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chapter 1: taking risks

Albus Severus Potter stepped onto the Hogwarts Express with his cousin, Rose Weasley. The two cousins waved farewell to their parents as the train began to move.

"Rosie, Al!" called a voice with a light French accent.

A girl with long silvery-blond hair, blue eyes and light freckles on her cheek walked towards Albus and Rose. It was their cousin, Victoire Weasley, who marched up to them full of rage. The two younger cousins gulped as she began to talk.

"'ave you seen James?" Victoire asked angrily with a flushed face.

"N-no, haven't seen him since we got on." Albus said nervously.

"Hmph. Tell your brother he has it coming!" Victoire said folding her arms before turning to Rose. "Oh Rosie, let me help you. You don't want your wild hair to shadow your beautiful face and brilliant brain."

As Victoire pulled Rose's messy hair into a neat side pony tail Rose asked, "How will you get back at him?"

"Remember: I'm Head Girl this year, I 'ave my ways." Victoire said mischievously before turning to Albus. "So you really 'ave no idea where he is?"

Under Victoire's death glare Albus stammered, "You'll probably find him with his best friend, Christian Jordan."

"Thanks!" Victoire said leaving Albus and Rose alone by the door.

"I'm never crossing Victoire! She's scary!" Albus stated.

"Correction: never cross a female Weasley: period!" Rose said giggling as she admired the new hairstyle Victoire gave her.

"Yeah, all of you have such a nasty temper!"


"Just kidding Rose! Let's go look for a compartment now."

To their misfortune, every compartment they passed was full and the one at the end of the corridor seemed to be their last hope. Albus peered through the window of the last compartment and excitedly said, "Rosie! It looks like there's only one person in this one! We should ask to join them!" Rose nodded in agreement and Albus happily stepped into the compartment. Inside a boy with white-blond hair and gray eyes sat reading a book. "May I help you?" the boy asked glancing up from his book.

Rose recognized the face of the boy; it was the boy her father told her to stay away from. She gasped and whispered to Albus, "Al! We can't sit here! That's the boy my father was talking about! I'm not supposed to get too friendly with him!"

Albus whispered back, "Uncle Ron is crazy Rosie! He can't stop you from making friends! Even Aunt Hermione scolded him for being ridiculous!"

"I know, but I'd hate to get my dad angry! You know how he gets..."

The boy coughed for attention, "I'm still here." Albus and Rose quickly straightened up realizing that the boy must have been watching them for ages.

"I'm sorry! We were just wondering if we could sit here; all the compartments are full." Albus asked. "Do what you want." the boy said as he returned to reading his book.

Leaving their luggage in the doorway, Rose shot Albus an 'are you sure' look as Albus nodded and took a seat opposite of the boy. Rose reluctantly sighed and sat next to her cousin. The three sat together in silence until Albus spoke up and said,

"I'm Albus Severus Potter. Nice to meet you."

"I already knew who you were, my father pointed you out before I boarded. You're the son of the great Harry Potter: my father's rival during their Hogwarts years." the boy said calmly without looking up. "And father said the girl must be the daughter of Harry Potter's best friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger."

Albus frowned, "Just because our fathers were enemies doesn't mean we have to be."

"Life may turn out easier if we just kept things as they are." the boy stated as he turned a page in his book. "My father basically warned me the same thing as the Weasley girl."

"Told you he's no good." Rose whispered in a know-it-all tone.

"Oh, just shush Rosie: you weren't too nice yourself." Albus said as he walked up to the boy and held out his hand.

"What?" the boy asked finally looking up to see Albus smiling brightly.

"I don't care how hard life could get, I like taking risks. How about you?" Albus asked holding his hand out.

"Sorry, I'm not a risk taker." the boy said coldly as he went back to reading his book.

Albus lowered his hand, his face reflected shock due to his failed first attempt at making friends. He was about to say something when Rose stood up and spoke 'for' him. "That was incredibly rude of you!" Rose said angrily as she marched up to the boy and looked down on him.

"His father did the same thing to mine back when they were first years. If the great Harry Potter can get away without taking someone's friendship, I don't see why I can't." the boy stated calmly staring directly into Rose's blue eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Rose demanded. "Don't speak ill of Uncle Harry!"

"I'm only stating the truth." the boy replied calmly. "If you want confirmation, why don't you ask your father and uncle about their first trip on the train."

