Chapter Summary: The world is at war between mutants and humans. John has one place of refuge.

Chapter Notes: Prompt Song: "Refuge" by Anne Maccallum. LiveJournal memery, prompted by arliddian.


There was one place John could always go, no matter how far into the depths of hell and the oceans of blood he fell. There was one heart who would take him in her hands and pull him through the door into her tiny, clean apartment with its small knick-knacks and pictures of happier days—a haven against the ravages of war.

Xavier had been wrong. Magneto was right. And neither of them were alive to see it.

Kitty never asked. She never seemed to care if the blood on his hands and body were his or someone else's. She washed it off and changed his shirt and brought him water and food. They sat in silence: Pyro, the mutant warrior, and Shadowcat, the hidden hacker. Both were powerful forces in the mutant resistance; neither believed in the same things.

John believed in killing anyone who wanted to kill this tiny, woman hidden away from the rest world. Kitty believed in saving anyone who could not save themselves, whether from their own hates, their own fears, or even their own selves.

"Thank you," he finally said, setting down the empty bowl.

"You are always welcome here," she said.

He wanted to kiss her. He never did. Instead, the flames in the fireplace burned a little higher, he stayed a little longer, their hands whispered over jeans to clasp together.

Tomorrow, he would face the world again, the battle raging outside of these sheltering walls. He would not say goodbye.