Notes: This story is completely unrelated to my previous stories in the Revelations-Disclosure-Shadows-Evolution universe. It is set post-S1 finale and will reference S2. I will make note of any significant episode spoilers in the notes of each chapter.

CH 1: Blue

She was so young. And people can be so cruel. So horribly cruel; it's a tragedy. Every senseless death was a tragedy, something about it being a child though made it that much more egregious.

Her hair was done up in hundreds of tiny braids, some of them adorned with varying shades of little blue beads. Maybe blue was her favorite color. The braids probably took hours. She must have been very patient to sit still for so long.

The water from spray head had washed away the last of a temporary tattoo from her arm. One of those like you get for 25 cents from the little dispensers in the grocery store. A butterfly.

Maura closed the vault door; I bet she was afraid of the dark.

She held the picture in her hand, bright brown eyes and a toothy grin, save for the missing tooth right in front, shined off the photo paper. Jane recognized the slide from the YMCA pool in the background. She was supposed to be safe.

"Her mother dropped her off at camp that morning and she was supposed to be safe…" Jane muttered.

"You say something?" Frost looked up from his desk.

Jane shook her head, "Just talking to myself." Kaleah Washington, 7 years old, she was supposed to be safe.

The morgue was eerily silent when Jane entered. Aside from the Washington case which had come in that morning there weren't a lot of cases. Jane wished that there were, more work to distract her mind from the 7 year old body sitting in a morgue vault with her throat slit. It looked like most of the lab techs had skipped out a little early for the day, but a soft light from a lamp in Maura's office hummed through the grey monotony.

Jane knocked on her door, more as a warning courtesy as she poked her head in, "Hey…"

"Transection of the right external carotid artery…" Maura was mumbling to herself as she typed and looked up to find Jane standing in the doorway, "…hey, come in."

"Anything to report?" Jane flopped down in the red chair, "Seriously! Why is this chair so uncomfortable?"

Maura shook her head, laughing under her breath, "Why do you keep sitting in it? There are other seats in here after all."

She has me there. Jane cocked her head, "I don't know, it's just always the first thing that catches my eye I guess…anyway, report?"

"Not much you don't already know, cause of death is exsanguination due to transection of the left external carotid artery…"

"Weapon?" Jane dug her thumb into her temple and tried to massage out the brewing headache.

"A knife…"

For Christ's sake. "Thank you Maura! Yes, obviously a knife, can you tell me anything about it?"

Maura sat back in her chair, "Jane, I know you're frustrated but please don't take it out on me."

"I'm sorry," Jane leaned forward and rested an elbow on each knee, "my bad."

"There were no unique identifying marks in the wound tract to indicate any specific type of blade. I can tell you the wound was made by slicing from the victim's left to right at a downward trajectory indicating the assailant was facing her."

Jane sighed, "You're telling me the bastard was looking her in the eye as he cut her throat."

Maura's lips pursed into a thin line, her voice soft and regretful as she spoke, "It would seem that way."

Both women looked up as there was another knock on the door followed by Frost leaning in, "Hey, dispatch has our numbers if anything breaks, Korsak and I were going to grab a drink at the Robber. You guys wanna join us?"

"Still no sign of the sister?" Maura asked.

Frost shook his head, "Abductor used the father's name when he picked the girls up from camp but we showed the counselors a pic of the father and they said that wasn't the guy. Can't find the father though and no sign of little Kameron, but we've got the Amber Alert out…"

Jane stood, "Yeah, I could use a beer. Maura?"

The doctor nodded, retrieving her purse from her desk.

"Do you think Frost will ever beat Korsak at darts?" Maura smiled into her wine glass as she took a sip, her eyes fixed on Jane.

Jane laughed, "Yeah, maybe one day…when Korsak finally goes blind. Maybe then."

"Ahh! Forget this!" Frost exasperated, walking away from the dart board as he sorted through some coins in his pocket, "Pool…Jane, Doc…wanna play teams?"

Maura's face lit up at the invitation and Jane shook her head, chuckling to herself as she downed the last of her beer, "What, me and Maura against you and Korsak?"

Jane grabbed a pool stick and began chalking the tip, watching the light cloud of blue particles hand in the air after she blew off the excess, she looked at Maura with one eyebrow cocked, "Not sure that's a fair pairing…" she added with a teasing smile.

