Hello readers! Here is Chapter 7. So far one of my favourite chapters in this piece. Also, I think one of the longest chapters I've written for this piece. Its ten pages on WORD, so bare with me for a bit. To all you Hotaru/Sailor Saturn fans, I hope you appreciate that I decided to include, with in love in this chapter.

~Dreams under the Crescent Moon

7 ~The eclipse of destruction

Rini trembled, watching Hotaru bring in a shiny copper kettle from the fire pit outside. She then handed Rini a clay mug filled with green tea. She sat on a wooden stool placed beside Rini bed and gave her a soft smile.

"You don't have to keep staring at me like I'm a ghost, you know."

"I'm sorry." Rini blushed. "I'm just really glad and shocked that you're here."

Hotaru brought her stool closer to Rini, when they both her footsteps from the door way.

"So you're the infamous Scout of destruction." Helios commented, as walked into the hut with Diana on one shoulder and a sack over the other.

"I am." Hotaru turned and smiled at him. "And you are the master of dreams. I like you better as a horse."

"Almost everyone does." Helios smiled, sneaking a wink at Rini, making her look away, her cheeks turning bright red.

He placed the sack beside the old fashioned stove in Rini's hut. He opened the small door at the base of the stove and threw in a couple of logs in the fire and closed the door. He then left the hut with Diana, thinking Rini needed sometime alone with Hotaru.

"Want me to help you sit up so you can drink your tea?" she asked. Rini took her hand and rose. Hotaru held her mug until she was sitting upright, but underneath the warm blankets.

"I'm sorry." Rini signed, taking her mug and sipping from it gingerly.

"For what? Getting hurt?" Hotaru asked.

"That, and I'm just a little confused I guess. I don't understand how it is that you're here, like here in Elysium, with me."

"Oh that. Well, you summoned me Princess."

"Rini," Rini corrected. "And when did I summon you?"

"The King said you specifically requested my help."

"Oh, that's right." Rini sighed. "Actually, I kind of said that to spite him. I didn't actually think he could get you to come."

"Of course I'd come if you need me. And even if you didn't, I would because I've missed you.''

"Me too." Rini say. She gave Hotaru a one arm hug, careful not to spill her tea. When they broke apart Rini stared at her hard.

"What about your duty, watching over the cycles of death and rebirth, guiding souls?"

"When I got the King's message, I went to see Setsuna. She will be caretaking my duties till I get back."

"That's great. How is she?"

"She's good. Busy naturally." Hotaru said. Rini was slowly raising the mug to her lips, gazing at her sad crimson eyes reflected in her tea.

"She misses you too, you know. You should try to see her."

"I try, but whenever I do it's always brief. Either she on scout business or I am." Rini finished her tea while Hotaru thought about she said.

"Setsuna can handle your job, right?'' she asked.

"Oh yeah. As the Scout of time and the underworld, she's thoroughly familiar with my domain," Hotaru took Rini's cup and paced it on the table a few feet from the bed.

"You think you're up for a walk?" She asked. "Maybe stretch your limbs a bit."

"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea." Rini said with a smile. She climbed out of bed and went to her small dresser and changed into a light red top and jeans. Hotaru in the meantime made Rini's bed. After she changed, Rini sat in front of her wooden autumn and took a brush to her long, tangled tresses.

"Here," Hotaru said, standing behind Rini. "Give me the brush." Rini handed the brush to Hotaru and she gently combed Rini's long hair.

"You and your mom don't really have servants who do this for you at home, right?"

"I can't speak for my mom, but I definitely don't." said Rini, looking at Hotaru through the mirror.

"Sometime Diana and I will do each other's hair, when she's in human form of course."

"I met up with her first, before I came to the battle in the woods." said Hotaru. "She is so pretty in human form. You two are technically almost the same age."

"Well not really since I was already 892 when she was born."

Hotaru was splitting Rini's hair into two parts and began forming the first rabbit's ear bun. Rini's cheeks began to turn pink as she mulled a difficult question.