Rose's blood began to boil as she desperately searched for a comeback against the only person who has ever put her at a loss of words, "I-I don't know what my dad was thinking! There is no way I'm ever getting friendly with your sort!"

The boy retaliated calmly, "My sort? I'm surprised the daughter of Hermione Granger could say such a thing. I thought you had been raised to sport better manners."

"I'd like to say the same thing about you. With all the humiliation your father went through, I didn't think you would be into this class stuff."

The boys eyes flicked anger at the mention of his father's history, "I'm not. You're the one who mentioned the different sorts in the first place."

The boy continued to glare as Rose began to turn as red as her hair from embarrassment and anger: nobody outwit Rose Weasley.

"You are completely infuriating! Just get out of here and stop bothering us!" Rose said hotly.

"In case you didn't notice, I was here first." the boy triumphantly smirked as he started to read his book again.

"I'm going to cool off a bit, Al." Rose huffed as she stomped out the door tripping over one of the trunks.

Albus nodded slowly; he was still shocked from the boy's refusal of friendship and even more shocked that Rose lost an argument.

"Are you going to stand there gawking like a mindless bat the whole trip?" the boy said putting his book down.

Albus blinked as he began to come back to reality, "Oh- uh sorry. That was just shocking."

The boy eyed Albus with curiousity as Albus attempted to lift his trunk into the overhang.

"Need some help?" the boy asked as he helped lift the trunk before Albus could respond.

"Thanks." Albus replied as they also lifted Rose's trunk.

The two boys sat down opposite of each other. Besides the hooting of Albus's snowy owl (which sat at his feet), everything was quiet.

Albus broke the silence, "I can't believe you made her stomp out angrily!"

The blonde boy looked at Albus's face, which clearly expressed that he was very amused, and smirked. "It wasn't that hard, she has quite the temper."

"Well, that was brilliant! I've never seen anyone outwit Rosie!"

The boy let out a chuckle, "It was quite fun really. She has an extremely smart mouth."

"You do too, yours might be even smarter than hers!" Albus said excitedly and added after pondering for a quick second, "That's pretty scary!"

The two boys laughed as Albus told the boy about how difficult it is to be with Rose.

"I mean, I love her to death: she's my favorite cousin, but it's hard to be friends with someone who knows so much more than you do AND someone who is hardly ever wrong!" Albus exclaimed.

"I can imagine." The boy agreed as he opened his book again.

Albus smiled, "Do you really not want to be friends?"

The boy looked up from his book and diverted his gaze to the window, "I don't need friends."


"They just weigh you down. Extra baggage if you ask me. Sometimes they even stab you in the back."

"I can see where you're coming from, but not everyone is like that! I'm certainly not!"

"Maybe, but I don't want to take that risk again."


"Not that it's any of your business, but all the 'friends' I've had always talked behind my back or always had a guard against me. They all think that I will act like my how my father did when he was young. Honestly, just because I look like my father does not mean I am him!"

"I understand you perfectly! Just because I'm the 'spitting image of Harry Potter' everyone thinks I'm going to be something great, but I'm just a regular boy: nothing special about me..."

"Well, at least your father is known for being great. Mine is known for being... not."

"That's true, but at least you can know who genuinely wants to be your friend. Sometimes I feel like people only want to be my friend because my dad is famous."

"Which adds to my theory: we shouldn't have friends. It's too much of a risk."

"But what's life without taking risks?"

The boy pondered for a moment, "Boring I suppose."

"Exactly! So, why not take a risk and be my friend? I can't guarantee that we'll always be on the good side of each other, but I'll try my best!" Albus said offering his hand once again. "I don't care what our family history is: that was then and this is now."

The boy stared at Albus's hand for a long time as Albus continued to smile. Finally, the boy smirked, "Albus Severus Potter, you have finally convinced me. I'll take the risk." The boy leaned forward and shook Albus's hand and introduced himself, "Scorpius Malfoy: your new... friend."

"Call me Al." Albus said happily as he thought, make new friends: check!

The boys grinned knowing that this might be the start of a great friendship. At this moment, Rose came back into the compartment, looked at the boys hands and started to blush, "Goodness Al! With him? You never told me you swung that way!"

Albus rolled his eyes as he let go of Scorpius's hand, "Honestly, Rose, I thought you had brains. That was just the confirmation of our truce: we're friends now, see?"

