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chapter 2: holding no regrets

The Hogwarts Express finally came to a stop and all the students departed the train with excitement. Rose, Albus and Scorpius heard a voice calling all the first years. Rose and Albus squealed, realizing that the voice belonged to Hagrid. The cousins sprinted toward their half-giant friend with a hesitant Scorpius trailing behind them.

"Hagrid!" Albus called out.

"Hagrid, oh, how we missed you!" Rose said once they finally reached him.

Hagrid smiled and gave Albus and Rose one large hug. As Scorpius caught up, Hagrid eyed him suspiciously but smiled when he saw Albus beam at Scorpius's arrival.

"Blimey! A Potter and a Malfoy – friends!" Hagrid roared with laughter. "Ne'er thought I'd see the day!"

"We're being rebels!" Albus grinned before turning to Scorpius, "Scorpius, this is Hagrid, he's our family friend!"

Scorpius politely smiled, "Scorpius Malfoy, sir. Nice to meet you."

"Sir? Blimey, no need for the formalities: just call me Hagrid." Hagrid grinned.

"Yay! We're all friends now!" Albus said excitedly. "He can join us us for tea Friday, right Hagrid?"

"Of course, any friend of yers is a friend of mine!" Hagrid winked at Al.

"He's my friend too!" Rose piped up before correcting herself, "I mean rival."

"A Malfoy, Potter, and Weasley: friends. Never thought I'd see the day. My, my how far we've come." Hagrid said amused as the crowd of first years stopped expanding. "Alright, anymore stragglers? Guess not, everyone follow me!"

Hagrid led them down a creepy dark path to some boats resting at the edge of a lake. While Hagrid instructed the students to enter the boats, gasps emitted from every mouth as a large castle came into sight. Rose, Scorpius, and Albus climbed into a boat joining a girl who had a dreamy look that reminded Rose of her Aunt Luna. The girl's dark gray eyes twinkled as she watched the trio join her. Rose noticed Albus staring at the new girl with more fascination than all the first years who were staring at the castle. Rose giggled as she thought of the only other girl Albus was awestruck by.

The girl smiled brightly as she introduced herself, "I'm Eden Lovely Smith, but everyone calls me Lovely."

"Very lovely..." Albus said absentmindedly before catching his mistake, "I mean – what a lovely name! My name is Albus Potter, Al for short."

Lovely smiled sweetly, "Nice to meet you."

For a second, Albus was shocked that the girl didn't comment on his relation to Harry Potter, but then he realized Lovely must be muggle-born. "So, where you from?" Albus questioned.

"A place called Hertfordshire." Lovely said dreamily.

"Ooh! I've read that many films are made there!" Rose speculated. "By the way, I'm Rose Weasley."

"Scorpius Malfoy." Scorpius introduced dryly after Rose gave him a kick.

"Nice to meet all of you." Lovely smiled as the boats began to move on their own. "Oh! I love how absolutely everything is magical here!"

Rose nodded, "It is amazing! I can't wait to start training!"

"And while you train, Weasley, I'll be far in advance actually achieving things." Scorpius smirked.

"We'll see whose training who, Malfoy!" Rose challenged.

"Anyway, so what's Hertfordshire like, Lovely?" Albus interjected, trying to stop another Rose-Scorpius feud.

"Where I lived, there were lots of lovely orchards I loved going to. I accidentally fell asleep there once or twice but I always turned up okay." Lovely laughed.

"I bet your parents had quite a fright!" Rose exclaimed, pondering what her parents would do if she was missing overnight before looking at the silent Scorpius who seemed to be pondering the same thought.

"I actually do wonder what my parents would have done, had I any." Lovely dreamily stated as she shook her head.

Rose's face blushed from embarrassment, "Oh, I'm sorry..."

"I do wonder..." Lovely mumbled to herself: she was in her own world now.

Albus, Rose and Scorpius all glanced at each other nervously. Scorpius decided to ignore the situation and stared at the incoming castle, while Rose mouthed Albus to say something.

Albus couldn't think of anything, so he asked the first thing that popped in his head, "Did they die?"

Rose shot a glare at Albus as Lovely came back to reality and asked, "Hm?"

With a nervous glance towards Rose, Albus asked again, "Um. Did your parents – uh – pass away?"

"Oh," Lovely pondered, "I actually don't really know. They left me when I was a baby."

