Here is my attempt at one of my favourite couples of Sailor Moon. To be honest, I am just about to delve into the fifth season of the anime, and the final three mangas. Still, I don't think Helios makes a re-appearance. *tear* So here I've fast forward into the future. R & R please and thanks!

~Dreams under the Crescent Moon


She stood in the forest of Elysion, beside the sparkling lake. She stood at '5,4', under the spell of the Dead Moon. Her gaze was frozen on the magnificent horned stallion that stood a few feet away from her. He golden eyes gazed at her with pain.

"When you transformed, and fulfilled your dream of growing up with Dead moon magic, the light from your beautiful dreams faded, and I couldn't reach you anymore." His deep voice reached her as if he was whispering in her ear. She trebled as his words pierced her. She had always wanted to grow up, but she never considered the cost.

"Pegasus," she called. "Does that mean I'll never see you again if I stay this way?"


"No. No, I couldn't bare it." She cried. She started to walk towards him, thinking only about the past few days they shared. How she spoke to him through the Pegasus Scepter and told her deepest thought s and dreams. He meant everything to her, more than growing up. She would rather be ten years old for another nine hundred years than spend a day without him.

That moment, she ran through a curtain of magic and she slowly felt her herself shrink lower and lower to the ground. When she passed through a sparkling barrier that had stood between them, she noticed the long, hanging sleeve of Serena's pyjamas.

"I'm little again!" She cheered. She looked up and saw his face change from surprise to sheer joy.

"Oh. My little girl. My maiden." He whispered.

She didn't know why she did it, but just by the sound of his voice she instinctively closed her eyes. Before she knew it a pair of warm lips rested over hers and gently kissed. When she pulled back, and opened her eyes, she beheld a handsome young boy. His hair was ivory white and he had golden eyes, and a gold horn on his head. The same horn as Pegasus.

"I am Helios." He said.

Helios. Ever since then she promised to wait and grow up the right way, so he could become her prince. She would keep dreaming of him every night until that day came.

Rini gurgled, still half asleep. She could feel the sunlight stream from her bedroom window onto her face. How cruel. To be woken up such a beautiful dream. Or was it a memory? Even now she still couldn't be sure. Somehow though, she knew in her heart it happen. She was able to meet with Helios in the world of Elysion, reality and dream merged into one, and that night they shared their first kiss.

She sat up slowly, pulling her silk linen blanket away and she parted the curtains that around her bed. She walked to the window and pouted at the sun slowly rising and shed its crimson and yellow light at the pink-violet sky.

"I suppose it can't be helped." She sighed.

She turned and glanced at her full length mirror. A young fifteen year old girl with long, slender limbs, defined and medium sized hips and full breasts, visible underneath her dressing gown. Her long pink hair fell almost to her ankles, held up in pig tails with bunny ear shaped buns on the top of her head. Six years ago, when she and Helios had met, her hair was short and puffy, but similar to the rest of her body it had grown long and graceful. She was all grown up for real this time. A true lady.

"Maybe that's why I've been dreaming of him more often." She said aloud at her reflection. "I wonder if I'll be able to see him again for real this time." She giggled and smiled at her twin in mirror before skipping to washroom for a shower.

Ever since she returned from the past, the Pegasus septer she had reappeared in 30th century Tokyo. She couldn't see Pegasus in the Scepter but his voice appeared ever now and again and spoke as they did in the past. It made the years without him a little easier to go through.

She had school to attend so she threw on her uniform and headed down to stairs to the dining room. The shining halls of crystal Tokyo seemed to wink "Good morning" to her as she past. When she reached the grand hall, her cat Diana rushed towards her.

"Rini!" she called.

"Hi Diana," she bend down to scoop her up in her arms before continuing across the room.

"Are mom and dad around?" Rini asked.

"I'm afraid they both woke up early and had business to attend to, but they promised to be in the garden s as soon as you get home from school."

"That's alright then." Rini scratched under Diana's neck, trying to smile. She really couldn't blame her parents for being so busy. They were the rulers of earth after all. She had learned the hard way as a small girl that they truly loved her but that meant being away sometimes to make sure she grew up in a peaceful world.

She sat down to strawberry leaf milk tea and waffles for breakfast. Her favourite! Then she gathered her things together and headed off to school. She was driven there in a tinted window convertible, but she always asked to be dropped off a few block s away so she could walk to school. She felt it was better if she could appear as normal as possible and not let too many people know she was actually the moon princess.

"Hey Rini!" Momohari called as the car drove away.

"Hi. How was your weekend?" Rini smiled at her friend.

"Boring. Takuya didn't call all weekend long." She groaned. "I think I should just give up on him and move to the next guy."

"There are a lot of hotties to choose from." Rini smiled, patting her friend on back. They met a few years ago; she was actually her middle school Friend, Momohara's daughter. They both were so similar to each other that Rini felt she hadn't lost her childhood friend at all.

"What about you Rini? I hear you turned down Tseng the other day." Momohari said. Rini could feel Momohari's stare burning the side of her head.

"He's just not my type." She answered quickly.

"None of them are." Momohari rolled her eyes. "If I didn't hang out with you twelve hours, five to six days a week I'd swear you'd already have someone."

"Maybe I do." Rini laughed. Momohari immediately grabbed her in a bear hug.

"Really! WHO!"

"My dream guy who's waiting for me to find him." Momohari grumbled and pulled away, not realizing that Rini had actually spoken the truth.

Rini's day was pretty typical. She took after her father in terms of studies so she easily aced the pop quiz in her English class. She enjoyed most of her classes, save for phys-ed. She walked back to the waiting car with a black eye from the tennis ball. Her smarts may have come from her father but she was her mother's daughter in almost every other way.

