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"Ne… Hika-nii?" Said boy turned to look at the identical form that had spoken.

"Nande, Kao-chan?" Hitachiin Kaoru bit his lip and his body seemed to shrink in on itself.

"We'll be together…forever right?" Hikaru sat up abruptly looking at his identical twin eyes wide, absolutely appalled that his younger brother could be having such a thought.

"Of course! How could you even think such a thing Kao-chan?" he started waving his arms in gigantic movements. The younger twin sat up as well, giggling at his older brother's antics. He took the elders hand and led him back to a laying position. Arms wrapped around the younger and the elder seemed to cocoon him, protecting him from the outside world.



"Why'd you ask?"

"Just making sure."


The twins had absolutely refused to have separate rooms, or beds for that matter. Hikaru said that it was because Kaoru got cold at night. Kaoru said that it was because Hikaru got lonely. Neither were willing to admit that when they were apart it felt so empty, they felt like crying.

The days were always the same. Boring. The only difference was that lately more people in black suits and sunglasses were showing up to see their twin's father. The twins could see the look in their father's eyes after every visit. The eyes filled with fear, sadness, and worry. If they had paid a little more attention, they would have noticed the strange looks both their father, and the Black Suits (as they had so formally dubbed them) had been giving Kaoru. But the thought hadn't even processed through their 4 year old minds. They didn't look at 'everyone else'. To them, the 'us' part of the world was the more important of the two parts.

They would hold hands, wherever they went. Kaoru would pull Hikaru to the garden to look at the flowers. Hikaru would take Kaoru exploring throughout the mansion. They never released hands. Not. Once.

Hikaru awoke to a cold bed. Eyes still closed, he tried to feel for his twin. Not feeling the warmth next to him, he listened for the sound of someone brushing their teeth. Still nothing. Hikaru felt something pull at his heart, and his eyes shot wide open.

"Kao-chan!" He looked around again. It was strange, none of Kaoru's things were in the room. His favorite teddy, his fabric scrap box… none of it. Hikaru panicked, did Kao-chan decide to move rooms without telling Hikaru?

"Kao-chan! This isn't funny!" he ran to the bathroom. Where was Kaoru's toothbrush? "Kao-chan! KAO-CHAN!" His clothes were gone too! Hikaru ran into the dining room, still clad in pajamas. His mother and father both raised an eyebrow at his strange behavior.

"Hikaru, what's wrong?" His mother asked gently,

"Where's Kaoru?" His eyes were wide and his voice out of breath.

Then his father said the worst thing Hikaru had ever heard in his 4 years of life.

"Who's Kaoru?"

Hikaru burst into tears.

If you were looking for the twins you could usually find them in their mother's studio. They enjoyed looking and feeling the different fabrics, taking cloth and draping it over each other making it into a makeshift outfit. Maids would laugh as the elder 'dressed' the younger in pink. The younger would always complain that pink was 'girly' and he was a boy so he couldn't be 'girly'.

Kaoru sat in a small dark place sobbing. He was hungry, he was cold, and he was lonely. Where was his Hika-nii? He wrapped his arms around his legs. His Hika-nii would come for him. He was sure of it.

They had tried their hands (however tiny they might have been) at baking once. They had tossed the chefs and maids out of the kitchen, and locked the doors. This had resulted in the Hitachiin family losing their entire east wing, their chef quitting, and 14 causalities.

Hikaru had been sent to a psychologist so he could get over the loss of his 'imaginary friend'. It didn't change a thing. The once happy, bubbly Hikaru was a shell of himself. He would sit in his room staring at the second pillow on the bed. Kaoru was real! The memories couldn't have been fake… right?

He wanted his Kao-chan….

When they were in trouble, upon seeing their parents Kaoru immediately burst into tears, while Hikaru comforted him, his lower lip trembling as if he were trying not to cry. Their parents would cave at the sight and forgive them. Once they left Kaoru would stop crying, and would high five Hikaru. They were a deadly pair. 'Were' being the key word.