"Oh..." was all Albus could reply.

Lovely sighed, "The priest tells me that all I had was nothing but a notecard containing my birthday and my first name."

Albus, being his typical optimistic self, blurted, "At least you know when your birthday is!"

To Albus's benefit, Lovely smiled so brightly at him that he turned as red as Rose's hair. "That's what I say too! Imagine not knowing my birthday or what my name is!"

The tension between the four first years was broken as they giggled (Scorpius scoffed) at Lovely and Albus's optimistic comments. The boats finally reached the shores of Hogwarts Castle resulting in a number of gasps among the first years: saying the castle was huge was an understatement. Albus helped Lovely off the boat while Rose watched a large boy with light brown hair cause his boat to nearly topple over. Rose winced as the curly blonde still inside the boat yelled numerous insults as the boy helped her off.

"Come on, Weasley, we don't have all night." Scorpius's joked.

Before Rose could make a comeback, Scorpius offered a helping hand that she took in surprise and curiosity.

"Wow, Malfoy. Never thought you'd be able to make a friend, yet alone a girlfriend!" the blonde girl chastised.

Rose was about to protest, but was cut off by Scorpius's stern gaze which clearly told her to be quiet. Still holding her hand, Scorpius dragged Rose away as he ignored the blonde girl's further insults.

"What was that about?" Rose demanded as they shoved past a giggling golden haired girl and her pale skinned friend.

"Nothing." Scorpius stated as he stalked towards Hagrid who was leading them into the castle.

"Did you know her?"

"Just let it go."

"Why was she teasing you?"

"Stop it already."

"Why didn't you defend yourself?"

"It's pointless."

"Is she one of your childhood friends?"

"Stay out of my business."

"Scorpius Malfoy!" Rose fumed yanking her hand from Scorpius's, "Stop ignoring my questions!"

"Stop being insufferable and nosy." Scorpius mumbled as he continued walking.

"I will when you start answering questions!"

With a groan, Scorpius turned to face Rose and in a hushed voice said, "Weasley, stop making a scene."

"If I stop, will you answer all my questions later?" Rose said with a mischievous smile.

Scorpius noticed students looking at them and muttered, "Fine."

Scorpius turned on his heel and walked towards Albus and Lovely who were still farther ahead.

When Rose skipped happily next to him, Scorpius asked, "Stop being happy: it's annoying me. What are you so happy about, anyway?"

"I, Rose Weasley, just got you, Scorpius Malfoy – my rival, to agree to one of my demands. One point for Rosie!" Rose sang.

"You'd better watch out, Weasley, with slyness and determination like that you may be sorted into Slytherin."

"Don't even joke about that!" Rose shrilled as she punched Scorpius's arm.

"Ow: watch it, Weasley! Why do you want to know so much about me anyway?"

"Can't anyone be curious, Malfoy?"

"Careful Weasley, sticking your nose everywhere may lead you to trouble."

The two finally reached Albus who was lingering on Lovely's every word about the different bugs she's encountered and the wizarding bugs she hoped to see.

Rose giggled as she whispered, "He's really taken to her."

"No kidding." Scorpius whispered back with amusement.

"Where were you two?" Albus demanded.

"Just ran into a bit of trouble." Rose shrugged.

"Oh, how dreadful. Hope it wasn't too bad." Lovely said as they entered the castle.

"Yeah, what happened was–"

"Ahem." Scorpius purposely coughed making Rose catch his threatening eye.

"–was that I... my shoe fell off as I got off the boat." Rose lied awfully. She always hated lying, but she knew Scorpius wouldn't answer her questionsif she didn't.

"But your shoe is still on... and dry." Albus said as they were led up a flight of stairs.

"Nobody said it fell in the lake, Al." Scorpius commented saving Rose's awful fib.

Albus eyed Scorpius and Rose suspiciously before Lovely dreamily sang, "Who's that man? He looks important."

Rose and Albus froze in delight as they recognized their Uncle Neville approaching them. Neville, who was sporting a very dashing red robe, smiled at the two cousins as he heard Albus correct Rose: not Uncle Neville, Professor Longbottom, Rosie! As the last students climbed the top of the stairs Neville happily welcomed the first years to Hogwarts. Neville explained the purpose of the Sorting Ceremony, the honor of the House Cup, and the importance of House Unity before leading the first years in a single-filed line into the Great Hall.

