A/N: For this last part, I recommend listening to "Shoes of Glass" "Garasu no Kutsu" by Itou Kanako.

Inuyasha was aiming for the mirror-Tetsusaiga. A vain attempt to defeat-and save- Kanna. Kanna stayed motionless, waiting for the battle to be over. Why would they pity her? She was the enemy.

"Kanna! Let Inuyasha cut your hand! Do not let him hit Tetsusaiga!"

"B-But I…!"

"KANNA! Do not defy me!"

Kanna raised her hand to block the attack. Her secret hope to end the battle was shattered as Tetsusaiga struck her hand clean off. Kanna had to obey Naraku. It was her fate.

She was born as the Void, and she was the Void.

From the moment she gained consciousness, she did not feel anything.

Feelings, thoughts, emotions, were all foreign to her.

"Kanna cannot feel a thing, be it pain, fear or sorrow. She cannot even understand the reason for your pity."

Naraku was lying, though he did not realize it himself. She knew that pain was being hurt, through wounds or by emotions. She knew that fear was the feeling of wanting to live when faced with death. She knew that grief was losing someone close to you. Kanna still didn't understand why Inuyasha's group was trying so hard not to kill her, but she was starting to feel their sentiments too.

Inuyasha kept attacking the mirror-Tetsusaiga, and Naraku kept ordering Kanna to sacrifice herself to win the battle. She could feel herself slowly cracking apart. Finally, Inuyasha managed to strike the blade. The power flowed back into him as he slowly awoke.

"It's over. Finally" the voiced sighed.

Kanna knew it wasn't the end. Naraku would have her and Inuyasha die, even if she did not win the battle.

Inuyasha came up to her and proclaimed victory. She was expecting her final blow, but he sheathed his sword instead. He told her to flee.

It's useless. She thought.

"Kanna, you were probably ordered by Naraku to fight to the death, right?"

yesbut what does it matter to you? She asked in her head.

"It's over, Kanna." The black-haired girl said.

"Over…?" She repeated. Was she finally going to be…free?

Naraku had no intention of letting this opportunity go. If Kanna was going to lose this battle, she may as well have killed them and herself.

"Take the lives of Inuyasha and the others, as well as your own." He ordered.

"If you were free, you wouldn't have to do this" the voice prodded.

"What's wrong Kanna?" The girl continued. "You're free now."

"Did you win the freedom you so longed for?" She asked.

As soon as she asked her sister that question, she felt a soft breeze around her. It was a warm breeze, and Kanna felt her sister's smile. Kagura was happy.Kagura has her freedom now…but…

"But I…I have…I have nothing."


I was given my freedom?


How did she spend her few minutes of freedom?

"Now, walk over to Inuyasha and the others. I shall watch over your end!"

Her heart was being crushed, and she felt her body cracking. Even then, the girl asked her what she was doing. Her pity, even if misdirected, was what gave Kanna her freedom.

"Get closer to them, Kanna!"

If Kagura spent her last minutes of freedom happy, then Kanna should too. She stayed there and spoke to the girl.

"Thank you"

She must not have heard, since she stepped closer.

"Don't come any closer."

Naraku finally crushed her heart. As she felt her mind growing fainter and fainter, she pushed her last thoughts into a single shard of glass.

Even nothing has freedom. Because no one can ever control what becomes of nothing, it is free.


Kanna knew grief, sorrow, pain, fear. She felt hatred for Naraku. But with freedom from him, she could feel the greatest emotions. Happiness. Hope. She conveyed these last emotions to the girl with her final words.

"Light will kill Naraku."