They all take a step. One more step. Then, they fall off. All of them.
He grabbed hold of a branch and grabbed hold of her hand. He saved
her. No one else. They all crashed to the spikes on the ground. Every
last one of them. He through her up on the platform then pulled himself up. The first thing he saw was her crying. He felt so bad for
her. All of her friends just crashed to the bottom of a pit of razor
sharp spikes. She looked at him then said through tears "thank-you".
He was surprised of what happened next. She kissed him on the cheek. He
just looked at her. .
~. . He jumped up in his bed, scared
out of his mind. He looked around his room. Nothing was there. Nothing
could prove what just happened. Just then his dad opened the door so
fast that Mike fell out of his bed and landed on the floor with a
THUMP. His dad fell to the
ground laughing trying to get out his words "You-r-e b-r-eak-fast I-s
r-ea-d-y" He broke off in laughter. Got up. And walked out the door. ~. Mike wasn't
surprised by his father's laughing. He's used to it. His dad was crazy.
Over protective. Just because his mom died when he was six, he is now
eighteen. He barley remembers his mom. It makes him sad to think of
his mom so he thought of something else. Something happy. Then he
remembered he was on the ground. He got up and got dressed. Like every
morning he woke up got dressed, ate and went to school. But today he
felt that something was going to change. And fast. He walked to his
window just in time to see Annabelle. He's known her for almost all
his life. She looked up and smiled. He waved then turned away and
walked down stairs to eat breakfast. Ya pretty boring life if you ask
me. But there is the fact that he has only one friend, goes to a
stupid high school, and has the same dream every night. The one with
the pit. "Dad, I had the dream again". "Was it any different than the
last time?" His dad asked. "Ya, it was. They all died this time. All of
them the only ones who lived was me and Annabelle.""Well it looks
like someone has a little crush!"His dad said. "No I don't!"
Mike practically screamed at the top of his lungs. "I was just saying"
His dad said trying to protect himself. "Sorry it's just. I don't
okay?"."Okay, Okay you don't!" His dad proclaimed. Mikes father
didn't believe that his son didn't like Annabelle. What he knew for
sure is that she liked