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The Future of the Malfoy Family – Everything That Cannot Be Put Into a Story

Draco Abraxus Malfoy

After his mother gets remarried to Taddeus Austen – Narcissa is inspired to find him after Draco gets back with Hermione – Draco gains a step sister, Melissa. She is three years younger than him and a Ravenclaw like her father. Her Muggle-born mother was killed during the Second War for refusing to register, and Melissa and her father went into hiding abroad, coming back to rebuild their lives after the war ended. They both run a shop together in Diagon Alley called Austen's Magic and Muggle Music Emporium.

Draco and Melissa become very close very quickly, and he treats her like she's been his baby sister forever rather than for a few years. He's very protective of her, especially when she starts a relationship with Ron Weasley. Ron and Melissa first meet at Draco and Hermione's wedding, and are together for ages before finally getting married themselves about a month before the birth of the Malfoy's third child. Ron was reluctant to get married straight away, considering how his first wedding turned out.

Even though he thinks of Melissa as his sister, Draco still calls his step-father 'Mr. Austen', even though he is constantly being told to be less formal, and even though his own children just call him Granddad.

Draco has a career at the Ministry of Magic, in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, working tirelessly to stamp out the surprising amount of pro-pureblood extremists that still operate throughout the Wizarding world. It is this work that gains respect from everyone who still saw him as a Death Eater, and helps to change people's assumptions when first hearing the name Malfoy. Draco is also a strong pro-Muggle activist and helps get Arthur Weasley's Muggle Protection Act finally passed.

Draco is a very loving husband and father. He takes care of Hermione while she's pregnant, changes nappies and does night feeds with very little argument, and dotes on all his children. Even though Hermione wishes he wouldn't, Draco spoils his son and two daughters. He can be a disciplinarian when necessary, although he can never stay mad at them for too long, especially his girls. Before they start Hogwarts, Draco teaches his children to play the piano and gives them flying lessons, just like he got when she was a child.

Hermione Jean Malfoy

Before her relationship with Draco, Hermione wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to do as a career. She didn't really want to work for the Ministry and she couldn't see herself becoming an Auror like Harry and Ron. It was while caring for Draco after he was nearly killed by his father that made her realise that she wanted to become a Healer. Draco had even said that she should be one during his stay at 12 Grimmauld Place, although he had just been paying her a compliment at the time and he never thought that she would actually take him at his word.

Hermione immerses herself in her Healer training during the six years that she and Draco are apart, as it takes her mind off how much misses him. Because of her exceptional intelligence, magical ability and dedication, she excels quickly and becomes the youngest Healer-in-Charge at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries in over a century. She specializes in Healing injuries caused by the Dark Arts, and enjoys her work a lot, only stopping during her maternity leave and to spend time with her family.

Hermione encourages all her children to read, as they all appear to have inherited her intelligence and she doesn't want it to go to waste, so the Malfoy house is full of books. She doesn't want to be a pushy parent, but sometimes she just can't help it as she wants her children to succeed in everything they do. She always ends up taking the role of the strict parent as, although Draco is good at disciplining them too, she thinks he can be far too lenient with them sometimes. She also doesn't like how much he spoils them. She doesn't really like how much Draco spoils her either. For their wedding, Draco insisting that they have the best of everything, but Hermione just couldn't help but look at the prices, something that Draco hardly ever does. But, eventually, he learnt that she prefers things to be more understated.

Hermione becomes very close to her mother-in-law, Narcissa Austen, and her step sister-in-law, Melissa. She also manages to stay friends with Ron, and even sets him up on his first date with Melissa. She enjoys reminding Ron and her husband that, now that Ron and Melissa are married, they are now technically brothers. The way they both shudder never stops being funny.

Juliet Rose Malfoy

The eldest of the Malfoy children, named after Shakespeare's Juliet Capulet and Hermione's grandmother, Rose. Juliet resembles her father the most in appearance. She has white blonde, slightly curly hair, grey eyes that are the exact colour and shape as Draco's, pale skin and a pointed face. As a child she always acted very mature for her age, although she bickered with her younger brother a lot. She is a complete and utter Daddy's girl and always will be.

At Hogwarts she is Sorted into Slytherin, and in her first year she received ridicule from some of the older members of her House, those who came from families who were pro-pureblood and pro-Voldemort during the Second War and still held those beliefs. The Malfoy name had a bad reputation amongst the old pureblood families, who all saw Draco as a coward and a blood traitor, especially after he married Hermione. A number of older Slytherins thought that Juliet shouldn't be in their House because she had a Muggle-born mother and a blood traitor father, but she was strong and extremely proud of her parents and stuck up for them so fiercely that only once did anyone dare insult them in front of her.

She proved to be the brightest witch in her year, matching the high accomplishments of her mother. The only other people who matched her incredible grades were her younger brother and sister. She joined the Slytherin Quidditch team in her second year, the first girl the team had had in years. She's a Seeker just like her father was – he's very proud of her – and helps Slytherin win the Quidditch Cup twice, beaten only by Gryffindor, which she didn't really mind that much. She inevitably becomes the team captain and brings about a new regime of picking players who can actually play rather than just the people who are the biggest and most menacing – the old method had resulted in her having to, in her own words, carry the whole team.

