I am hoping to contact J.K Rowling with the following letter, so if anybody, please, could help me I would be so thankful. God Bless,

Renee Christina

Dear J.K Rowling,

I am Renee, 14 years old and I live in Australia. When I was not even 1 Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published, much to the excitement of my 10 year old uncle who quickly bought a copy (published with the black and white cover photograph of a train) in England, while visiting our family with my Nana. He enjoyed it thoroughly and my family's history with Harry Potter began, then in 1999 (I was 2) it was announced that you had sold the rights to not only the 1st book but the first four books to be made into films by Warner Brothers. My uncle was thrilled, and raved about it for months, until the release date for Australia was released and he nagged my mother to allow me to attend hoping I would enjoy it of course mum agreed thinking I would as well. So on the evening of the 29th of November 2001 my uncle, mother, nana and I attended a screening (the first I might add) of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. To say I was in love at the simple age of 4 would be absurd but it was indeed love. I began to love reading and read every published Harry Potter book, watched every film as they were released and reread and re watched them both until I could quote the series with my eyes shut and ears blocked. I am not only writing to you to proclaim my love for the series, but for the way they've helped me through thick and thin. I myself have had times of doubt, upset and loneliness, suffering bullying not only at school but at home. The only time I'd have solace was when I was by myself, or with my books. Because of that time alone I developed imagination, one that my mother calls bottomless and endless. You've inspired me to become someone as smart as Hermione, as brave as Harry, as humorous as Ron and as 'loony' as Luna.

Before I end my seemingly boring letter to you my favourite author and role model I'd like to thank you once more for giving my life purpose and for the release of Pottermore which I am counting down the days for .

Yours sincerely,

Renee Weasley :D