Pneumonia Prologue

Bella woke up and looked to her alarm clock. It read 10:16am. "Oh great" she says as she sits up and hits her head on her dresser and looks out the window. It was raining and gave the room a gloomy decides to get dressed and go make breakfast. She swings her feet over the bed and stands up and the room starts spinning. She sits back down on the bed and waits until it passes stands back up and walks to her closet, she picks up a grey and navy stripped shirt and some jeans. She changes and walks to the bathroom to brush her hair and brush her teeth. Bella then walked down the stairs but as she hits the last step, she trips and falls. "Crap" she yells as hits her arm on the banister. She stands up and looks over her arm, it has a scratch and is bleeding. She remembers that Edward is on his family hunting trip for the weekend and goes to the kitchen in search of a band aid. After opening the band aid, she places it over the scratch and winces. After throwing away the rappers, she goes to the living room and sits on the couch. She sees a little note on the table that says:


Went fishing with Billy, be back Monday night.


She grabs the remote and turns on the TV. She flips to the movie section and settles on the movie Hanna. After watching the movie, she falls asleep on the couch. She wakes up and looks over to the clock on the table, it reads 5:20. She turns off the TV and walks over to the kitchen realizing that she hadn't eaten all day. She picks up a water bottle and takes a sip. As soon as she drank the water, she started coughing and couldn't stop. After coughing for 2 minutes, the fit ends and she sits down on the floor suddenly feeling tired. When she felt her energy return, she stood up and walked to the cabinet that held the Advil. She grabs two pills and swallows them. Bella makes her way upstairs and as she got the top of the stairs, she felt out of breath and worn out. She slowly walks into her bedroom and lies down on her bed and falls asleep instantly. She wakes up out of breathe, sweating and hot. Bella looks to her clock and sees that its 2 in the morning and that she was definitely sick. She wonders what she might have and if Edward knew. Bella sat up and picked up her phone to check for any messages from him. She didn't and sighed in relief, she didn't want him to worry and come home early if she only had a cold. Bella picked up her blanket from her lap and stood up to go to the bathroom for more Advil. She makes her way to the bathroom and starts coughing mid way in the hallway. She falls down in the middle of the hallway and passes out.