Okay...yes...I wrote a Drarry fic...

I'm not really sure why...I've always shipped Harry/Ginny, but I figured, if JK can lie about Fred dying she could also be lying about that. ;)

I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense...I wrote it in a few minutes and I'm ill. Apologies.


I'm also not sure why I posted it on this account, I usually post Harry Potter fics on my other account...maybe I should merge the two...Or is that too much effort? ...yah...

"Are you going to eat that?" whined Draco, indicating the piece of toast in front of Harry that was spread evenly with butter and cut into two neat triangles.

"Yes. Bugger off," snapped Harry, turning the page of the newspaper he was holding.

"But it's getting cold!" protested Draco, not taking his eyes off the toast.

"I like it cold."

"I know," sighed Draco. "You're weird."

"I'm perfectly normal," argued Harry. Draco didn't respond. He waited for a while before moving his hand with a flash to steal one of the triangles of toast, shoving it into his mouth.

Harry slowly lowered the paper to the table. The look on his face actually made Draco gulp.

"Err...Sorry?" Draco attempted, smiling at the boy across the table from him. Harry made a show of letting go of the newspaper and standing up, pushing his chair back with a painful scrape. He picked up the other half of his toast and walked round the table to Draco.

Draco, sensing he was in deep trouble, jumped up from his chair and backed away. Harry followed.

"You still want my toast?" growled Harry.

"No?" ventured Draco, glancing at the toast held in Harry's hand.

"Too bad, cos you're getting my toast," said Harry with an evil smirk, launching himself at Draco, pinning him to the ground and shoving the toast down Draco's t-shirt.

"You bastard!" yelled Draco as Harry grinned from where he was still seated on top of Draco.

At that precise moment the front door clicked open to reveal a surprised looking Hermione and Ron.

"Sorry man...did we like, interrupt something?" mumbled Ron, now looking rather amused as he took in the scene before him.

"He ate my toast!"

"He shoved his toast down my t-shirt!"

"He didn't even ask! He stole it!"

"He threw me to the floor!"

"My damn toast!"

"I'm pretty sure I have bruises!"

"Both of you shut up!" yelled Hermione. They both stopped mid-shout, glaring. "You're like a pair of children, honestly." She walked into the house, pulling Ron behind her and shutting the door. Draco and Harry scrambled to their feet, Harry looking slightly sheepish while Draco continued to glare at Harry, chin stuck defiantly in the air.

Ron was obviously trying to stem his laughter as Hermione stood between the two.

"Are you going to apologise to each other?"


"What? He's the one who ate my toast!"

"Yeah, but you-" Draco was cut off as the toast suddenly dropped out from where Harry had shoved it down his t-shirt, causing Draco to stop and look down at said t-shirt. "You idiot!" he screeched, "Now I have butter stains down my shirt!"

"Well it's your own fault for-" Harry's self satisfied comment was also cut off as Draco charged at him and Harry saw this as the perfect moment to run. Draco sprinted after him, hurling his most choicest swear words at the other.

Hermione watched in slight horror as Ron smirked.

"Fancy a piece of toast?" he asked, wandering into the recently vacated kitchen.