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The Warring Clans...

The sharp 'clang' of kunai clashing together echoed brilliantly on the battlefield. On one side of the field the notorious Uchiha clan stood tall and mighty beneath the full moon's light. Their posture was stout and strong, not even the slightest hint of fear entered into their eyes. They were a proud clan, believing that to be defeated was to be shamed. Their strength lied within their Sharingan, a kekkei genkai located in the eyes of the clan members and their powerful fire and lightening techniques. Their crimson gazes locked onto their opponents sharply-awaiting their next move.

On the opposite side of the field the Senju clan examined their rivals carefully. Although not quite as proud as the Uchiha clan, the Senju clan was very cunning. They hid themselves within the leaves of the forests and would wait silently for their opponents to drop their guard, and then they would rush in for the kill. Their strongest jutsu lied within the water and earth elements, only very few were able to master other elements such as lightening.

Since their very foundation the two clans, Uchiha and Senju, had been rivals. They strived to improve their abilities to best each other in battle. Admiration, pain, bonds, despair, and revenge were all part of the emotions felt by these soldiers. In a world full of war and sorrow, only a few were able to overcome their hatred for each other and strive to achieve peace for their clans. Thus the legend of the warring clans begin…

Kagome let loose a battle cry, lunging at her elder brother with a kunai gripped tightly in her hand. Much to her dismay her kunai did not even scratch her target. Madara smirked and effortlessly twisted out of the way. A dark scowl marred her face-making her seem much more hostile than usual.

"Come now sister is that the best you can do?" He teased-lightly side stepping her flurry of attacks.

"Oh shut up!" She snarled, moving out of the way of his oncoming fist. The two siblings were quickly taken back as a third person launched his own attack. A grin spread across Madara's lips when he caught a glimpse at his assailant.

"It's about time you woke up Izuna." He taunted. Their youngest sibling knocked Madara's fist away with his forearm then proceeded to shove his opposite shoulder into the older male's side-attempting to knock him off balance.

"Now Nee-chan!" Izuna called out.

Quicker than the eye could catch Kagome formed the hand seals, "Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu!" A great ball of fire burst from the small female's mouth heading straight towards her brothers. Izuna swiftly turned on his heel leapt to safety in the trees above-leaving Madara to fend for himself.

He smirked. Applying a large amount of chakra into his hands he held his arms forward. The fire made first contact with his hands, but after applying more chakra to those specific points of impact, he was able to grasp onto the jutsu without burning himself and push it back to Kagome-sending her own technique against her.

"Shit!" She cursed, only able to move back just far enough to not be injured by her own jutsu that was now exploding in a massive ball of flames in front of her face.

"Oi! Are you trying to kill me!" Kagome yelled out furiously.

"Maybe you should strengthen your control over the jutsu then you wouldn't have to worry about it being used against you." Madara smirked arrogantly. She growled angrily at his remark. Kagome slowly rolled her haori up and stalked closer to her brother-the intent of causing massive physical harm evident in her charcoal gaze.

Izuna heaved a heavy sigh and promptly decided to stop the situation before it escalated into a full blown fight… again. "That's enough you two." He stated sharply, grasping Kagome by her shoulders tightly to prevent her from charging at Madara.

"Let me go! I'm only going to singe him!" The youngest of the Uchiha siblings did not budge. His grip tightened slightly more when she thrashed wildly against his grasp.

"Aw what's the matter? Upset that I beat you?" Madara continued in his taunts, casually flipping his hair back behind his shoulder.

"Oh yeah? At least every time I mess with my hair I'm not mistaken for the opposite sex! I swear you look like a girl whenever you do that!" She growled fiercely. For the briefest of moments, both of her brothers stood in shock at her words. Noticing an opening in Izuna's posture, she roughly shoved his hands from her shoulders and marched up to Madara.

"I swear you like having people mistake you as a woman!" She snapped poking his armored chest with each word she spoke. By this time his face had gone stark red with anger.

"That is enough." He commanded furiously. She raised her brow at him, poking his chest once more to prove her point. Madara quickly grabbed the offending appendage. His hold tightened on her wrist slightly, a silent warning for her to back down.

"Oi, what are you going to do Madara? If you hadn't been taunting me than I wouldn't have insulted you. You can't have it both ways." Kagome snapped pulling her arm free from his grasp. Izuna sighed heavily once more. There would be no end to their constant battle of wills. Although Madara was the patriarch of the Uchiha clan, Kagome was very stubborn in that she refused to allow him to dominate her in any way shape or form. And as proud of a man as he was, Madara did not stand to be disobeyed-not even by his own sister and matriarch of their clan.

