him as he was being led down the hall and she quickly wiped her tears away. She wouldn't show weakness. Her mother needed her to be strong.