Albus smiled at Scorpius who nodded his head slowly. Scorpius was bewildered by the amount of happiness that shined out of Albus: if he were to give anyone a title for most optimistic it'd be to Albus Severus Potter.

"Are you sure you're not... a fruitcup?" Scorpius asked Albus seriously.

"Of course not! Get your minds out of the gutter, both of you!" Albus defensively stated while crossing his arms. "Just because I act happily, doesn't mean I swing that way!"

Rose giggled, "I guess you're right considering you have the hugest crush on our family friend, Beth-"

Albus covered Rose's mouth, "Don't say it Rosie! She might be around!"

Scorpius laughed, "As long as you don't love boys, I'm fine! It'd be incredibly awkward to have a friend that might like me."

Albus let go of Rose's mouth, "You don't have to worry about me mate. Maybe Rosie here."

"I don't know what you're talking about Albus Severus Potter! I don't like–" Rose turned scarlet, "I'm sorry, what's your name?"

"Scorpius Malfoy." Scorpius answered.

"Thank you," Rose nodded at Scorpius, "I do not fancy Scorpius Malfoy! I am not even friends with him."

Albus looked at Scorpius who shrugged, "Like I said, I don't need friends."

Rose frowned realizing that Scorpius wasn't going to ask her to be friends. Angered that Scorpius might be the first friend she and Albus didn't share, Rose blurted, "Honestly, you are completely infuriating! I don't understand why Al would want to be friends with you!"

"There's more to him than what meets the eye Rose!" Albus argued; if there was one thing his father taught him, it was to give people chances.

"Well, I don't want to find out. I'll listen to my father's advice." Rose said snobbishly as she walked up to Scorpius who looked up at her with amusement.

"Scorpius Malfoy, I now pronounce you as rival of me, Rose Weasley!" Rose stated suddenly. She then smirked as she offered her hand towards him, "Do you accept?"

Albus looked at his cousin with amusement, she was serious: the fire inside her seemed to be sparking out. What amazed Albus even more was that Scorpius's cool aura seemed to spark out just as much as Rose's did when he replied, "I do." Albus watched the violent sparks fly as Rose and Scorpius shook hands.

"I promise I will beat you at everything!" Rose stated.

"You can try, but we both know that promises can be broken." Scorpius replied with a smirk.

As the Hogwarts Express sped towards its destination, the awkwardness between three first years began to diminish as they talked about the latest quidditch games and wizarding news. The food trolley passed by their compartment and Albus, Rose and Scorpius bought a ton of food for the rest of their trip. As Albus stuffed a cauldron cake in his mouth he asked everyone what house they wanted to get sorted into. Scorpius was first to reply stating that his life would be easier if he got into Slytherin like the rest of his famiy. Rose discussed her fear of disinheritance if she was not sorted into Gryffindor. Albus tried to laugh, but it never came because he shared similar fears.

"James taunted me all day about being sorted into Slytherin." Albus complained before turning to Scorpius, "No offense, Scorpius."

Scorpius shook his head, "None taken. Anyone with a mustard-sized brain would realize how much Slytherins are hated."

Rose nodded in agreement, "It is rather unfortunate. You'd think that after the Second Wizarding War all the division and prejudice would be over."

"Sadly, the only thing that diminished were the divisions between blood statuses." Scorpius added as Albus noticed Scorpius's hand curl into a fist around the licorice wand he held. "Soon after the war, everything revolved around how much did your parents, your family, your house helped. Nobody ever cares about what you did afterward or how people changed."

Albus looked at Scorpius with concern. Recalling the little history his family (mostly Uncle Ron) spoke of, it was no surprise that the subject was sensitive to Scorpius. After the last war, the Malfoys were hated by everyone: both good and bad.

"Yeah, I just hate when people assume they know everything about you before they even know you." Albus stated as he thought of how Scorpius's life must have been like. Compared to Scorpius, Albus had a great life and the guilt for all the times Albus complained about people loving his family too much began to weigh on him.

Rose, in order to relieve tension and change the subject, reached out for Scorpius's book, "Oh! What book is this?"

"Hogwarts: A History." Scorpius replied as Albus snorted.

"I can't believe you have this!" Rose squealed, a sound frightening both Albus and Scorpius, as she flipped the book's pages.

Albus sniggered, "You would freak about that book, Rose."

