"...did you...hear me Senpai?"

Oh, William heard him alright. He just didn't know how to respond to it. Maybe he did hear Ronald wrong. "I'm afraid that I didn't, could you repeat yourself?"

"Oh sure," Ronald eyed William curiously, he was certain that he spoke loud enough for the dark haired reaper. "I said... William senpai, would you... like to go out on a date with me? Please?"

Oh, so he did hear the blonde correctly the first time. It didn't matter if he heard him or not though. William simply didn't know how to repsond to a question like that! If it was anyone else (namely Grell), it wouldn't take a second for him to make up his mind. Ronald, however, was a different story. He actually liked him. He wasn't annoying, he had respect for him, he does his work on time, and hates overtime (even if it is because of parties).

"...perhaps so... yes. I would go out on a date with you Ronald."

"I mean- it's okay if you don't wanna! I'm not gonna force ya to say yes or anything Senpai... I just been wanting to ask you out for a while now and- wait... did you... say yes?" Ronald blabbered, rubbing the back of his neck and staring wide eyed at William.

"I did. What time would you like to go out?" he asked bluntly, placing his pen down on the desk and looking up from his work.

"Um... how about tonight at seven? I can swing by your place and we can go out to dinner. I found this really neat place the other day and the whole I'm just thinking 'You know? I bet William senpai would really like this place' and... that's also another reason why I'm kinda.. yeah...here..."

"I'll be ready when you get there. Try not to be late."

"I'll be right on time Senpai! I won't keep you waiting! I got the watch Eric senpai bought me for my birthday- well deathday in this case huh?" he asked, a minor blush on his cheeks from embarresment.

"You have been on time more often. Now, go back to your work. Don't want overtime tonight do you?" William went right back to looking down at his work with pen in hand.

"N-no senpai! Not tonight!" he smiled brightly. "See ya tonight!"

"Good day Mr. Knox. See you tonight," his pen was writing words on the paper of his latest report, his mind thinking back to the soul collection earlier that day.

William's head shot up when he felt a kiss to his cheek, but by the time he did- Ronald already left the office.