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~Dreams under the Crescent Moon

6 ~The half Red moon

Sailor Chibi Moon rode on Pegasus' as he flew high above the woods Elysium.

They left Diana behind so that she could collect more data. Before they left, she told them to be cautious. Whatever it was, it was destroying every organic matter at a rapid speed. Rini watched in horror as more computer block trees were replaced by red blotches on the grid. She and Helios quickly transformed after getting the location and flew off towards the attack.

"I wish I could get a good look before we attack back." said Pegasus. "We're going in blind here."

"It'll be ok." Sailor Chibi Moon. "We'll just have to wing it." She tried to chuckle a little and smiled when Pegasus laughed back. She half believed what she had said. The truth was she hoped they could stop whatever it was attacking the woods. A harsh wind came at them, throwing Pegasus off balance. Sailor Chibi Moon cried and held tighter to Pegasus and he spun around and tried to navigate the winds.

"I think that was an attack!" he shouted. "Hold on tight. I'll try to get closer. He made a dive and tried to fly under and the wind, but it followed, this time slaming Sailor Chibi Moon hard on him, as if to push them both into the forest below.

"Yes! Something is definitely trying to knock us down." Sailor Chibi Moon screamed. Pegasus continued to drop, and then he got an idea.

"I'm going into the woods. The wind is trying to stop us from getting to the attack so I'm going to try to out maneuver it." He made a nose drive and wind slammed into Sailor Chibi Moon again. Her whole body pushed against Pegasus, causing him to fall.

"Pegasus!" she cried. He neighed loudly, flapping his wings hard. Finally he gave up and instead wrapped his wings around himself and Sailor Chibi Moon. He dropped and spun into the woods, getting away from the wind long enough to break out of the spin and start flying straight again.

"Are you alright?' He asked Sailor Chibi Moon.

"Are you? I am so sorry Pegasus!"

"It wasn't you. And don't worry, I'm ok." Sailor Chibi Moon stroked his mane. She could help him gasping for breath. But there was no time to recover. They were closing in on the attack. She would hear the smashing of wood and small explosions.

"Smoke," Sailor Chibi Moon gasped. "Is it another fire?" she asked.

"I don't think so." Pegasus answered. "If it was, it's way too contained." Pegasus swayed left to right, trying to weave through the trees. The close they got, the louder the crashes were. Finally they came to a clearing and they both gasp at the gristly sight.

It was Pinyang. She floated high above the ground and seemed to be shouted orders at small plant women. They either had leaves, or rotten yellow flower petal growing out of their heads and around their bodies into dresses. They smashing the trees with vines, or burning them down into stumps.

"Oh no!" Sailor Chibi Moon cried. "There's so many of them! We can't land in the middle, we'll be swarmed."

'I have an idea." Pegasus said. "Tap into my power and together we'll exterminate as many of them as we can in a shot."

"Okay." Sailor Chibi Moon summoned her Twinkle bell and rang it loudly. "Crystal Twinkle bell!" she yelled. Pegasus' Golden horn flashed brightly and Sailor Chibi Moon's wand lit up. Sailor Chibi Moon held it high and directed to the left of the forest, towards the hideous plant ladies. Pegasus faced the left, directing the light of his horn at the enemy.

"Golden Crystal power!" he called. A bright, almost electric golden light burst from his horn and hit the plant women hard, vaporizing them.

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!"Rini cried. The bright white light shot from her wand, hitting each of the plant women, shattering them as if they were made of galas. Pegasus and Sailor Chibi Moon direct their light around the clearing, catching every single enemy attacking the forest till they met in the middle.

The surviving plant women trembled as they stood up from the group and began walking toward Pegasus and Sailor Chibi Moon. Pinyang floated closer to Pegasus and he shot another blast of Golden light at her.

"I don't remember inviting either of you to the party." She snarled.

"We crashed." Sailor Chibi Moon. "Can you take her?" She asked Pegasus, talking to him in her mind.

"Yes," came his firm response.

Sailor Chibi Moon then stood up on his back and jumped off. "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" Another great ribbon of pink light and hearts shot from her wand. She waved it in front of her as she dropped, shedding the light over the plant women. They screamed and howled in pain being doused with the light.