"When did you join us in the woods?"

"Well," Hotaru started slowly, as she carefully secured the bun. "Diana gave me directions to where you and Helios were, but as I was traveling I saw your crescent alarm shoot up into the sky and I transformed and ran towards it."

"My crescent alarm?" Rini asked.

"You remember. It's the light you can shoot form the crescent moon on your forehead. It only happens when you're in danger or in an extreme emotion connected with danger."

"I remember yes," Rini said. "But I haven't had that happen to me in years. So that's what that was."

"You didn't realize you had activated the power from you crescent forehead." Hotaru asked, working the second bun.

"I was just so angry, and scared." Rini admitted. "I owe you big time. If it wasn't for you, I'm not sure Helios and I would be here right now."

"Oh, I'm sure one or both of you won't have figure something out." Hotaru said, finishing Rini's bun. She patted her shoulder and Rini looked in the mirror.

"See, you're your old self again." Hotaru smiled. Rini however felt more alarmed.

"You're your old self again". The phrase made her insides turn cold with dread. In the back of her mind she knew there was something deeply wrong. Why couldn't she remember her crescent alarm going off? What had happened to her when she passed out? A memory pricked her mind, but she couldn't give up. Then see looked up and noticed Hotaru with a concerned look on her face. Rini quickly smiled and stood up.

"You're right, it looks great. Thank you. Now come on, let's find Helios and Diana and we can give you a tour of Elysium."

Hotaru gave a small smile and took Rini's hand and she led her outside the hut. But then Rini turn away she frowned. She could sense that something was bothering Rini and was a little hurt that she refused to share it with her.

Once outside, Rini found Helios playing tag with Diana. Diana ran from tree to tree and Helios darted after her. He fell to the ground as he caught her and held her up as he crashed. Rini ran up to him worried at first, but when she saw him laughing with Diana she relaxed.

"Glad to see you two are having fun." Rini smiled. Helios and Diana looked up at her, and a grinned flashed on Helios' face.

"I'm glad to see you up and about." He stood up and began to pet Diana as he gazed at Rini.

"How are you feeling?"

"Tired but I'm ok. Hotaru suggested I should take a little walk and I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to give her a tour."

"That's a great idea." Helios said. He turned to Hotaru and smiled brightly. "You're the only scout who hasn't been here."

"Really? When did everyone else come?" They started to walked towards the clearing Rini had visited the day before. Diana once again started to climb a tree so she could leap through the forest.

"The King and Queen came with the four core scouts when Crystal Tokyo came into power. Centuries before that, the former Princess Serena and Prince Darien came to visit me and made sure I was doing ok."

"That was sweet of them." Hatoru commented.

"Haruka and Michiru came here for their honeymoon, and Setsuna has visited me the most." Helios continued. "She taps into a sacred power here and uses it to replenish the health of earth and in turn these lands."

"Amazing." Hotaru said.

"I didn't know she did that." Rini added, surprised.

"It's not a big deal."Helios said. "I don't know what power this land holds. Only that it helps earth in some way and that satisfies me."

At the clearing Helios showed Hatoru the tall trees. Then they moved into a valley where the ruins of an old gazebo stood. Diana now rode on Hotaru's shoulders as they walked underneath the gazebo dome roof. It had a large hole in the centre but it was still in decent shape, even though the stone was more than a thousand, five hundred years old.

"You didn't show me they place before." Rini said to Helios, looking at the lush, flowery gardens in the surrounding fields.

"It was next on my list before we were interrupted." Helios replied with a dashing, apologetic smile.

"I believe that there is a power here." Rini said with a smile. "There's some sort of magic that is full of life and healing here. That's why; I know I made the right choice by deciding to stay and protect this place."

Helios took Rini's hand. He was mumbling something when Hotaru ran toward them giggling.

"What are you two smiling about?" She teased. Rini reluctantly let go of Helios' hand and gave her shove.

