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~*{{Kuniochi Among Demigods}}*~


~Part 1: Hearth Meets the Sea~


((Chapter 1))

(((T R U T H)))


A sigh escaped upon an eight year-looking girl's lips as she tended the warm hearth before her. Her warm red eyes showed sadness as she continued to gaze upon the fire. Her beautiful brown, cinnamon-tint, hair gently swayed behind her with her scarf wrapped around her head, which rested comfortably with a few of her brown hair shown. Her eyes were a bit far-off as her thoughts were back on her early happy and loving, yet bitter-sweet, memories some many years ago. Memories that none of the gods, other than Posiedon and Aphrodite, knew of. They were precious memories and experiences that she would never trade them for anything.

Her heart ached as she thought about her first, and last, love. As she closed her eyes, she could still remember his loving gaze that always made her flustered and shy. His tenderness and confidense that always amazed her. His loving and caring heart to those who were precious to him...especially toward herself, which always made her heart skip. Most of all, his loyalty to her and his love to only her despite once being a play-boy, yet clue-less self.

She could just picture him right now despite after all of these years. His messy and slightly spiked navy-blue, silver streaked, hair with his bangs sexily shadowing his glowing pupil-less lavender eyes. His pale, handsome face with two maroon scars on his left cheek, and his sharp fangs whenever he smirked. His unusual pointed ears with a wolf fang earing pierced in his right ear. His turtle-neck, sleeve-less white shirt, which tightened against his muscled chest that made her blush and occasionally faint from being too close whenever he suddenly popped in front of her. He wore a black hooded, shirt jacket with two red belt design on the back and held a fire-like design on his left shoulder of the jacket. He wore loose black jeans with light, yet slightly heavy, black boots.

'Byakuro...' She thought longingly, yet sadly, as she then thought back upon their departure and her tearful goodbyes to her only daughter. It hurt so much on that day. She knew that he understood, but knew it would still hurt. She wasn't aloud to be with either of them because of being a goddess.

"Are you alright...Hestia?"

The Goddess of Hearth, Hestia, opened her glowing red eyes and turned around to meet a concern and worried Aphrodite. She tried to smile reassuringly toward her neice, but wasn't able to because of her aching heart continued to cry out for her love and daughter. She knew that her smile wouldn't convince Aphrodite even if she pulled it off. After all, despite Aphrodite's personality she wasn't the Goddess of Love for nothing.

"No...I'm not and you should know that much, Aphrodite," Hestia said softly, as she returned her gaze back to her hearth and continued to watch her only grand-daughter being tortured by them again. It hurt her how much her grand-daughter was never able to experience a true loving family for most of her life since her daughter's murder and her father was sealed inside her. More than anything she wanted go back down to that world and give them a piece of her mind!

Aphrodite looked at her sympathetically. She felt like this love story was totally unfair! Her aunt and coul-have-been uncle were made for each other! Not to mention he was also an immortal being, but just because he was aYokai, they weren't aloud to be together. It hurt to see her favorite aunt like this.

"Don't give up Hestia. There is still hope," Aphrodite said, as he warmly hugged her aunt.

Hestia sighed with unsure eyes for she wasn't too sure if there was still hope to hold onto. After all, Byakuro was soon discovered by them just like her son-in-law and sealed him away in a much powerful seal. Thankfully, they hadn't sealed him away in a new born baby or, gods forbid, in her daughter like they had done to her daughter's husband and grand-daughter.

She looked down to watch over her cute and adorable grand-daughter. She was her pride and joy next to her daughter and could only hope beyond anything that the Fates would have mercy on her, Byakuro, her son-in-law, and grand-daughter. More than anything she wanted to take her precious grand-daughter away from them and give her the love and happiness she so deserves.


A week...

It had been about a week since her crush left the village. Leaving their home to train for three years traveling with the Legendary Toad Sennin. It saddened her to see him go...to see her sun leave along with his bright confidense and warm smiles.


When he, Uzumaki Naruto, left the village it had given her mad the right decision. She decided to train and get stronger. So, for the past week she had trained fruitfully till she could pass out.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for her father and her clan. It disheartened and hurt her how much her own family had so little confidence in her and belittled her in every possible way. This discouraged the little confidense she had build up from Naruto's own confidense.