Sailor Chibi Moon landed hard on the ground. She had to keel a bit to regain her balance. She then stood up, aimed her wand at the faces of the plant women. Twio more fell and now Sailor Chibi Moon faced the final two. They end stood

Just in front and behind her. The one behind shot wines from her finger nails and wrapped these around Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon tried to cut the vine down with her wand, but couldn't sever them. She saw vines coming from the plant lady in front of her and was able to leap just as the touched her body. She used this momentum to do a back flip, ripping the vine off her body. Sailor Chibi Moon landed hard on the ground, but she wasted no time. Standing up she held her wand up and shouted: "Pink sugar heart attack!" Shoot powerful pink hearts at both enemies, moving back and forth until both women fainted onto the ground.

Sailor Chibi Moon grunted then looked around for Pegasus. She saw him head butting the other three plat women. Occasionally then would attack him with their vines and he would respond by slice them away with the light of his horn. Sailor Chibi Moon could see he was getting tired very fast, and soon the plant women would overwhelm him. She placed her forefinger and thumb on the center of her tiara and pulled it from her fore head. She raised it above her head and it magically turn in a disc of sparkling light. She stepped to the side and held the disc around her body, ready to throw. "Moon Tiara magic!" she shouted, and threw the disc. It flashed brightly, causing the plant lady to pause, which was their greater loss. The tiara hit each of them in the face, causing them to kneel over.

Pegasus neighed loudly, looking up at Pinyang. Sailor Chibi Moon turned and held her wand in front of her, ready to shout an attack. Pinyang glared at them, her eyes shining bright red. She floated down to her fallen Planet lady and start sprinkling a powder over them.

"What are you doing?" Sailor Chibi Moon shouted, walking toward Pinyang. Pinyang looked up and gave a smirk, rising high above the ground again.

"I'm giving my fallen soldiers once last chance." she said. "My fertilizer powder should make them strong enough to compost to the two you. In the meantime, I think I'll go and see how my Queen is doing. Ta ta!" she laughed as she flew away, leaving nothing but yellow mists of her powder.

"Coward!" Sailor Chibi Moon shouted. She began to reach from her tiara to try to catch her when one of the fallen plant ladies' eyes opened.

"Sailor Chibi Moon step back." Pegasus leaped and landed in front of Sailor Chibi Moon as the first Plant lady to came back to life and floated form the ground. She opened her mouth that was now lined with sharp yellow teeth. She let out a gurgled roar as she whole body grew bulkier, and was covered in deep green thorns. Pegasus immediately slammed into her before she attack. Sailor Chibi screamed as watched the plant lady dig her new claws in Pegasus' back.


"Focus on the battle sailor Chibi Moon. I'll be alright." said Pegasus.

Sailor Chibi moon was forced to turn her attention to the four planet ladies. Now walking toward her, husky, with red glowing eyes, and yellow thorns in their bodies. Sailor Chibi Moon raised her wand high and yelled "Moon Gorgeous meditation!" This time however, the plant women were either able to dodege or used stronger, think claw vines . One woman charge and started throwing ppunches. Sailor Chibi Moon twisted and dodged away, only end up caught in the sharp thorny vines of two other women. She dropped her wand, screaming painfully as the thorns dug into her arms and legs.

"Pegasus!" she cried. When she didn't hear a response she looked up and whimpered. Pegasus was surrounded by three plant women, who were wrapping him in thick, poisonous vines. Sailor Chibi Moon watched him trash with less and less energy as the vines dug into his white mane, splattering it with his blood.

"Pegasus! No! Leave him alone!"Sailor Chibi Moon pulled on her own vines, trying to get closer to Pegasus. The plant women each grab onto their vines and pulled hard, throwing him to the ground.

"No, no! Pegasus!"" Sailor Chbi Moon aggressively pulled at her vines, falling to her knees. The cruel planet women giggled, watching Sailor Chibi Moon trying to drag herself of the fallen winged horse.

"Pegasus." She whimpered. She stared at him, getting weaker and weaker and still trying to fight. The horn on his head was barley blinking with light. She couldn't stop her tortured memories, the ones were she was also helplessly tied down, forced to watched Nehellenia pulled Helios' horn form his head, leaving him lifeless, pale, cold.

"Stop it!" she cried, silver tears forming in her eyes. "Stop it." The plant women all gathered close around Pegasus. He glared at them, shaking his head. Wet drops fell in front of Sailor Chibi Moon as she called on an old, fierce power of hers, desperate to save her friend.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" she screamed. The plant woman frowned and stared at her as a bright, yellow light burst from her forehead, it broke her tiara and shot straight into the sky. It became a thundering, golden light, lighting up the sky and surrounding woods. The plant women trembled and covered their eyes, but the vines didn't break. Sailor Chibi Moon no longer felt sorry for herself. She stood up and continued to scream with fury. She wanted the women gone, away from Pegasus, away from Elysium. Away and gone!


