More kiddies

Yeah, so here are some more kiddies, ones not part of the Organization., yeah, hope you enjoy. I don't own KH but I do own the kids.

Read and Review, please.

Name: Kumo (As old as Kino)

Gender: Male

Birth date: September 16

Parents: Sora-Mom Riku-Dad

Weapon: Twilight Keyblade

Weapon Name: Two sides of the same coin

Element: Light

Appearance: short brown hair, pale blue eyes

Personality: Easily excitable

Likes: Kino, sugar, nice weather, Twilight Town

Dislikes: Draco, Leo, Hollow Bastion

Name: Draco

Gender: Male

Birth date: June 17

Parents: Seifer-dad Hayner-mom

Weapon: None

Element: none

Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes

Personality: Cynical, moody, sarcastic

Likes: Leo, Grandstand, Struggle

Dislikes: Leo, Kumo

Name: Leo (As old as Draco)

Gender: Male

Birth date: March 15

Parents: Cloud-mom Leon-dad

Weapon: Long sword

Weapon Name: Lion's claw

Element: Gravity

Appearance: Spiky brown hair, blue eyes

Personality: much like Leon's

Likes: Parents, Draco

Dislikes: Sephiroth, Kumo

Yeah, so the pairs are KumoxKino (I dunno how they met, guess they met when Kino was on a mission) and DracoxLeo. Yeah, they have a sorta love/hate relationship. :3 Anyway, hope you like them.

R and R, please. :D