Shades in Blue

Story Summary: Shades of meaning and moments of significance between Erik and Raven. A series of drabbles.

Canonical Notes: Accepts all movieverse as canon, starting from First Class.

Author's Note: Inspired by mrstater. I still love your Raven and Erik most of all.

1. Princess

When Erik first meets Raven, she is her brother's princess. Charles would give his life to keep her safe and happy and give her everything to make her own life pleasant and secure. Erik is pleased and surprised. She is a mutant, after all.

Then he sees her skin. His pleasure turns to fury.

No princess so beautiful and strong should ever have to hide herself, the real Raven is locked away like Rapunzel. Erik would give his life to keep her safe and happy and give her a world in which blue is the most beautiful color of all.

2. Perfection

He thinks her rather pretty, lying there under his covers. She is fresh and young—and his friend's baby sister. He makes himself turn away.

"Maybe in a few years."

He thinks her beautiful, lying there under his covers, engoldened and matured. She is the mistress of illusion, her own gift from nature.

"I prefer the real Raven."

"The real Raven."

He thinks her stunning, lying there under his covers in her true form at last. Fiery red and radiant blue with vibrant golden-yellow eyes. He thinks he could stare at her forever. Finally, word and thought are one.


3. Predator

"Why did you accept them?" Raven asks in a pleasant aftermath on their bed. Dusk darkens her blue to something barely visible. "Tempest, Riptide, Azazel... They were with Shaw?"

Erik runs one finger down her arm. She shudders.

"They are minions, Mystique. They need someone to follow." He pauses. "They will follow us."

She catches his meaning. She is not a minion. "And Emma?" she adds languidly.

Erik shrugs. "We need a telepath, and I know that you can handle her."

Raven's golden eyes narrow, then gleam as she understands his intent. She looks exactly like a tigress. His tigress.

4. Pride

"Charles has invited me to return and teach at his school," Erik tells her. A small, amused smile plays about his lips. "Tactics and World History."

Mystique considers this. They suit.

"Would you like to come with me?" Erik asks quietly, cautious.

She thinks of little blue girls on swings and little boys laughing in her mind. She thinks of teenagers fighting, of skin turning fair and hair turning gold. She thinks of hiding—I want you safe, Charles' voice whispering in her mind until it becomes her own. She thinks of the beach and broken promises.

She says, "No."

5. Parent

Mystique takes up the reins of the Brotherhood. She is surprised at how well leadership suits her.

She is a queen and not a pampered princess. (Even Emma admits the title suits her. "The Black Queen, not the White." "I am Blue." Always, perfect and unique.)

She is beautiful and mutant. The young ones longing for the freedom to be come openly. (Hank told her she never would be considered beautiful.)

She is mother of the Brotherhood, birthing a world in which they are free. (Freedom is not safe. She never told Erik, she's always wanted to be a mother.)

6. Perspective

There is a fine line between Shaw and Erik. Erik is seeking to prevent a mutant holocaust; Mystique is unwilling to start another human one.

A long look at the long picture (Emma's conversation is useful in this, as well), and she knows that the creation of a strong new race cannot be built on the destruction of another. If all her Brotherhood learn is hate, they will not be able to remain when there is nothing left to hate.

She takes time to instill this while she waits for Erik's return. She will not fail who he will become.

7. Peer

Erik finds himself without peer in the mansion, except for Charles. They are wary and cautious around each other, but there is comfort here and familiarity in a mind that works on par with his own. He sees Raven's keen intelligence reflected in Charles' brilliance and charm and remembers once more they are siblings.

But the longer he stays, the more he finds Charles' reasoning invading his own, molding him closer or repelling him further. His respect for Raven grows when he understands the force that shaped her into a woman. He never thought he could miss her so much.