Mike couldn't see anything all he saw was the horizon. Still. "Where
here!" "Where's here? And why is it like every other thing around
here?" "Because, we have to go down. Then finally you will see." Mike
watched as Lyoit pulled on a leaf of the plant beside him. Lyoit turn
and smiled at him. Mike watched as the plant moved up and started to
grow until the plant became hollow. Mike stared at it. Lyoit stepped
in "You comin mate?" "As long as I don't have to be out here when
that thing comes out I'm so there!" Mike stepped in as the plant
started to move downward into the ground. He saw the dirt going down
far into the deep ground. The plant came to a halt. Then a dirt wall
was facing them. Lyoit touched the wall. Then felt around in the pitch
black. Mike heard a click. Then he felt Lyoit brush past him. He heard
several foot steps moving towards him. His heart stopped with a THUD.
He was worried if any one heard it when he saw a shadow approaching
him. If he wasn't sure then he was sure now. His heart stopped, he
felt like barfing he knew it wouldn't help though. He had to keep
standing. He knew that if he didn't then he would have a problem. Not
just with the people or whatever they were but he knew he would
start to have the dream again if he did. He saw a village, a town. It
was huge. Kids. Tons of them. He remembered a girl that went missing
from his school a while ago. He looked at a girl. She looked about the
same. Taller now. But like the girl. The music there was so loud. It
sounded like a rock/metal concert he went to once. He was right by the
speakers and it hurt. Kids stopped everywhere to look at him. Lyoit
was standing beside a tall looking guy about a year or two older then
himself. Then the guy hit Lyoit in the back of the head. 'WHAT WAS
THAT FOR! ?' Lyoit screamed. 'You were late. You could have died...'
the guy said. 'Plus I thought you were...it' he said looking up then
away from everyone. 'Sorry' Lyoit said in a hushed tone. The guy then
looked at him. Right at him. Stared him in the eyes and said 'I've
been waiting for you.' with a smile. 'Other than my math teacher
saying my friend was hot that's the worst thing I have EVER heard in
my life...' mike said. Good thing the guy smiled and laughed or it
would have been awkward. 'Sorry I say that to everyone, the names
Collin, yours?' 'Ugh, Mike.' 'Good to meet Ya Mike, Lyoit show him
around town. And when you're done...you know where to find me.' Collin