Rose grabbed Albus's hand as they walked through a pair of double doors, a small gesture that calmed her nerves since they were toddlers. The hall was more wonderful than Rose could ever imagine: the ceiling was charmed with an enchanted sky; floating candles hovered everywhere; a long table full of professors stood at the end of the hall; and four large tables full of students eager to see who would join their houses. Rose looked at the Gryffindor table where most of her cousins sat. Fred and Louis, who were as inseparable as she and Albus, were making hissing noises with their younger cousin James, Albus's older brother. Albus glared at James as he saw him expressively mouth, Slytherin.

Neville instructed the first years to stop and form a line at the front of the hall with their backs against the teachers. Rose squeezed Albus's hand tighter as the nerves from all the students' eyes got to her. Neville placed a stool and on it, an old pointed wizard's hat in front of the first years. Rose unconsciously reached for Scorpius's hand at the sight of the hat: she needed more support to calm her nerves.

"What's that?" Albus questioned.

"The sorting hat." Scorpius answered eying Rose's tightening grip.

"What are you doing, Weasley?" Scorpius hissed.

"She has an anxiety disorder." Albus answered as Rose nodded her head.

The entire hall stood in silence until the hat burst into song about the different houses.

Roars of applause came as the hat finished its song. Rose relaxed a little, almost laughing as she heard Lovely insist for an encore.

Neville, holding a long roll of parchment paper, announced: "When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted: Arch, David!"

A short boy with dark hair, and Latino features walked gracefully out of line, put on the hat and sat on the stool. After a a few seconds of silence the hat called HUFFLEPUFF!

"Boot, Thomas."

A tall somewhat dark-skinned boy with light green eyes walked towards the stool as numerous girls giggled about how handsome he was. The hat shouted RAVENCLAW after barely touching his head.

Rose's nerves started coming back as David Chan and Michelle Corner were sorted into Hufflepuff; Hope Entwhistle was sorted into Ravenclaw; and her family friend, Aslan Finnigan, was sorted into Gryffindor. Albus told her to breathe deeply while the rude girl from earlier, Chanel Goyle, was sorted into Slytherin.

"Figures." Scorpius muttered as Chanel's pug-like face, full of delight, strut towards the Slytherin table.

Rose nervously bit her lip as she saw a few more kids get sorted. She didn't catch most of their names because all she could focus on was where she'd end up for the next seven years and how would her parents feel if she was not a Gryffindor.

"Malfoy, Scorpius."

Rose's ears perked up as she watched Scorpius walk forward ignoring the sniggers and whispers that were coming from every table. Rose frowned and desperately wished she could hex each gossiper. Scorpius placed the sorting hat on his head and sat down noticeably properly. After a minute of silence the hat finally yelled SLYTHERIN. The Slytherin table applaused, some more hesitantly than others, as Scorpius walked towards them with a look mixed with relief and contemplation.

Rose and Albus gave a thumbs up to Scorpius as Garret Nott, the large boy Rose earlier, was also sorted into Slytherin.

"Potter, Albus."

Albus breathed heavily as he took weak steps towards the chair. Rose wondered if James's sorting had as much speculation because many heads craned to take a look at the famous Harry Potter's son. Albus flinched as the Sorting Hat was placed on his head. Rose could see him muttering, not Slytherin, while the hat took as long as it did for Scorpius to yell GRYFFINDOR.

An enormous applause roared from the Gryffindor table as Albus received hugs from their older cousins, Victoire and Lucy. Rose smiled as she watched Albus punch James with "brothery love" before he took a seat between first year Gryffindors, Chloe Knight and Brooke Hart. Meanwhile, Sterling River was sorted into Ravenclaw before Rose heard Lovely's name called.

Lovely walked, or in Rose's mind danced, to the stool with a dreamy look as the Sorting Hat covered her two messy buns of brown hair. After the longest time lapse yet, the hat finally yelled HUFFLEPUFF. Lovely smiled as she danced towards her table while Rose saw Albus sulk in his seat.

After Jace Taylor and Alan Thomas, Rose finally heard her name called. She wobbled cautiously to the stool as she heard people mumble about the amount of Weasleys at Hogwarts. Rose didn't notice, but she was shaking from nerves as she climbed onto the chair. Neville, who had to retrieve the sorting hat from Alan, placed it on Rose's head whispering, "It'll be okay, Rosie. Just calm down. You're shaking far too vividly."

