Title: Honeyduke's Best
Author: bleedforyou1
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Beta: vanessawolfie
Summary: Harry teases his boyfriend.
Word count: 200
Warnings: UST? lolz
Note: Happy happy birthday, my darling bdreams! Hope you enjoy it! *twirls you* Have some chocolate! and Harry! And Draco! heehee

Harry licked a long stripe down his Honeyduke's Golden Chocolate bar and moaned in delight. He loved the rich taste almost as much as he loved teasing his boyfriend.

Speaking of boyfriends, Harry thought, looking up to see Draco's eyes narrowing at him from across the office. They were under strict orders to sit at least 30 feet away from each other after that whole debacle with getting caught in the Head Auror's cubicle. So, now their respective desks were far away from each other's, and they could only stare in longing distance.

Draco raised an eyebrow and blushed a deep red when Harry kept licking his chocolate in a seductive way. It was fun to tease Draco, but at the same time, Harry was watching the clock.

The second it hit five, he was standing up and Draco was gathering his papers. They met in the middle of the office and Draco grabbed Harry, leading them into a coat closet a few doors down. They didn't bother turning on the lights before their lips met in a rush of sweet ecstasy.

"Oh, that chocolate tastes good," Draco moaned into Harry's mouth before reaching down to pull his shirt off.