Right now she was curled up on her bed while silently crying in her arms, which they were wrapped around her knees. Her was slightly messy and tangled from her rough training her father had given her. The bruises from the Jyuuken and the agonizing pain she was going through was nothing compared to emotional and mentality scars that reopened horribly by her cold family since Naruto left.

'Why?' She asked to herself again. 'Why do they hate me so much? I tried...I tried so hard to get stronger! But...'

Hinata uncurled herself and laid on the bed as she looked up at the cieling. Tears slowly ran down her flushed cheeks as she thought back about her loving mother, who soon died at her fourth birthday.

Not liking where her depressed thoughts were leading her toward, Hinata got up from her bed and painfully left her room. She limped her way out and was actually greatful for the first time that her family left without her to some noble's home from a different village. At the moment she felt the need to be left alone and away from those cold glares she recieves almost everyday.

As she limped near her father's office, Hinata suddenly heard a familiar melody music and warm, homely chakra flare coming from the room. She looked at the door curiosly then hesitantly opened the door and limbed in. With a nervous swallow, she looked around to find the source of the melody and chakra flare.

It didn't take long for her to find it. In a matter of moments the soft melody volumed slightly higher and was heard toward her father's desk. Blinking, she nervously walked toward the desk and opened the drawers till she finally found the object of the beautiful and soothing music along with the warm chakra, which seemed to draw her in like parent's comfort.

It was a beautiful creative box. It was red with orange flame designs at the bottom. The wood was soothed with no splinters or old looking. In fact, it looked like it was just made minutes ago. On the top were green plants around the edges and lavender writing in the middle. What suprised Hinata was the language of the writing. They weren't kanji or seal writing that she knew off. In fact, they were a whole different term of a langauge no one knew in all of the Elemental Continent.

'But then...why am I able to read it? Let alone understand it?' Hinata wondered, confusion evident from her expression.

It was true. She was able to understand it perfectly when she knew that she shouldn't. It read:

Byakuro, Yokai of all Seeing and Lord of the Wind

Hestia, Goddess of Hearth

Family...Home is the most important thing in our family

Remember, see in your heart than your eyes

Freely fly in the wind of your path to find and fight those precious to you

Remember this well even if you may not see us

We are there with you and watch you from afar

Forever in our hearts, we love you always

Hinata blinked and felt a warm and protective chakra wrapping itself around her when she picked the box up. She didn't know why, but when she read those words she felt herself feeling happy and loved. It confused her since it didn't make any sense, but as she wrapped her arms around the box and held it close to her she found herself not caring.

Carefully and gently holding onto the (treasure) box, she closed the drawer and left the room back to her own bedroom. Somehow excited, she quickly jumped on the bed despite how much of her muscles and bruises protested...painfully. With a slight wince, which proved of consciously knowing about her bruised body, Hinata sat up on her bed and opened the beautiful box.

Inside was a letter along side a magnificent slightly long, thin chained pendant. The pendant was made of light lavender oval crystal with a gold lining around the crystal, but at the top and bottom of the crystal was shaped like the top of a kunai. Inside the pendant-crystal was what really caught her attention and what made it beautiful. It was dancing storm of fire and wind. They were gracefully dancing together in harmony as the soothing melody from a familiar soft voice from a far away memory.

Relunctantly taking her eyes away to turn back on the letter next to the chained pendant. Her eyes widened in shock at the same different words written on top of the letter were the same language from the top of the box. She immediately knew what it was written. It was her name.

With shaking hands, Hinata carefully took the letter out of the box and shakily opened it. Unfolding the paper from inside she read:

My little Sunflower Angel,

If you are reading this then this means that I am gone, and Hiashi has found me out and murdered me. There are so many things I have to tell you sweet-heart. You see, Hiashi isn't truly your father. No...you and I are not even a Hyuuga. I know how confused you must be feeling when I write this down. Don't worry I'll explain.

Do you remember me telling you a story how the Hyuugas gotten the Byakugan in the first place? I'm pretty sure that you do. After all, it was one of your few favorite stories I tell you every night before you, my sunshine, fall asleep to let the night appear.