"Alright guys, let's just head over to the meeting. I'm sure the elders are pondering about our whereabouts by now." Izuna attempted to diffuse the situation. He walked behind their brother and started to push him towards the main building just north of where they currently stood. His plan partially worked. Madara did grudgingly move in the direction that he had pointed him in, however that didn't stop him from making one last comment.

"The next time we train I won't go so easy on you. Think of it as punishment for calling me a female." He spat the word as if it had left some rotten taste in his mouth.

"Yeah, yeah Mr. Woman. Let's just go already." The tiny teen barked. She did not care if she hurt her leader's pride. She would rather take on a pack of wolves than bow down to his arrogant ways. If he wanted her respect than he would have to earn it.

Before her brother could respond the shoji screen door was quickly slid open to reveal their high elder, Uchiha Michio. His aging face was pulled into a deep scowl of disappointment and irritation, making the stress lines much more apparent. The three siblings paused in their squabbling to kneel before him respectfully.

"Michio-sama…" They echoed simultaneously.

"Come. A meeting has been called." Michio stated curtly. The trio rose to their feet slowly and followed behind the elder. He was the oldest of the clan and had single handedly built the base as well as their current reputation. Michio was given much respect by the rest of the clan because of his strength and his prowess with the Sharingan.

Madara moved up front and held the door open for their elder. It was customary for the Patriarch to do such simple actions for the high counsel. A gesture of goodwill so to speak from the younger generations to the older. Kagome and Izuna filed into the room behind them. The trio sat at their assigned places before the high counsel. Madara up front, Kagome flanking his left and Izuna his right.

"There has been a bidding." Uchiha Arisu began the meeting. She was the youngest of the counsel. Although still up in age, during her prime she had shown the most progress out of any woman within the clan. She awakened her Sharingan at an incredibly young age and had mastered both fire and lightening techniques well before her teens. Her grey hair had been pulled back into a tight bun on top of her head, held in place by two red chopsticks that matched perfectly with her royal crimson dress. Her charcoal gaze locked onto Madara sternly, awaiting his response.

"What is the mission?" He inquired seriously. Kagome and Izuna watched with barely concealed anticipation. It had been quite some time since they had last received a bidding for a mission-a sign that their rivals, the Senju clan, had been monopolizing all the feudal lords in their area. They were attempting to make them lose much of their income by taking up missions with lords far away from their own homelands and into Uchiha territory. Something that they could not tolerate.

"A guild has hired us to infiltrate a roaming clan thought to be creating an ultimate weapon for the Senju." Arisu continued. Madara's gaze narrowed. An ultimate weapon? Could something like that really be created by the hands of man?

"What are the details of this weapon?" He commanded.

"All that is known is that it is of the lightening element. What form they're planning to make it in is unknown at this time. Your mission will be to find their current camp within the Senju's lands and take the weapon from them. Failure is not an option." She warned.

"Do you have an approximation of their current hideout?" Kagome spoke up.

"They were last spotted within 50 kilometers west of the Senju's base." Katsuro answered. He was the second oldest of the counsel and their sensei. He passed all of his knowledge of the Uchiha fighting style down to them. It was only recently that they had begun to surpass their teacher and were no longer in need of his fighting lessons; however his wisdom was always valued by the trio no matter how many years passed.

"Will it just be the three of us?" Izuna questioned. His dark gaze settled on the elders curiously. Although help would be wonderful in this situation, the opportunity to be able to make a name for himself outside of 'Madara's brother' was far too great for him to pass up.

"Yes. You three have the greatest potential out of your generation. So much so, that you're the only ones that have a chance at surviving. Any more people on your team could jeopardize the mission as well." Michio spoke for the first time since the meeting began. Although a bit of a stiff during social gatherings, he did have great pride in the royal family. Their parents had been slaughtered during a full blown invasion by the Senju clan just ten years ago. All three of the children had been younger than age ten and bore witness to the brutal slayings of their family. But as they grew in age, so did their strength. They had far more potential than any other Uchiha before them. He knew for certain that they would bring much greatness to the clan.

"May you succeed in all your endeavors." Arisu looked upon them kindly, "…dismissed."

Madara, Kagome, and Izuna disappeared from sight. Tonight they would prepare for battle, then tomorrow they would face the task at hand. If all went well then not only would they end up with a powerful weapon on their side by the opportunity to level the Senju clan to the ground once and for all…


Michio-Man on the correct path

Arisu-Noble Sort

Katsuro-Victorious Son

Age Approximation:




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