Memento Vivere

Disclaimer: All character belong to Cassandra Clare.

Author's Note: This is going to be my last Mortal Instruments fanfiction for awhile, unless City of Fallen Angels comes in really fast from my library.

P.O.V: the Shadowhunters

Time: The City of Glass

Genre: Friendship/Hurt&Confront

Date Finished: June 12, 2011

Memento mori is something that most of our kind seems to live by. It has a good meaning. It serves as a reminder that each day is a gift. Each day is one step closer to the end.

Life is an honour, not a right.

As one we step out into the battle, as one we prepare to die.

For that is what memento mori means, remember you will die.

It sounds dark and evil, but life is full of demons. Just like the ones we have to face now.

After the smoke clears and the dead buried, we pause to remember something.

What about life?

What about family, friends, and everything else that matters?

Justice has been served and mercy screamed its violent love.

And finally, the knights was getting his kiss and his princess.

The lost had taken the world off of his shoulders.

The pain still lingers, but it's from remembering all of the good times.

The little thingsā€¦

Now our kind lives by memento vivere. Not everything is about darkness, evil, and death. Sometimes it's about light, good, and life.

Just remember memento vivere.

Remember to live.