"Nothing," She pouted.

"Right." Hotaru clicked her tongue. "So is this whole place just woods, and flowers, or are there more ancient ruins and stuff?" she asked.

"There's plenty for both." Helios answered. "I'm assuming you're more interested in the ruins though?"

"You know me. If it's dead but still standing, I'm into it." Hotaru smiled.

"Maybe she wasn't the best scout to help me save this place after all." Rini said sarcastically.

"What! Are you going to make me leave!" Hotaru cried. She start hugging Rini furiously, saying "No. Please don't! I like it here, plants and everything else too." Rini, Diana and Helios just laughed as they began to leave the gazebo.

Helios led them to a cobble stone path.

"This is the way to one of old temples from the time of King Erithe's rule." He explained.

"Is that my grandfather?" Rini asked.

"Technically your great grandfather." Helios said. "The King's parents both passed on when he was still a child. He was next in line for the throne and his Grandfather was acting as a caretaker when the king met and fell in love with the Queen."

Rini thought about this new information hard and stared at the road they walked on. The stone was a soft, pale grey, but it was also very old, cracked and bumpy stones. Obviously many feet, probably covered in heavy amour had treaded this path many times.

They came to an arch made of the same pale stone. Helios pointed to it and explained it was a landmark, leading to the temple. They began to make their way underneath when Rini heard a shuffled behind them. Diana, who had ridden on Hotaru's shoulder was the first one to turn around. She gasped and leaped from Hotaru's shoulder crying. "It's one of those plant women from before!"

Everyone turned and saw a ghastly sight. It was indeed one of the plant women, in the mutated state. But she was also in bad shape. She was bleeding from many cuts; oozing, rotten, dark green pus. She was foaming from her mouth, and her giant claws were a blistering red. Her bright green eyes glared at them, and she opened her mouth to speak, but only a squished gurgle and green drool came out. Rini held onto her still empty stomach, feeling nauseous.

"How did she survive?" Diana asked.

"Must have gotten away." Helios replied.

Helios held Rini while Hotaru stepped forward.

"Creature, I think it is time for you to say good bye to this life." She held her hand in front of her and closed her eyes. A deep violet light began to glow from her chest and slowly, her long, Silence Glaive grew from her chest. It floated in front of Hotaru in a glowing, violet light and then became solid. Hotaru took a hold of it and spun it above her head. Then she took it in both hands and pointed it toward the plant woman.

"I'll give you a choice." She said to the woman. "You can either go peacefully or you can choose the more painful and difficult route. Stay where you are and don't threaten me or my friends and I'll let you rest with ease."

The woman responded by snarling and throwing her right shoulder forward. From a deep gnash in her shoulder, a swarm of red hornets burst and came straight at the group. Rini ducked and Helios held her tight, placing his hand over her head and covering her with his body. Diana hid behind Helios, shielding herself from the attack. Hotaru however stood her ground and started to spin her Glaive quickly in front of her. She easily sliced or hit every hornet to the ground. When the air was clear she pointed her Glaive at the woman, her eyes glowing violet with fury.

"How I pity you." She said. "You have chosen to die in pain." She leaped and ran toward the woman, who also started to run at Hotaru. The plant woman opened her mouth and shot a spiral of green pus and foam. Hotaru jumped and dodge it. The nasty mush however was still air born and was headed straight for Helios and Rini.

"Hold on tight!" He yelled. He grabbed Rini and threw his body, away from where the pus landed. Helios watched in horror as the pus covered ground began to sizzle and rot. The earth turn into a sticky, moss green, rippling as it was burnt in the toxic liquid.

They had landed hard. Helios loosen his hold, frantically looked Rini over, making sure she was okay. Rini however rolled over and searched for Hotaru. She had begun fighting with the woman, using her staff to block the woman's attacks with her mutant vine claws. She spun her staff to block the vomit attacks and occasionally hit the woman with the bottom end of her staff. Rini was impressed to see how incredibly skilled Hotaru was. She had definitely trained hard in martial arts. She wasn't dependant solely on the power of the Glaive, which was a very good thing.