Sailor Chibi Moon heard the voice but didn't pay attention to it. Pegasus watched Sailor Chibi Moon's eyes glazed over and turned a deep red. He tried to call out to her, but not even in her mind could she hear his voice over her screams. She wanted to see the women torn apart, and hated herself for not having the power to do so. She only carried a fragment of the crystal's power, not even a piece of the crystal. It's her own fault. She can't control its whole power. That's why she was so weak. That's why, again she was going to fail Pegasus. The light above began to coal and twist, shaking the surrounding trees. Pegasus began to panic and tried similar to Sailor Chibi Moon's previous trashes to reach her, to hold her back and somehow stop the blinding light. Of course he couldn't move either. He lost too much strength and blood.

The light began to tear at Sailor Chibi Moon's Sailor suit, it broken her barrettes, causing her long, pink hair to blow towards the light. She was numb now, lost in her rage.

"Silence Glaive Surprise!" A sliver light came from the sky and sliced Sailor Chibi Moon's light, she looked up, ready to scream again when she was hit against the face with a black staff. The barer of the staff caught Sailor Chibi Moon and lay her gently again the ground. The staff had a scythe blade at the top, which the barer used to cut the vines.

"Silence Glaive Surprise!" They shouted, twirling their staff and hitting each of the plant women surrounding Sailor Chibi Moon, cutting each woman in half causing them to rot and fall to in the ground as bit of mss, ground leaving and twigs. They then turn to the plant women surrounding Pegasus. The women snapped the vines attached to him and readied to unleash them on the shadow. The shadow leaped high into the sky and raised their staff.

"I call upon the powers of Hades, god of Saturn!" They chanted, turned the staff as they churned a growing dark cloud above the forest. Pegasus, now free from the plant women crawled to Sailor Chibi Moon. He nuzzled her cheek and tried cover her body and protect it from the growing, twisting winds. The plant women snarled at the shadow but were too frightened to try to attack. The shadow took this chance and sliced their staff down, shouting:

"Death Reborn Revolution!" This sent a violet lighting blot towards the plant women, hitting each one and turning them into green dust.

Sailor Chibi Moon found herself in a space of hazy violet light spining around her. She was still in her sailor suit, now terribly tattered. She was floating, but could not move from her spot. She tried to reach out with her arms but couldn't grasp anything. She couldn't even feel a wind that was making the haze spin around her. She thought she could hear the haze whooshing and tried to hear for the source of the sound, or the direction it came from. Instead she heard an echo of a shrill, high laughter, soft at first but louder with each giggle.

"Hey!" Sailor Chibi Moon called. The giggles responded coming from different directions, each louder, faster, higher in pitch, and dangerously familiar.

"Who's there? Come out!" Sailor Chibi Moon called. "Why am I here?"

"Why am I here?" The voice mocked. "Why am I here, asks Small Lady."

"Who are you?" Sailor Chibi Moon called again.

"Who do you think?" The voice seemed to summon the haze to unfreeze blast Sailor Chibi Moon in the face, throwing her back. She screamed, hearing it echo and laughed back at her by the voice.


Another voice? A softer voice, whispering to her and gently erasing the haze until there was only soft grey light, and finally Sailor Chibi Moon felt a hard surface underneath her and her eyes slowly opened. She looked above her and saw Helios worried face, burry at first and slowly came into focus.

"Helios." Rini whispered. She weakly reached up and touched his cheek. He held her hand there, smoothing her hair with his other hand.

"How are you feeling? You were out cold." He said.

"Tired. Sore." Rini sighed. "And I had a really strange dream."

"Where a shadow saved you?"

"At the beginning."

"Well, that means you didn't start dreaming till a little later." Helios placed his hand behind Rini's head and gently helped her sit up. Rini saw that she was in her hut, and there was someone else in the room. She immediately recognized the black and violet shoulder length bob. Her long slender limbs and short stature, even though she was now over 700 years old.

"Hotaru." Rini sobbed, holding her arms out.

"Rini." Hotaru smiled. She walked up to her old friend and knelt to give her a long hug. "It's so good to see you again."

Rini hugged back as tightly as she could, letting her silver tears fall again.

Hmmm? So who is that mysterious voice? Wait and see.

I'm so glad to be bringing in Saturn. It always bummed me out that she never had a transformation scene in the anime and was rarely featured. It took me a while to flesh this story out, the next chapter will be just as tricky, but I'm looking forward to writing it. Thanks for reading. Please review!