Well, Byakuro is actually your grandfather and my father. It was this reason that we have the Byakugan. He, as I told you in the stories, a powerful Yokai and great friends with Kyuubi. He is all seeing with his Byakugan and a powerful Seer. Not only that but he is the Lord of the Wind. He, along with you and myself, can manipulate the wind easily.

Your grandmother on the other hand, is a beautiful and peaceful Goddess. An ancient Greek Goddess from another world that is far from here. Her name is Hestia, the Goddess of Hearth. Like her, we can manipulate fire and summon it at will.

This makes us the first Yokai-Goddesses ever to exist in the entire Universe. It was this reason that your grandmother was force to leave. If she were to stay then her whole family will know of my existance with your grandfather. Your grandmother knew if they knew about myself and my father then her brothers, Zeus and Hades along with his nephew Ares, will try coming after us and try to destroy us. It was your grandmother's greatest fears.

I knew and understood my mother and forever love her for her selfless. Your grandfather was forever heartbroken and saddened of her departure, which I'm pretty sure your grandmother felt the same way.

For years we lived peacefully and prayed to your grandmother to know we still love her, but that all ended when the Hyuugas found us. Your grandfather faught bravely to protect me because he knew what the Hyuugas will do if they were to capture us. I could only helplessly watch and could only help only slightly with the powers I slightly learned in my young age from my father.

It wasn't enough. We didn't know they knew a powerful seal in order to seal and capture my father. I was horrified and saddened as I watch my father was captured and sealed away in the same pendant in this Hearth's Treasure (the box you now have) that my mother have given me as a baby. The pendant used to only have a calm fire dancing around the pendant (which is called Homely Hearth), but when they sealed him away inside it the winds joined with the fire. The wind is your grandfather. The Hyuugas put a curse to cause him pain to submit to them, but your grandmother was a Goddess who is peaceful and kind so it didn't work since the fire is protecting your grandfather from any pain they try to cause.

I made sure to keep it away from them and put a bit of myself inside to calm my worried father. They never knew who your mother was, and I kept that secret from them in case they will try to lure your grandmother to them. They only knew that I was Byakuro's daughter, so they only knew about half of my Yokai heritage. Kyuubi never knew what happened to us and I never told him when I finally communicated to him because I knew this will cause him rage and attack Konoha to get to me. It was the Hyuugas' fault, not the village.

I was then forced to be Hiashi's fiance, whom I hated and disliked for his cold personality. I never loved him and never will. It wasn't until I reached at the age of 19 did I finally meet your real father.

Just like your grandmother, I fell for a Yokai - a Bijuu to be exact. He was someone I knew you will love to have as a father. In fact, he was very close friends with Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage. No one knew of this, but Minato was Kyuubi's lost son who was kidnapped many years ago. I didn't know about this until it was too late. Minato never knew who was his parents and it saddened me to know that he will never know even after his death.

It was through Minato that I met your father. His name is Kazuya, the Five-Tailed Ookami (Wolf) Bijuu. He was rather rebellious and one who always talks before thinking, which always sometimes pisses "superiors" and amuses me to no end. Despite this, he was loving and caring person who is willing to risk anything to protect those he loves. He was an honest Yokai whom I trust like no other.

I love your father Hinata. He was someone I've been waiting for since your grandmother was forced away from me, and then when your grandfather was sealed away by those Hyuugas.

This is all I know and the important facts you should know about your heritage. If you, like myself, wishes to be away from the Hyuugas...take Homely Hearth and wear it around your neck. After you do this, bring it to your heart and close your eyes. Pray...pray to your grandmother and summon your chakra to Homely Hearth to alert not only my mother, but also my father from inside the pendant and it will send you to your grandmother's home. It will work because I would have most likely asked that one wish to my mother in order to protect you. This way you will find a way to grow stronger without the Hyuugas' interfeerense. Once you are strong enough to protect yourself then you may come back if you ever wished to, since you most likely have friends there while I was gone.

With many love,

Your Mother, Elpida Yokai-Ookami

After finishing this letter of the truth would forever change not only her life, but many others for two worlds...especially for one boy.


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