The plant woman was getting more and more enraged. At one point she wrapped three of her vine claws around the staff and shot green pus from every wound on her body.

"Hotaru!" Rini cried as she helplessly watched the toxic blood hit Hotaru. Immediately the blood stun and burn Hotaru's skin. The pain brought her to one knee, but instead of falling altogether and glared at the plant woman and her eyes glowed violet.

She raised her free hand in front of her and sent a blast of energy at the plant woman, throwing her back and causing her vines to rip from her fingers, making the plant woman howl in pain. Hotaru then pulled out a pen that had a purple sphere and single lopsided ring that ran across and through the purple sphere. At the top of the sphere there was a silver six pointed star, and the stick was a deep violet.

Hotaru raised this pen to the sky and shouted: "Saturn Power Make up!" A blinding silver light appeared, and then darken into purple. From the stick shot out ribbons of crackling violet light that surrounded Hotaru. Her clothing melted away and her whole body glowed in silver light. The ribbon wrapped around her chest and pelvis changing into her scout suit, her short sleeves were petal-shaped. A cloudy tornado then swirled around Hotaru as the ribbon grew down to her lower legs, turning into her knee highlight, violet leather boots. Ribbons wrapped themselves on her fore arms, becoming her gloves. Her Silence Glaive appeared above her. She sliced it across her body from the high left corn down to the lower right corner. This made the silver tornado disappear as the air was sliced. The left over wind turn deep black, purple and lavender and wrap themselves around Hotaru's hips, turning into her pelted skirt. They formed into a bow and tied itself to Hotaru's chest. Her pen had become her six pointed star brooch and rested in the center of her bow. She raised her free hand to her the top of her head, above her forehead and the winds caressed her face, they painted her lips a soft, simmering pink and her tiara and Saturn ear rings. She finally opened her eyes and landed on the ground. She stood up straight, with one hand in a fist to the side. The other hand held her sparkling Silence Glaive just behind her, be she kept her hand lowered so it leaded to the side. Hotaru had transformed into Sailor Saturn.

She glared at the plant woman and pointed the Glaive at her.

"I am the Sovereign of Silence, the solider of destruction, death and rebirth Sailor Saturn." She announced. She then raised the Glaive to the sky. "On behalf of Saturn, and the great Neo Queen Serenity of the moon, I shall punish you!"

Rini was amazed to see the incredible transformation, but now she started to worry. Hotaru held her staff with both hands and the skies above began to darken with clouds. The silver blade of the Glaive flash as she raised it in front of her and stepped towards the plant woman. The woman, now deeply frightened was backing away from Sailor Saturn, whimpering, and choking on her foam. She fell backwards, but was still dragging her body back. Helios and Rini stood up slowly, holding onto each other tightly. Rini began to panic, seeing Hotaru raise the Glaive over head and back.

"We have to stop her!" Rini cried.

"Why?" Helios asked.

"She can't swing the Glaive down!" Rini said and started to run towards her. Helios grabbed and pulled her back, forcing to face him.

"Wait, what you are talking about?" he asked.

"If she swings the Glaive down, she'll destroy everything! That's her power!" Rini cried.

"Rini stay back!" Diana yelled. She ran from behind Helios and jumped onto Rini's face, making her fall back.

"No! No!" Rini screamed. Huge, bellowing winds began to surround Sailor Saturn and the plant woman. They created a barrier and push Rini and her small group back even more.

"Sailor Saturn!" Rini screamed. "Please stop!"

Sailor Saturn glared at her enemy, the wind lifted her from the ground and she floated just above and in front of the plant woman.

''I call upon the power of Chronos, God and lord of Saturn. Lend me your strength to guide this creature into the underworld."

There was a flash of purple lighting that fell from a cloud and hit the blade of the Glaive. Sailor Saturn inhaled deeply and swung the Glaive down shouting: "Death Reborn Revolution!"