Rose nearly shrieked as the hat started speaking, ANOTHER Weasley? You lot just keep coming, don't you? Now, where to put you. You're brave and loyal, a trait common among your family. Highly intelligent, just like your mother. Hmm, but what's this? An unusual sense of determination and ambition: traits common to the house your family has never been in.

"No! Not Slytherin!" Rose thought.

Not Slytherin? I've been getting lots of requests for that today: besides the boy who insisted the opposite. Anyway, where to put you. Tough decision, tough decision indeed; but, above all else you seek answers so it must be RAVENCLAW.

Rose's face paled as she walked towards her cousins, Dominique and Molly, who were the only other Weasleys not sorted into Gryffindor. Their prefect badges shined as they congratulated Rose on joining Ravenclaw where her brains would truly shine. However, disinheritance was all Rose could think of as she sat down subconsciously noting that a Zabini or two joined the Slytherin table. She wasn't sorted into Gryffindor and potentially could've been a Slytherin: what was she going to tell her parents? Rose scolded herself, first day at Hogwarts and she already managed to disappoint her parents.

Unlike her usual self, which would eagerly listen to speeches, Rose hardly paid attention as the Headmistress, Clarissa Crouch, spoke her welcome speech. At the end of her speech Headmistress Crouch introduced the Head Boy and Girl (Victoire and a young man who was sitting next to Dominique) and a new divination professor before announcing the feast to commence.

At once the tables filled with various sorts of food, but Rose, still devastated from not getting into Gryffindor, didn't eat anything. The sight must have been a phenomenon to Dominique and Molly, because Rose (who inherited her father's appetite) never passed up food. It took a pumpkin pasty waving in her face for Rose to come to her senses.

"Here, take this." Sterling River said shoving the pasty into Rose's hands. "Wasting food is never a good thing. You need your energy and nutrients."

"Thanks." Rose replied zombie-like as she bit into the pasty.

"Can you believe only four of us were sorted into Ravenclaw?" Hope Entwhistle said amused. "How rare is that?"

"Well, I overheard Professor Longbottom say that we're the smallest class in Hogwarts history since it's beginnings." Thomas Boot educated.

"Twenty of us in total." Sterling added, his clear blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

Leave it to Ravenclaws to talk about statistics at dinner, Rose scrutinized. At this point, Rose sadly concluded that she was meant to be nothing more than a nerd. She looked enviously at Albus in the Gryffindor table who was arguing with James. To avoid tears, her gaze diverted towards Lovely who chatted away happily with her fellow Hufflepuffs as she sipped merrily from her goblet. Finally, her eyes fell on Scorpius who seemed to be having just as much fun as Rose was having at the Slytherin table: Rose felt awful to admit it, but she was glad she wasn't the only one feeling miserable.

"Is there something wrong, Rose?" Hope asked as concern swept across her extremely pale skin. "You haven't piped a word since you sat here and to put it simply, you look a bit ill."

Rose sighed, "Just reviewing the fact that, I, Rose Weasley, am not brave like the rest of my family.'"

Dominique, who overheard Rose's statement, walked over and sat down next to Rose. Dominique ran her hand through her short red pixie-cut hair containing one streak of blonde. Dominique's vivid blue eyes bore into Rose's identical blue eyes.

"You know, Rosie, I had the same fear when I got sorted six years ago." Dominique comforted with her slightly monotone voice.

Rose bit her lip, "What happened? Was Uncle Bill mad?"

Dominique shook her head, "I thought he would be disappointed, considering Victoire had met every single one of his expectations her first year; however, he replied to me with an owl that said, 'Ravenclaw? Brilliant! We're so proud of you!'"

"I doubt my dad will reply so light heartedly." Rose frowned. "Uncle Bill is rational."

"Maybe." Dominique agreed as she thought of her Uncle Ron, "But the point is – you still loved me when I was sorted into Ravenclaw, right?"

Rose nodded, "Of course! We're family!"

"Then your family will too!" Dominque smiled as Molly joined our conversation.

"I agree, we Weasleys love each other unconditionally!" Molly said as her hazel eyes lit up behind her rectangular glasses. "But on a similar note, Rosie, you must not forget that just because we share the same blood doesn't mean we're all the same."

Rose blinked, "What do you mean by that?"