She was made a Prefect in her fifth year, something that she was almost annoyingly happy about, and her greatest desire was to be Head Girl. She saw it as her job as Prefect – and future Head Girl, obviously – to encourage some inter-House unity, mainly between Slytherin and the rest of the school.

She was popular, not only with the other Slytherins, but with all the other Houses too. She was also very popular with boys and had a lot of boyfriends during her time at Hogwarts, although once she finished school – with all Outstandings, of course – she didn't have time for boys. She was far too busy trying to be the next Minister of Magic. She's very ambitious.

As ambitious, intelligent and popular as she is, it could be said that Juliet inherits all the bad things about her parents. She's stubborn, slightly spoilt, overly proud of her appearance and abilities, can be a little bit conceited sometimes and is a shameless know-it-all. But don't hold it against her – she loves her friends and family more than anything, and she's a nice person once you get to know her.

Taddeus Hayden Malfoy

The middle child, named after Draco's step father who is also named Taddeus Hayden. He is a year younger than Juliet and, like her, resembles their father. However his hair is dark brown, almost black, and very curly and he has his mother's chocolaty brown eyes. As a child, Taddeus excelled the most during his father's music lessons and, as well as being able to play the piano like all the Malfoy children, he also teaches himself to play the guitar and he is a very good singer. He writes songs in his spare time.

Taddeus was Sorted into Gryffindor when he started at Hogwarts, the first known Malfoy to ever do so. He too became the smartest student in his year, although he was a lot more relaxed about his school work than his older sister, and he eventually becomes a Prefect too. He joins the Gryffindor Quidditch team in his second year, playing the position of Chaser, and is considered to be one of the best. His father is just as proud of him as he is of Juliet, although it does get a bit awkward when Slytherin and Gryffindor play against each other. Draco helps them both with their training during the summer holidays, but Juliet and Taddeus are both naturally competitive, especially against each other, and they always end up bickering.

Taddeus is best friends with a Muggle boy called Mark, who lives in the village near his house. Mark knows that the Malfoys are a Wizarding family, and also knows a lot about the Wizarding world as a whole because his cousin is a Muggle-born witch. The two boys become the best of friends at an early age and stay friends even when Taddeus is at Hogwarts, sending letters to each other about the goings on in their schools. Taddeus' letters were always longer and a lot more interesting. When they're fifteen, the boys start a band with some of Mark's school friends, Taddeus as lead singer and guitarist and Mark playing the bass. They haven't thought of a name for their band yet.

Taddeus only had one sort-of-girlfriend when he was at school, who happened to be his best friend in Gryffindor and also the youngest of the Potter children. This doesn't last very long though, and eventually he realises that he doesn't like girls at all, which Lily Potter helps him come to terms with. He is terribly nervous about coming out to his family, but when he does he finds that they are all very supportive and accepting. His sisters weren't surprised at all and didn't treat him any differently, even when he brought Mark home as his boyfriend rather than just his friend – Mark had always been seen as part of the family, and Juliet used to refer to him as 'Tad's boyfriend' anyway.

Andrea Narcissa Malfoy

The baby of the family, Andrea is four years younger than her brother. She is named after her grandmother and her first name is an alteration of her grandmother's sister's name, Andromeda. She resembles her mother the most as she has curly brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin.

She is the quietest of all the Malfoys and had read every book in the house by the time she was ten. She did well in her piano lessons, but was never very good at flying as she couldn't stand the heights. She could go an entire day without saying a word, and this incredible achievement gained her the ironic nickname 'Chatterbox' from her brother. Taddeus was usually the only person that she would properly talk to, although the whole family just seemed to know what she was saying without her having to actually say it.

Before entering Hogwarts, Andrea was worried about what House she might be Sorted into, as her father and sister were Slytherins, her mother and brother were Gryffindors and she didn't want to disappoint anyone. However, there was no need to have worried at all as she ended up being Sorted into Ravenclaw.

Like her older siblings before her, Andrea became the highest achieving student in her year, something that was now to be expected of all Malfoys. Just like in her home life, Andrea didn't really talk much at school, except for during lessons when she was answering questions.

Unlike her siblings, she never joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and concentrated entirely on her studies. Although she's a proud Ravenclaw, she doesn't really have time for Quidditch, although she'll support her brother and sister when they're playing – unless they're playing each other, in which case she refuses to take sides.

Because she's so much younger than them, Juliet and Taddeus are very protective of her and always looked out for her at school. As she got older she started to fight her own battles more, especially when Juliet and Taddeus both finish Hogwarts. Just like all the Malfoys, Andrea also becomes a Prefect, which helps her become more outspoken. Her greatest ambition is to become a fiction writer, inspired by all the old literature of her mother's that she's read. She would love to write under a pseudo-name so that she could have her novels sold in Muggle bookshops.