"No!" Rini screamed.

The Glaive sliced the plant woman in half and the lighting blot from the Glaive wrapped itself around the woman's remains, turning her into green dust. The winds broke apart and a huge gust hit Rini and her party. Rini fell back and fainted, sure she and everyone else were now dead.

Rini saw only darkness. The she felt something or someone shaking her. Felt? Could the dead feel? Then she opened her eyes and saw Helios' worried face, as well as Diana's and Hotaru's.

"Rini! Are you alright?" Helios cried. He helped her sit up, but she could only stare at Hotaru in horror.

"Oh my god." She gasped. "You swung it. You swung the Glaive down. Are we dead? Are we?"

"Shh, shh. Calm down Rini." Hotaru cooed. She knelt beside Rini and took her hand, squeezing tight. Rini trembled, staring at the hand in disbelief. Hotaru however simply continue to hold it.

"No. No we didn't die. I did not use the full power of the Glaive." Hotaru said.

"What do you mean?"Rini asked.

"You really don't remember anything from our last battle." Hotaru said. "I swung the Glaive down then too."

"That's impossible." Rini exclaimed. "I mean, that's why you were you banished. You were sealed away, locked inside your human body because of that power. A power you can't help but use."

"Until now." Hotaru stood up and summoned her Glaive from her chest. She turned it around and lowered it, handing it off to Rini. Rini hesitantly took the Glaive in her hands. She was surprised to see the entire staff part was made of obsidian stone, carefully carved into the beautifully decorate staff. The blade was a shiny silver. Underneath the blade however, was something Rini did not recognize. There was a heavy black chain, wrapped tightly around the base were the blade connected to the staff. The chain had three locks. One was silver, encrusted with teal jewels of jade. The second was a gold lock with three tear drop blue opals. The last lock was copper, with black diamonds.

"What's this chain?" Rini asked.

"This chain was made by the three outer scouts." Hotaru explained. "Now, not only do I need the presence and activation of all three of the talismans, the Jewels from their pure hearts, but they also each need to unlock their lock from my Glaive. As long as this chain is on it, I can use the Glaive and now access its full power and destroy the planet or the universe."

"Oh god!" Rini sighed with relief. She handed the staff back and rubbed her chest. "I'm so glad! I wish you'd told me sooner! I almost killed myself with worry."

"We noticed." Hotaru said. She made her staff disappear and gave Rini a small hug. "I'm sorry I scared you."

"It's fine now." said Rini. "It's never felt this good to be alive."

"Oh yes it has." Helios commented. "But I think that's enough exercise for you. Let's get back to the hut so you can rest." Rini readied herself to get up from the ground when Helios took a few steps back. He summoned a wind and dozens of feather appeared and surrounded him. Shortly, he had changed into Pegasus. The white horned horse walked back towards Rini knelt down on all fours.

"Climb on." He spoke in the minds of Diana, Rini, and Hotaru. "I'll fly us back."

Hotaru helped Rini up and they both climb onto Pegasus' back. Diana nestled into the lower apart of his mane, on the back of his neck. He then galloped through the forest and rose high into the sky. Pegasus flew smoothly over the trees, giving Hotaru and Rini a wonderful view of the lush woods.

Rini smiled, grateful she was able to see the beautiful lands of Elysium. She was even more grateful to have her old friend at her side, in a more stable and controlled form. She was confident now that somehow she was going to defeat the enemies that were threating these beautiful and fragile lands.

I kind of wish I found a better way to close this chapter, but I'll be honest say I didn't know how to end it any other way. Yes, I experienced slight writer's block here. But what did you think? I was so so so happy to rite in Sailor Saturn's transformation that never, ever actually happens in the anime, and has always made me very sad. I loved writing this scene. I wish I could convince the animator of the rootboot, Sailor Moon to animate it for the show. Oh well. Thank you so much for reading and you're continued support. 3 3 Will update soon.