"Let's put it this way," Molly thought for a moment, "Lucy and I are twins, right?"

Rose nodded, "Yeah, identical twins."

"Yes, we're both Weasleys and we share nearly every physical feature."

"Except right now your brownish-red hair is short and Lucy's is long."

"Precisely, although Lucy and I may look alike, we hold different preferences, interests and personalities. Everyone thought Lucy and I would end up in the same house, but they were wrong. Much like your predicament, everyone expects you to be a Gryffindor because you're a Weasley." Molly scoffed, "However, I think you should be proud for being sorted into Ravenclaw."

"What Molly's trying to say is you should be proud that you're different." Dominique added simply.

"I think they're right, Rose." Hope joined the conversation. "Although it's brilliant. Your family history is their history. What you do is your history and you should take every effort to make it spectacular!"

"Very well put, young first year!" Molly beamed at Hope.

"It's what my mum and dad teach me." Hope smiled.

Rose smiled at her cousins and Hope. For the first time that day, Rose began to feel at ease. After eating a generous helping of shepherd's pie and participating in intellectual Ravenclaw debates, Rose realized she couldn't have been place in a better house: she fit in perfectly. Where else would Rose be able to develop her intellectual abilities?

After dinner, Peter Wood (the Head Boy), led everyone up the Ravenclaw tower. As everyone approached, the eagle spoke a riddle: I know a word of letters three, add two and fewer there will be.

"To enter our common room, you must answer the question." Peter explained.

"What if you don't answer correctly?" Thomas Boot asked.

"Then you need to wait outside until someone comes out or somebody else guesses the right answer." Peter grinned. "This way you learn!"

"Oh no," Sterling groaned, "I might be out here for hours!"

"Now, any of you first years want a try at the riddle?" Peter asked.

Rose rose her hand, "The answer is 'few'."

"Well done." the Eagle said as it opened entrance to the Ravenclaw common room: a beautiful room with blue and bronze decorations and furniture.

"Good job, Weasley: I can already tell you're going to be as brilliant as your mother." Peter smiled before addressing everyone. "Now, I've already stated the rules, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. One of your prefects will lead you to your dormitories."

"Come along, girls." Dominique said as she led Hope and Rose across the common room.

As Rose peered at the bust of Rowena Ravenclaw, a vivid image of Rowena magically inscribing 'wit beyond measure' onto a tiara filled her mind.

"That was strange." Rose noted as the image faded and she realized Dominique and Hope's figures were far from her.

"Rose, hurry up!" Dominique called as she and Hope started climbing nearby stairs.

"Coming!" Rose said as she quickly walk towards the stairs.

Rose and Hope were led into a large room with two fours poster beds decorated in blue and bronze. The girls squealed realizing they had the room all to themselves. As Hope rummaged through her things, Rose immediately took out a pen and quill.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Hogwarts is absolutely, to simply say it, magical! It's even better than what the books describe! I've already met many friends and I'm so excited to start classes tomorrow. I hope you were joking about disowning me, because I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Buf I figure if Mum can be both brilliant and brave I can be as well. I know it's not Gryffindor, but I hope you are both still proud (Dad especially). Well, it's getting a bit late and I still need to pack: I need all the rest I can get to score top marks in my classes tomorrow: wish me luck!

Miss and love you,


PS: If Aunt Ginny or Uncle Harry didn't let you know, Al got into Gryffindor. (Do you think we'll still be close because we're in different houses?)

PPS: Dad, in case you're upset I wasn't a Gryffindor, you might be proud of me for this one. I talked to Scorpius Malfoy and asked him to be my rival. And guess what, he said yes! Please wish me luck, because I think he's smarter than I am estimating him to be.

PPS: Oh! You know what's strange? There are only 20 students in our class and as a result: only 4 Ravenclaws first years, 2 of them are girls (myself and Hope Entwhistle). Mad, right? On the plus side, there are only two of us sharing this room so I have a lot of space!

Rose scanned her letter and beamed with approval. As if on cue, her bronze owl, Twilight, pecked at her window. She pet Twilight before attaching her letter to its leg. As Rose watched the owl soar through the night she couldn't help but feel excited for tomorrow. A breeze blew Rose's red hair as she accepted that it didn't matter what house she'd be in; as long as she made the most of every opportunity, Rose wouldn't live in regrets.

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