A/N: Another standalone drabble for xenokattz. This one's been in my head for a long time. Post-Dream Nails in the back of the jet

The Goddess of Computers

"So let me get this straight," Pete interrupted.

Kitty sat back and listened.

"Those creatures wanted to kill you because you didn't believe they had killed the only God there is?"

Kitty thought about it. "Yeah, I think that covers it."

Pete shook his head. "Well, I happen to know that I'm sitting next to a goddess."


"The goddess of computers," Pete reminded. "You said I could worship you later."

Kitty blushed pink.

Pete grinned. "What? No fertility rites?"

That pretty pink blush went red. "Pete Wisdom!" But then he kissed her, and she quite forgot to be angry.