"Of course, Al!" Rose replied unmoved by Albus's insult, "You know it's my favorite and this is the latest edition!"

"Wow, Weasley, who knew we would have a similar favorite item." Scorpius grinned.

"You like that book too?" Albus cried in disbelief.

"Guess I'm full of surprises." Scorpius shrugged before a smirk spread across his mouth, "Bet you didn't know that I enjoy learning, Weasley. Hope you didn't assume your previous promise would be easy to keep."

Rose's blue eyes met Scorpius's gray ones as her face reflected shock from the possibility of Scorpius being intelligent. After a few seconds she finally composed herself and retorted, "It doesn't matter how intelligent you are, Malfoy. I'm confident in my abilities." Without diverting her gaze Rose closed Hogwarts: A History and returned Scorpius's smirk with mischievous smile, "I don't do anything with half-effort."

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you two were flirting." Albus interjected.

Rose and Scorpius smiles turned to frowns as red tint crept up their cheeks. Simultaneously they both yelled, "We're not flirting!"

"Rivals don't flirt!" Rose screeched.

"Yeah!" Scorpius agreed. "Your ideas are insane, Albus Potter!"

"Okay, okay. I was just kidding." Albus laughed before changing the subject, "So, Scorpius, why is that your favorite book?"

Rose handed the book to Scorpius as he began his explanation. "First of all: I like knowing as much as I can about the places I go to and since I'll be at Hogwarts for the next seven years this book's the best place to start. Second: the history is very fascinating. Third: I wanted more perspective of the stories my parents told. I love my father, but he does skew stories a bit."

"Don't worry, your dad isn't the only one who occasionally skews stories." Rose chimed in.

"Occasionally?" Albus stated skeptically.

"Okay, fine." Rose rolled her eyes, "My dad skews stories all the time –he likes making himself sound cool."

Scorpius sighed, "At least your dad can make himself sound cool. Unfortunately, my father did things that are impossible to make cool."

"Even if your father did those things," Albus said looking at Scorpius's vacant expression, "I think it's pretty cool that he was honest and open about the dark choices he made."

"I suppose," Scorpius shrugged, "but it's less admirable considering I basically forced the truth out of him."

"How did you force the truth from your Dad?" Albus asked.

Scorpius nodded, "One day, after I was teased horribly at a get-together, I spiked my father's tea with veritaserum and asked him everything from his first year to his last. That's why I knew all about the Potter-Weasley-Malfoy history."

"Teased?" Rose whispered.

"Yeah, by my family friends' children who came over every now and then." Scorpius replied bitterly.

"Growing up must have been dreadful." Rose speculated.

Scorpius nodded, "I won't lie: it was. The only good thing was that my family always encouraged me..."

"I don't know why our parents hated each other, but you're family doesn't sound nearly as repulsive as my father as my father claims. I'm sorry I assumed who you were when I met you. My actions were awful and rude." Rose apologized looking Scorpius directly in the eye, "Father says I'm not supposed to get too friendly with you, but I don't see the harm."

Scorpius softened his gaze at Rose as she smiled apologetically. In contrast to Rose's fire-like first impression, Scorpius understood that she was a sweet girl. She, like him, only desired to make her family happy and that sometimes got the better of them.

"No worries," Scorpius smiled, "but don't get too soft on me, Weasley, or else I'd have to find a new rival."

Rose laughed, "Don't worry, the real battle starts when we get to school."

"Correction: the real battle started when we shook hands," Scorpius smirked, "And I believe I'm winning."

"He got you, Rosie!" Albus taunted.

"On what grounds are you winning?" Rose's cheeks filled with color. Although she was embarrassed of her competitive personality, she couldn't help continuing her argument with Scorpius, "I can't believe I just apologized to a prat like you!"

"Thank you for the compliment." Scorpius replied casually.

"I'd like to see you keep that face when I beat you in test marks!"

"Don't worry, you'll always see this face because this will be the same expression I give every time I beat you."

Albus sighed, "Just when I thought you two were finally getting along..."

"Don't worry, Al. Nothing dangerous: it's just friendly rivalry." Scorpius stated. "Right, Weasley?"

"Yes," Rose rolled her eyes and sarcastically replied, "the best of friends friendly."

Albus laughed. Amused by the new friendships they had made, he thought of lyrics his younger sister Lily sang occasionally: this year would definitely be totally awesome.

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