From Chapter 4-Promises

The music continued to play, as both women lay intertwined on their bed, content and satisfied.

"Maur?" Jane said tentatively

"Yes Jane?" Maura answered sleepily and she nestled deeper into Jane's arms.

"That wasn't…uh...too much?"

Hearing the uncertainty in her wife's voice, Maura looked into her eyes and shook her head, "Jane that was unbelievable, I mean, you did a striptease for me" the delight in her voice was unmistakable.

"I love you with all my heart Maura Rizzoli-Isles" Jane said earnestly.

"And I you Detective, you certainly kept your promise" pushing away, Maura looked at her wife, "Now, about that stripper pole…"

Jane just grinned "I dunno, I figured you could find some use for it"

Maura slid off the bed and turned the music up. Looking the pole up and down Maura saw the expectant in Jane's eyes and smiled, "you mean like this…"

I left the rest to your imagination…but I figured it was time for an incarnation of these two lovers in another storyline, so, thank you. Let me know what you think and whether I should continue.

A very relaxed Detective Jane Rizzoli sat at her desk reviewing some files Korsak had given her. He wanted a new set of eyes on the information he had gathered but Jane couldn't focus. With her honeymoon over she only had thoughts for her wife. "God she was amazing" thinking back on their wedding night and honeymoon.

Maura had shown Jane exactly how 'worldly' she was on their wedding night. Apparently not only did Maura practice yoga religiously but she had also ventured into the realm of belly dancing in the past and her pole dance had been nothing short of incredible.

With a slight flush creeping up her neck, Jane shook her head as she visualized the pole dance that Maura had treated her to.

"Hey Rizzoli, you blushing? Asked a sardonic voice.

"No it's just hot in her, Shit, here!" she sputtered as she tried to get her mind on work. Crowe's answering laughter pissed her off "Shut up Crowe!"

"Yeah we all know who you're thinking about."

"Shut it Crowe," Korsak walked in at the tail end of the conversation but recognized all the warning signs of a very pissed of Jane.

"What?" "I'm just playing around with her, what's wrong Rizzoli can't you take a joke?"

"Crowe…" Korsak saw Jane push away from the desk "I'm telling you, let it go" he warned as he shot a glance toward Jane. Crowe followed his eyes to see Jane advancing on him.

"Aw shit Rizzoli, relax, okay," hands up, he backed away "I didn't mean anything by it" Crowe said as he backpedaled from his earlier comments and attitude.

Jane got right up in his face, hands clenched so tightly at her sides they hurt, "you're a dick Crowe" she bumped him with her shoulder and walked past him as she headed out. She needed to go see Maura before she killed the fucker.

As the door closed behind her, the silence in the room was deafening.

"That was a close call Crowe."

"Come on Korsak, what was she gonna do, hit me?" trying to regain his bravado, a cocky Det Crowe got in Korsak's face.

"Back off Crowe," Korsak said "if she didn't, I would've"

"What the hell were you thinking messing with her that way anyway?"

"Look, she wants to be a guy, then…" he never got to finish as Korsak's fist caught him right in the mouth.


Jane didn't even wait for the elevator, she had been feeling so happy until Crowe had opened his mouth, "friggin jackass," she muttered. She practically bounded down the stairs toward Maura's office.

She needed to see her smile. That's all, then she would feel better. Walking into the morgue, she didn't see Maura. Frowning she walked toward Maura's office. Maura had her back to her and looking at something in her hands, "no," Jane thought, "She's looking at her hand," smiling she realized Maura was staring at her wedding ring.


"Oh Jane!" the pleasure in her voice was unmistakable. "Isn't it wonderful, we're married!" Dr. Maura Rizzoli-Isles was positively giddy, and Jane smiled at the happiness in her voice. It helped her forget about that ass Crowe and his comments. Sweeping her up in her arms, Jane kissed her with a passion and confidence she didn't think she was capable of. It was so "right" their being together that anything else seemed foreign.

As Jane let her go, Maura was granted a glimpse of the lust simmering just below the surface of Jane's kiss and, something else.

Pulling back, "Are you okay?"

The concern in her voice was like a soothing balm for Jane. That's exactly what she had come down here for.

"Nah, just Crowe being a dick"

"Jane language please, what did he do?"

"Nothing…everything!" throwing her hands up in frustration, Jane stomped around Maura's office.

"Jane sit, please, talk to me" Maura pulled Jane onto the couch beside her and held her hands, as she always did to calm her, she massaged the scars on the backs of her hands.

"Why do men have to be such asses?"

"Jane please lan…"

"Language, I know Maur but he is an ass, a horse's ass, a braying ass, a jack-ass, you name the ass and he's one!"

