The boy let out a soft cry as he held his injured wrists to himself. That's what he gets for struggling. He gently wrapped his torn shirt around them. After all, he wasn't going to be wearing it any time soon. He whimpered as he pulled his makeshift bandages a little too hard. It hurt… bad. But he wasn't going to give in. Not to him. His left hand pressed a feather light touch against his neck. Smooth metal greeted him and he couldn't help but shrink in on himself. Despicable. He should have been fighting his way out of here and escaping, not just sitting here and feeling sorry for himself. Absolutely despicable.

Kaoru was 11 years old.

"HE'S WHAT? Kyoya, please say that this is a horrible joke…. Please…" Hikaru Hitachiin let his body tremble as he heard the horrible words.

"You know that I wouldn't joke about something like this… Hikaru, I'm sorry…" Kyoya's voice had gone quiet. Not the usual 'you're not worthy' quiet, but an apologetic tone.

"We…We have to find him! Kyoya… He's my brother." The other line had gone silent as the 'mother' of the Host Club processed this.

"We will. I can promise you that… Hikaru, head over to my place, I'll call everyone else." A pause…


Kaoru was awake. His eyes were closed, and he was feeling a little weird, but he was one hundred percent awake. He counted to three, he inhaled...exhaled… then counted to three again. If his eyes were closed, and his breathing was even, he might be fooled. Kaoru knew that it was hopeless. He always knew. Everything. A rough hand brushed against his cheek and he flinched.

"I know that you're awake. Kaoru. Look at me." Kaoru's eyes opened slowly, before his head flopped to the side. Move… move! Kaoru stared at his hand and tried to raise it and hit him. His eyes widened in shock as his hand stayed lifeless by his side. "Oh baby… The drug won't wear off for at least another seven hours. Unfortunately, that means that we can't spend any alone time until then… I wouldn't want to…hurt you." The fingers on his cheek slid down the side of his face and gripped his chin. " Look at me!" His head was forcefully yanked towards the man. Kaoru's dead eyes stared at the handsome face before him. Medium length jet-black hair, a strong jawline, muscular… A man so beautiful yet so cruel. He raised his hand as if about to slap Kaoru, and Kaoru 's eyes widened in fear. There was a cruel laugh. "Sill so well behaved. You didn't move an inch." Rough lips pressed against Kaoru's forehead. "Goodbye baby, I'll be back tomorrow…"

There was a complete task force over at Kyoya's house. Forensics examining the area, cops asking around the neighborhood… And a certain Tamaki pacing back and forwards, distress evident in his eyes.

"I.. just don't… Kyo.. It's Kaoru. How could anyone… What do we do?" Tamaki gnawed on his bottom lip until it was red and swollen. "I – no we – cant' just sit here and do nothing! Our baby…no babies…" He turned towards a blank looking Hikaru. His face was completely devoid of emotion as he stared into space. Learning that his once beloved twin brother was alive and kidnapped yet again was too much for him. Tamaki plopped down next to him, holding his head in his arms and petting his hair.

"Otou-san and Okaa-san doesn't know who it is…" Hikaru's unusually soft voice surprised the other hosts. "They said that they did the deal without ever knowing who exactly they were selling their son to." Hate flashed in those brilliant eyes and Tamaki could only hold the young boy tighter. Honey was also sitting there next to Mori, trembling slightly not from fear, but from anger, and Mori silently calmed him.

With a sudden realization, Kyoya's eyes quickly opened.

"Didn't Kaoru say that there was a man who saved him? Kuron… that's the last name, he took it after he was saved. He'll know who's behind this and how we can save him again…" There was a moment where all the other host club members raised their heads in unison hope evident in their faces.

Kyoya whipped out his phone, typing quickly before smiling and turning back towards the other hosts. "I asked for the task force to look up a detective, cop, private investigator or whatever who has Kuron somewhere in his name and solved a case about forced prostitution about a year or two ago… Only one name came up…

Kanda Yuu. He went undercover in a prostitution case about a year and a half ago under the pseudo name Kuron Yudai."

Kaoru was freezing. There after getting used to warm, humid weather, the cold, cold basement was too much for his frail body to handle. It had been four hours since his last visit, yet Kaoru couldn't sleep at all. In that time, he had gained slight control over his body. He could move his arms now, yet his grip was still to weak to do any damage to anything. Kaoru heard a creak and heavy footsteps approaching the door. Body automatically tensing, he tried to push his body into the bed. The soft groan of the door made him struggle to gain enough control to turn his head in the opposite directing. He came up to the bed and cupped Kaoru's face with a calloused hand.

"So beautiful. Be happy darling, no one else can appreciate your beauty like I can." Kaoru squeezed his eyes shut tight, wishing that he wasn't here. Think of Hikaru. Think of Tamaki. Think of Hikaru. Think of Kyoya. Think of Hikaru. Think of Honey. Think of Hikaru. Think of Haruhi. Think of Hikaru. Think of Mori. Think of Hikaru… The taller male bent down to press his lips to Kaoru's jaw, Kaoru's hands feebly holding his shirt in an attempt to push him away. His eyes flashed in anger and he tightly gripped the smaller wrists in a single hand. Kaoru's eyes shot open and he opened his mouth with a silent scream. "You should know better you whore! You should better than to reject ME!" His other hand came down and hit Kaoru's cheek with experienced precision, making Kaoru's head crack to the side from the impact. Kaoru slowly turned his head back to face him tears threatening to spill from his eyes. His cheek was bright red from the abuse and his wrists were still in the vise-like grip. The man's eye's softened as he stroked the young boy's hurt cheek. "Ah~ much better. Perfectly submissive." He trailed his mouth to the crook of Kaoru's ear…

"I'm going to make you regret ever leaving me."

Think of Hikaru. Think of Hikaru. Think of Hikaru.

"Kanda… Yuu?" Hikaru looked at Kyoya questioningly. Kyoya walked back toward the table with all the information about Kanda Yuu and his cases. He placed two pictures on the table.

"Yes. This here is Kanda Yuu." The picture was of a male with long, dark hair that was pulled into a ponytail. He had harsh features and seemed to glare at the camera. "While this here, is his partner, Allen Walker." The second picture was of a foreign, effeminate male with snow-white hair and grey eyes. One side of his face was decorated with a painful looking red scar in the shape of a pentagram. "These are the two people who solved the prostitution case. It says here that Kanda went undercover as a customer, slowly getting information from none other than our own Kao-kun. Allen on the other hand, went deep undercover as a prostitute, befriending and taking care of the others, all the while getting information about the leaders, or should I say leader. The leader's name is Hibiki Shinsu. Not much is known about him except for a basic sketch from a description that Kao-kun provided. It's said that most… people don't ever get to see him, making me wonder what exactly Kaoru has been thr-"

"Good job~" The soft melodic voice called the attention of the hosts towards the traditional door. "Getting all that information on Yuu and I…" Allen Walker stood at the door besides the one and only Kanda Yuu.

"Che. Stop calling me that Mo. Ya. Shi." Allen turned to glare a Kanda, before turning back towards the hosts and smiling.

"You did good work, looking us up," Allen's voice took a darker tone, "but we let that motherfucker get away once. We aren't letting him get away again."

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