Sometimes Kida Masaomi couldn't help but wonder why he was such a huge nerd. He would look at all the other teens his age, going on dates and kissing in the halls, studying for exams and hardly giving a thought to anime past the single show they watched every week. He would wonder why it all turned out this way, as if he was cursed with this love of manga, this disease that chased girls away like it was a tangible, contagious sickness.

And then he would forget about it because the new Shōnen Jump volume was on sale.

"Erika-san," the boy sighed as he took one tankōbon for himself then helped the woman in question pile several more into her sacred 'manga bag', a tote with various manga characters stamped on it, "why am I such a nerd?"

"You're an otaku, Kida-pon! There's a difference," Erika replied matter-of-factly as she began to lug her bag towards the cashier, Masaomi helping her by supporting the base out of habit.

"But…nobody really likes me. I don't have any friends except you and Walker." Masaomi heaved the cloth bag onto the counter as Erika pulled out her 'Manga Membership For Life' card and the cashier greeted them by name.

"So? All main characters are part of a friend trio. Look at Naruto. Kimi ni Todoke. Pokémon." The cashier swiped her card. "You can just think of your life as one great manga!"

"Then…what stage am I at now?"

Erika made a thoughtful look as Masaomi lifted the hefty bag of manga from the counter. "Hmmm…you're at the first chapter. Introduced as the exciting male lead, full of potential! The only question now is what kind of manga your life will be."

Masaomi was left with these words echoing through his brain like Ichigo's flashbacks, carrying all the way through the van ride to Raira Academy, where Erika dropped him off. It was typical of her to drag him along to manga stores early in the mornings when something new came out then drop him off at school later – not that he was complaining. He was just as big of an otaku as her, if not as vocal about it.

"Sayonara, Kida-pon! Make sure not to hug too many girls; they might turn into zodiac animals!" Erika giggled before the van drove off, leaving Masaomi to push his large, bulky glasses up his nose and walk towards the school.

It was easy to feel lonely in the minutes before class began, hunched over at his desk in a baggy uniform (the school had coincidentally run out of his size, and he was forced to take the nearest available set of XL) as he flipped through the newest chapter of Beelzebub.

He was just moving on to Naruto with the strategic manga-reading speed only an otaku can possess when the door slid open to reveal the object of his affection: Ryuugamine Mikado.

Just like Sawada Tsuna, he was pining after the most popular kid in school. The difference was that he didn't have any tough friends or impressive powers whatsoever. There was nothing that could possibly make him attractive in the eyes of the boy who made Ouran-style bubbles trail into his vision.

After all, Mikado was the epitome of the label 'perfect student'. He had the top grades, boatloads of friends, and more charisma than singing Jigglypuff. Somehow he found the time to balance his social life and schoolwork, but never looked a smidgen overtired or stressed. And, to top it all off, he was disastrously friendly and helpful.

All in all, the textbook definition of perfect.

The moment he stepped in the room, a crowd of people swarmed towards him, cracking jokes and asking about tv shows and complimenting him, hoping for even a word in their direction. Like the kind, thoughtful guy he was, he answered every word uttered to him, smiling softly all the while. When the bell rang and everyone finally left to find their seats, Mikado walked by and glanced at Masaomi with a smile. "Ohayo."

The otaku stuttered. "O-ohayo!" Despite Mikado never failing to say hello to him every day, he never quite got used to someone so popular acknowledging his existence.

After the teacher walked in and everyone bowed, Masaomi pulled out his notebook. It was coated in stickers of characters that Erika had slapped on the cover when he wasn't paying attention, many of which were BL that Masaomi had quickly scribbled out with marker. In the end, his formerly-pristine notebook was full of blacked-out stickers and greatly resembled Swiss cheese.

He flipped it open, ready to take notes.

Only to find the next set of pages slathered in graffiti. Little chibis of him and Mikado dashed across the page, kissed, hugged, danced. Hearts had KM+RM written in the centre. There was even a neko Mikado and usagi Masaomi.

Erika-tan, he though angrily, flipping through quickly to the newest blank page so that no one could see. He'd have to rip the pages out later.

It was almost like a game between the two of them, usually kick-started by Erika. She would draw something embarrassing somewhere on one of his things, and he would retaliate with slapping a One Piece sticker, the one anime she couldn't stand to watch, on something of hers.

As lunch rolled around he was sitting in his usual hidden corner of the roof, contemplating over a string of Luffy stickers he kept in his bento just in case. He vaguely heard the sound of the door opening through Hatsune Miku's soft singing in his ear buds, but thought little of it; many students shared the roof during lunch.

It was only when he heard Mikado's voice that he looked up. The popular teen was sitting off to the side with his constant group of friends on the ground, and they were teasing him. Psyche, a bubbly senior with a penchant for pink, was poking him in the head as he said, "I saw Kyoko-chan gave you a love letter today!"

Masaomi perked up. "He didn't take it," Tsugaru, another senior, said in a calm, deep voice.

"Why nooot~?" Psyche whined. "It would've been fun to read!"

"That's mean, Psyche-san," Mikado berated him lightly. "And I did take it. But I told her I wasn't interested and recycled it later."

Delic scoffed. "I would've gone for it. The quiet ones are always the freaks in bed."

"Ugh. What an idiotic thing to say," Hibiya, Psyche's twin, sneered. "He didn't take it because she was ugly. Who wants to date a peasant who can't even comb their hair?"

Masaomi tuned out the rest of their conversation as Hibiya's haughty words permeated his thoughts. Is that…really what Mikado wants? Someone who looks good? He peered down at the doodle Erika had left him on the inner cover of his Shōnen Jump. A stylish Masaomi was planting a kiss on Mikado's cheek, a bubble heart floating between their foreheads.

Makeovers do seem to work…at least in Shoujo manga, Masaomi thought. Haruhi's makeover made Tamaki fall in love with her…Fuwa Sho was attracted to Kyoko after her dye job…Haruna fell in love with Yoh while he tutored her in romance…

That must be it! Masaomi punched his fist into his open palm determinedly. This is my main plot!

My life is a Shoujo manga!

AN: That's right, a new story!

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Original prompt: Mikado/Kida - Alternate Universe~! =D

Kida is an Otaku nerd who dresses in baggy clothing and wears glasses for style. Mikado is the most popular guy in school and Kida is hopelessly in love with him. Knowing that he can't approach Mikado the way he is, he goes and get a complete makeover. Now everyone wants Kida and Mikado just doesn't feel like he's good enough for the former Otaku nerd.

Bonus: Kida is apart of Shizuo's family; Kasuka is the one who helps Kida get a makeover, Mikado is apart of Izaya's family; Izaya helps him get Kida, Kida having random Otaku moments and crossdressing!Kida (Like if Walker and Erika talks him into dressing up as a girl for an Anime Convention)

I've been behind on my anime/manga watching/reading, so I've been doing some light wiki research. I literally have a favourites folder called 'otaku research' and it feels weird =_=

Okay, so here's how it goes. Shizuo is Masaomi's older brother (along with Kasuka who doesn't show up too much because of the whole 'famous' thing). Izaya is Mikado's brother. Psyche and Hibiya are twins. Delic and Tsugaru are cousins.

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