Knowing it was a lost cause Maura let her vent. If there was one thing about Jane it was that she was passionate, about everything that affected her and hers. After venting her spleen, they both ended up relaxing on the couch, just sitting quietly enjoying each other's company. Maura, still massaging one of Jane's hands brought it up to her lips and kissed it. Jane hissed as the kiss sent a shiver down her neck.

"Maur don't…"

Maura answered by taking Jane's index finger and kissing it lightly before she kissed it and started softly sucking on it, taking the finger deep in to her mouth and then pulling out to stroke it. Jane grunted and her body stiffened as she felt her body respond to Maura's ministrations.

"Mau…RA!" Growling at her, Jane could feel herself getting hot and wet thanks to Maura.

Chuckling softly, Maura kissed the tip of her finger and put Jane's hand down in her lap, "feel better?"

"Uhmm…yes?" "Can we go home now, I think we need to take care of something."

"Oh Jane, of course we can't go home yet but there's nothing that says we can't play a little when we take a break or during lunch."

"Maura Rizzoli-Isles, are you propositioning me?" Jane scooped her up; Maura's giggle making her smile, and sat Maura on her lap.

"Well yes, I believe I am, we're both happier when we're together and it's quite well known that during the first year of marriage intimacy is very important."

"I don't think we have a problem with intimacy," Jane blushed remembering their wedding night.

"What I mean is that touching each other is very reassuring in a relationship and being as we are at work, some private moments would probably be very beneficial to us until we get home." Smug, Maura waited for Jane's response.

"So let me get this straight, you're saying that every once in a while if we need to 'touch' each other at work that would be okay with you?" Jane struggled to keep a straight face as she conceded to herself that Maura was indeed propositioning her.

"Well, yes, I guess that is exactly what I'm saying."

"You… guess?" Surprise and humor in her voice at Maura's use of the word, guess, flustered her.

"Well, not guess, yes, we…I mean…Oh Jane stop teasing!" Jane's raucous laughter was contagious as Maura started giggling as well at the absurdity of trying to schedule intimate moments at work.

As their laughter subsided, Jane arms around her waist grew tighter as she buried her head in Maura's side, "I love you Maura" her husky voice full of emotion.

Simple words so full of meaning especially from Jane, Maura kissed the top of her head and hugged back.

"I love you Detective Rizzoli"

The kiss was unexpected as Jane pulled Maura head down and leaned back on the couch. A makeout session was just what the doctor ordered. As Jane's kiss became more demanding and urgent, Maura settled herself in to enjoy Jane's passion. Their hot and heavy makeout session soon led to Jane's hand going under Maura's dress and playing with her wetness.

"Hey Dr Isles you got any…whoa!" Frost's words trailed away as he realized what he had interrupted and how pissed Jane was going to be with him.

"What the hell Frost?" through gritted teeth, Jane glared at him and dared him to look.

Eyes closed, Frost could only sputter as Jane and Maura extricated themselves from their compromising position.

"Uh..that is…oh shit man…uhm …do you have any ice?" The last said sheepishly, he couldn't believe what he had walked in on.


"Barry, what do you need ice for?" Maura walked out to the refrigerator to get a baggie for him.

Eyes open now he glanced at Jane who was still glaring at him.

"Stop staring Frost, Maura asked you a question."

"Oh yeah, sorry, Korsak needs it for his hand"

"What happened to his hand? Concern furrowing her brow, Maura asked, 'Does he need me to take a look at it?"

"No it should be fine just swollen, but that's what happens when you punch someone in the face." He grinned as he said the last part.

"What?" Both said in unison.

"Who did he punch in the mouth" again said together, they smiled at each other and looked at Frost.


"I take it he didn't stop when I left?" Jane's voice dripped with sarcasm.




"He is Maur. I just wonder how many others feel like he does"

Frost looked at them as they held hands, they loved each other so much it was a shame that there were people like Crowe who just couldn't stand to see happiness in any form.

"Hey uhm I'm sorry for walking in on you like that, I…"

"Its okay Barry, it was our fault for not locking the door" without apology Maura just stated the facts as they were.

Jane gripped her hand tighter and kissed it. "Come on Frost, lets go check on Korsak, I don't need anyone fighting my battles for me."

"Jane please don't do anything foolish"

"Me?" "Come on Maur when do I do anything foolish?" she said smiling.


"Relax Maura" with a quick kiss on the lips, "see you soon hon"


Jane stopped cold, the last time she promised Maura something it didn't quite work out the way she thought. Mind you, in a good way, she thought smiling, "I promise Maura"

Maura watched Jane as she walked away with a swagger and a bounce in her step, before turning back to her work. Marriage with Jane is definitely going to be interesting she thought. "As long as the nights are exciting" chuckling to herself she hoped Crowe had the common sense enough to not be present when Jane got there.

So, back by popular demand The Promise continues albeit in a slightly different vein. Not to worry there will be plenty of naughtiness to go around, but first I have a story to tell. Hope you all enjoy and keep the reviews coming.