"Kami" and "mu". Her name meaning "spirit" and "void".

Kanna of the Void.

She was born as the Void, and she was the Void. From the moment she gained consciousness, she did not feel anything. Feelings, thoughts, emotions, were all foreign to her.

She touched the mirror by her feet, something that was born alongside her, a piece of her.

Kanna wrapped it in her tiny arms. She did not know why, but she felt like it was the only thing that she felt proved her existence in this ephemeral world. She felt water coming from her eyes. It trickled silently down her cheek and fell onto the glass of the mirror.

White. Pure white. Except my eyes. She thought, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She did not know why there was water dripping from inside, and hastily brushed it away. She thought to herself. What does having this reflection mean?

"It means you exist." A voice gently whispered.

Existance. She repeated in her mind. Then why do I exist? She asked.

The voice did not reply.

She did what she was told to. She thought as she was told to. She felt…no, she was never told to feel anything.

"Make sure you suck out the soul of that girl." Naraku nonchalantly commanded.

Kanna didn't respond.

"Well? What is it? I gave you an order, Kanna!"

"Naraku, do…I…have a soul…?"

He barked a laugh, a sadistic laugh. "Of course not you fool! Now get out of my sight!"

She left without a sound.