Story Summary: Snippets from a world that hates and fears them. A series of drabbles and very short one-shots.

Story Notes: Spans series from XMFC to post-X3. These have been previously posted, but I'm cleaning up and consolidating my drabbles and one-shots as much as possible now.

Chapter Notes: For the Blue Skies Drabblethon on LJ. Prompt: shelter.

All Things to All People

Professor Charles Xavier is not all things to all people. He is one thing.

To a little blue girl without a home, to an angry Jew—and mutant—who survived the Holocaust, to a Hispanic woman forced to sell her body before she was even grown, to an orphaned African goddess stunned to learn she is not divine, to a blind outcast, to a young girl who cannot escape the storm within her own mind, to a feral without his memory, to a runaway teenager trapped inside her skin, to a grieving lover, to a family-forsaken outcast...

He is shelter.