Maura crossed her arms, "Pool is a very scientific game, it's all about angles, trajectory and velocity…"

"Well, by all means, Pythagoras, please break for us…" Jane said smugly handing Maura the stick.

"I wasn't aware you were familiar with Pythagoras, Jane. What a pleasant surprise." Maura walked to the end of the pool table and positioned the cue ball.

Jane feigned offense, "Hey, I took geometry…in high school."

"Did you pass?" Korsak deadpanned.

"For that you can buy me another beer…and yes, I passed…with a D+." Jane looked at Maura who was preparing to break, "Oh for the love, Maura! At least hold the stick right!"

Jane stepped up behind Maura and reached around her, placing first her right hand over Maura's right and sliding it down the stick, "Put your right hand here, loosen up, don't choke it, this is where your driving power comes from and it's coming from the motion of your arm, not how hard you're gripping with your hand."

Maura felt her skin flush as Jane leaned in closer against her back as she positioned her left hand, she could feel Jane's pelvis moulding around her backside, firm breasts pressed into her shoulder blades and light exhalations of breath tease across her neck, "There are a couple of different ways to guide the stick but for you, you'll have the most control if you run it over your middle finger while your index finger rests over the stick to guide it, but don't squeeze down…ok?"

Maura nodded, words hitching in her throat as she hoped Jane didn't feel how her hand trembled at the detective's touch.

Jane stepped back and took her beer from Korsak, "Aim slightly off center, and remember to follow through." She made a demonstrative motion as she said it, the jostling causing a few drops of beer to crest at the lip of the glass and dribble over.

Frost cleared his throat, trying to stifle the smirk that was threatening to spread across his face.

"What?" Jane looked at him with sincere cluelessness.

"Nothing…absolutely nothing," he took a sip of his beer and raised an eyebrow as Maura made a half-decent break, the blue and white striped 10 ball plunking down the corner pocket.

"Hey! What can I say I'm a good coach! Good job, Maur," she turned to Frost and Korsak, "We'll be stripes."

Jane walked the block to Maura's car slowly, hands resting causally in the pockets of her trousers, enjoying the slight breeze that had picked up taking the edge off the evening humidity. She glanced over at Maura who seemed to be enjoying their leisurely pace as well.

Maura caught Jane's eye and smiled, "What?" she laughed.

Jane shook her head, "Nothing, just surprised at how well you did at pool, having never played before."

"We still lost."

Without conscious thought to the move Maura took a half step to her right, her arm just barely brushing Jane's as they walked. Jane didn't pull away causing Maura to smile as she noted the stimulation of her arrector pili muscles when the hairs on her arm stood.

"I still can't believe you traded in that gorgeous sports car for…a Prius…a bright blue, Prius," Jane's voice changed noticeably as she said the last word.

"It's a very efficient vehicle…and blue happens to be my favorite color," Maura defended.

"I'm sure it is, just surprises me that you'd choose…this, and I didn't know blue was your favorite color." Jane fastened her seatbelt and watched Maura pull hers across her chest before snapping the buckle in the receiver.

"Why?" Maura looked up as Jane's eyes quickly bounced up as she turned her head to face forward.

"Why what?" Jane swallowed, excellent recovery you moron, why were you looking at her tits anyway?

"Why would it surprise you I'd choose this car?"

"I don't know, the Lexus just seemed more…you. You know, it was…I don't know…sexy." Jane winced as she said it. Sexy? Really, Jane? Idiot. She's going to think you're some kind of…

"Eco-consciousness is the new sexy," Maura replied with a smile.

Jane snorted, "Whatever you say, Maur."

Maura pulled up in front of Jane's apartment; her hands gripped and ungripped the steering the wheel.

"Sure you're not too tired to drive yourself home?" Jane asked.

Maybe I should say yes, but that would be a lie, "No, I'll be fine," Maura smiled, reaching into the backseat to retrieve Jane's blazer and hand it to her.

"Ok, cause you know you're more than welcome to crash here if you need to…" Jane's voice trailed off, she replayed the sentence in her head and her tone sounded off. Maybe I had one too many beers tonight.

"No, that's ok, I'd have to get up especially early in the morning to go home and change," Maura forced a smile as she said it.

Jane hopped out of the car, paused and then leaned back in, "M'kay, well drive safe…uh, text me or something, let me know you got home alright…Night, Maur."

Jane shut the door and trotted up the stairs, Maura waited until she was inside. Goodnight Jane.