As soon as she got home she ran up to her room to dump her bag and change out of her uniform, the she headed for the east patio overlooking the gardens. She saw her parents. Her mother was sitting in her father lap as they gazed as the glitter fountain.

"Hi." Rini greeted when she walked in.

"Hello my darling." The Neo Queen said as turned. There was something about her mother that even now still filled Rini with a sense of awe. Her mother stood up, and her now pale locks feel down to her ankles and match her white gown. Her bright blue eyes gazed lovingly as she held her arms out. Her golden crown sparkled in the sunlight. Rini gave her small hug and her father came up behind her for an embrace. The proud king had his mask off today and was dress in a pale violet tux. The years were more obvious on him but he was still one of handsomest men Rini's ever known. She giggled briefly remembering the crush she had on his younger self when she had traveled back in time. Of course now, she hoped, she would be able to move on to more appropriate pastures.

"How was school pumpkin?" h e asked her inviting to sit in the chair across from theirs.

"I had a quiz. It's was almost trivial." She said.

"If only they were trivial in my day." Her mother said, taking her seat back with the king.

"What about you guys? Diana said you had something important this morning." Rini asked.

"Mercu- I mean, Ami believes she's found Setsuna, or at least a trace of her in the lower regions."

"Really?" Rini tried to smile, but the familiar ache grew in her heart, remembering the great Sailor Pluto, the scout of time and the Underworld brought good and bad memories. Even though she had appeared several times over the years, she knew Setsuna had died trying to save her from when she had transformed into Wicked Lady.

"Do you think... She's watching over the lands there, like she would have been asked to?" If she was still here.

"Hotaru insists she's managing, but your father and I wanted to have a talk. We also hope if she has come back you could go and see her. We know you miss her." The Neo Queen's eye reflected the sadness Rini was trying to hide.

"That would be great." Rini smiled. At that moment Diana walked in with a tray of cakes. She was in her human form. She and Rini were roughly the same age, so she was about the same height as her. Her violet hair was parted and in the similar bun style both Rini and the Queen donned, except her wavy hair fell into larger tails down her back.

"I thought you'd be hungry. My mother's offered to get the tea from the kitchen."

"Thank you Diana." The Queen smiled. "When you go back, please ask Luna and Artimis to join us. It's lovely out here."

"Thank you, your majesty, I'll back be back in moment." Diana put the tray down and walked back inside. Rini grabbed a pick crème puff and popped it into her mouth.

"Rini, there's something else we'd like to talk to you about." The king said once Diana had gone. Rini glanced at him and saw hi s expression soften a little.

"Is it serious?" Rini asked, after swallowing.

"Well, I don't know how you'd feel about this, but you mother insisted we talk about it the moment we got the news."

"What is it?" Rini asked, getting a little nervous.

"The lower regions are not the only ones we're looking into re-assigning. Helios' time in Elysion is almost up." Her father said.

Rini could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. So her dream was telling her they were going to meet again!

"But I thought he was entrusted with guarding the golden crystal-"

"Till it was returned to me." Her father reminded her.

"Right, but what about guarding and taking care of Elysion?" she asked.

"So you don't want to see him?" her mother briefly smirked.

"Can I?"

"He asked to see you when your father visited the other day. Since you've pasted most of your tests, I don't see why you can't go this weekend."

Rini held her breath. She watched as her mother squeezed her father's hand and he smiled. She jumped up and hugged them both.

"Thank you! This is great. It's been so long and I've-" she stepped back and crimson returned to her face. She was grateful that her parents just continued to smile and didn't ask her to finish her sentence.

Diana shortly repapered with her parents. Luna, the queen's black cat who changed into a playful woman with long curl black hair, and Artimis, who was once Sailor Venus' white cat. He became a gorgeous, long fair haired man in his human form.

Rini gossiped with Diana about school and when the adults seemed occupied, and clued her in on her special weekend plans. It looked like her parents were discussing leisurely topics with the faithful cat parents. As she spoke to Diana, she continued to glance at her parent. Her father smiled widely and chuckled with Artimis, while her mother and Luna whispered intimately and held the hands of their husbands.

She knew that peace on earth was temperamental but her parents and friends have always been able to set things right, long enough to enjoy these moments of happiness and love.

The sun began to set and Diana and Rini excused themselves and headed to her bedroom. She still had one day before the weekend.

By the time Rini had brushed and changed into her nightgown, Diana had reverted back into a cat and waited on Rini's bed. Rini got under the covers and took Diana in her arms.

"I can't believe I'm going to see him again." She whispered. "I wonder if he remembers. I know we've been talking, but it hasn't been the same."

"He's the one whose made the first move so I'm sure he does." Diana whispered back.

"Do you... Do you think he'll still like me? Now that I'm all grown up?" Rini asked. "He seemed to really like me as a little girl. He liked my dreams."

"Your dreams haven't changed, and you're the prettiest girl in all of Crystal Tokyo. He'd be an idiot not to like you now." Diana winked and Rini giggled and held her closer.

"Thanks, because I still like him. I still remember, and not that there hasn't been other small crushes but..." She looked up through her open curtain to the window and gazed at the moon. "He's the only one who's ever really shared everything with me, not just human things, but the lunar things too."

"Maybe I was too young then to call it love but, I don't know how else to describe it now." She sat up and pulled the curtain closed. Diana wiggled deeper in the sheets.

"He's the one who called you, he always been the first to make the moves," said Diana.

"Like a true Prince."

I apologize if you were hoping to see Helios in this Chapter, don't you worry. I've got three of these online stories going, but this one has a special place in my vine black heart. Thank you again for reading. See you in the next one.