Author's Note: Hello *waves* So, this is meant to be set in the hours immedietly after Johnny/ Max leaves Penelope's house, when he's at the poker table. So, I hope you enjoy! All comments are appreciated (good or bad) and reviewer shall be rewarded with giant cookies in the afterlife. I do not own 'Penelope', I'm just borrowing it, I swear...

The Blur

Blur. Hours pass. Time passes. Ticktickticking. Ticking away. Just a blur.

I broke her heart. I broke her heart. I lied. I lost her. Just a blur.

I can't distract myself. These thoughts in my head. What I did. What I should have done. Just a blur.

All a blur.

I should have told the truth. I should have told said enough is enough. I should I should I should…

I should never have agreed to that godamn deal. Blur. Blur. Blur.

And above all

Above all

I should have never ever fell for her.

I should have never let her fall for me.



Because if I had never had her, I'd never have lost her. Hurts so much. So much. So much.

I need to sort my head out.

Deal me. Deal me again. Catch my tears in a crystal glass.

I could fix this. I could fix this.

I could, if mi wasn't caught in a game and a booze-addled brain and my head wasn't filled with this fog. This blur. Got to get through the blur.

I've been here hours. Have I? Can't have. I only just started this game. But here I am.

I'm wasting away. I don't know when to quit. I don't know when to quit. This is my last game. I swear. Last game. But the cards keep coming. Why can't I quit her? Deal me again.

Then something changes.

(Something's gotta give)

There's someone there.

There's something there.

Through the fog. Through the blur.

The most beautiful girl in the world, hidden behind the snout of a boar.


I reach through the fog and cling to her. The only this in the world that matters.


Enough is enough.