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~*{{Kuniochi Among Demigods}}*~


~Part 1: Hearth Meets the Sea~


((Chapter 2))

(((Destined Fates: Kai and Hasu)))




"Ha-aue! Look, look! I made dis fow you,"

"It's beautiful sweet-heart!



"Wha' dis, Aniki?"

A warm chuckle...

"This a pwesent fow you, Imouto-hime. I made it fow you,"

A bond made of a brother's love and protection...

"It pwetty!"

"Pwomise to keep it no mattew what,"

"I pwomise, Aniki! Fow evew and evew!"

A promise... between two close siblings...

Big brother…


"Neh, Chi-Chue? When we see Unca Kuwo an' Piida-chan?"

"Yeah! When we see them, Chi-Chue?"

"Soon... soon you will see them, my precious Mizuppoi Houseki (Watery Gem), my brave Kaze Kitsune (Wind Fox),"









Big Brother...














Big Brother...




"What have you done to my son!"

"No where you need to worry about,"





"That's for me to know and you to never find out,"

"DAMN IT! Let her go!"

"I don't think so! Jigen Sousa: Sekai no Koutsu Kikan Jutsu!"




"Mom? Mom! Mom wake up! It's just a nightmare! Please... WAKE UP!"

Two ocean colored eyes snapped opened with widened frightful eyes from the familiar voice, whom she held precious to her heart. Her eyes met two concern and worried sea-green eyes whom belonged to her one and only son, who looked remarkably like her love, Poseidon, the god of the Seas and the father of her only child.

"Are you alright, mom?" Her son, Percy, asked with worried eyes.

She smiled weakly at her concerned son. He always tried to find a way to help her or take care of her. It was something she loved about Percy. She let out a sigh and sat up with her son's help.

"I-I'm fine Percy. I just..." She let out a sigh, and looked down at her hands - more specifically, her treasured hand-made bracelet. She fiddled with it, a habit whenever she was nervous or under pressure, as she continued. "I was just dreaming of a bad memory. That's all. I'm fine, really. Go back to bed. You still have school tomorrow,"

Percy, hesitantly, nodded with an unconvinced expression. "Alright, goodnight mom," He said before leaving his mom after giving her a warm secured hug.

With a sigh, Sally lay down on her bed and looked up at the ceiling. Tears that had been sealed inside her eyes now slowly crawled out. Her beautiful ocean eyes slightly darkened like a storming gray-ocean. It looked haunted from sadness of a faraway memory she locked away many years ago.

'I... I haven't dreamed of those memories since the day after Percy's birth. Why...? It's been years since I last remembered about them. Why now?' Sally thought, confused and worried. Soon enough, sleep began to overtake the beautiful young woman.

As soon as she closed her eyes, the moonlight shined brightly upon her sleeping form. Her once long rich chocolate brown, silver streaked hair transformed into aqua blue with her aqua blue bangs shadowing her closed eyes. Red fire-like streaks colored at the end of her long aqua hair. Her longer bangs framed her cream, vanilla colored skin with her soft blue lashes touching her flushed cheeks. Her once normal human ears turned elf-like. What was most particular from her appearance were her three whiskered marks on each side of her cheeks.

Just as her change appeared — it quickly disappeared in a blink of an eye.


Her hands were shaking. She couldn't stop them, or stop the silent tears dripping down her eyes. She carefully made sure that her tears didn't ruin the paper she still held tightly in her hands. The box — Hearth's Treasure — lay closely to her with the pendant — Homely Hearth — still in place. She felt numb of multiple emotions being trapped inside her as questions quickly echoed inside her head.

One thing was for sure that explained everything to her.

Hinata wasn't a Hyuuga.

It all made sense despite her slight confusion. Her appearance was nothing like the Hyuugas. It also explained the hatred and disgust upon most of the Hyuugas' expressions, especially her father's — no, Hiashi. The man was never her father to begin with. From what her mother described her true father... Hinata knew she would have loved him even if he was a Bijuu — a Yokai (Demon).

After taking the information her mother had revealed, she held a thoughtful expression. Her mother's request should she ever want to leave the Hyuugas was very tempting. As much as she wanted to take the opportunity without consequences... she found herself hesitating. It was not because she wanted to stay or even miss the Hyuugas, but it was because of her friends in this world especially Naruto-kun.

But… she so badly wanted to leave the Hyuugas and maybe, meet her grandmother, who was force to leave in order to protect her grandfather and mother years ago. Not only that, but also leave the family that only showed her bitterness and hatred.

It was then she made up her mind. She would leave and try to learn more about her grandmother's side of the family, and then find out more about her grandfather's later. She needed to get away from here if she ever wanted to be strong enough to leave the Hyuugas here in the Elemental Continent so that she could have her own journey to find out more about her grandfather and father. But first, she needed the Hokage's permission so that she was not marked as a missing-nin like that Uchiha her crush was training to bring back.

With her mind set and filled with the same determination her crush held, Hinata quickly brought out her pack she always used for missions, and gently put her Hearth's Treasure (with the letter of her mother's and Homely Hearth pendant inside) safely inside her pack. With that done, she packed some of her comfortable clothes, ninja tools, sealing bombs, empty scrolls, and, of course, her two treasured Diaries (which she named Hestia, ironically the same name as her grandmother) which her mother had given her so that she could freely write out her thoughts. One of them was already full and the other was nearly there as well since they were both seven, nearly eight, years of her life.

After packing everything that she would definitely bring with her, Hinata carefully shouldered her pack on her injured, bruised and delicate shoulders and quietly left the Hyuuga Compound. What she did not know was that it would take the same amount of time to stay in her grandmother's home as Naruto's training, and find out more than just about her grandmother's family and heritage, but also find herself in the middle of a war of her heritage from her grandmother's long past. She would finally know the true meaning of family and a strong friendship from people she never expected to be with, and find the her true love in someone she would forever care and hold in her heart like no other. Her love would be a conflicting battle between two people, but she would finally know whom her heart holds dearly above all else. While the other will forever remain have a strong hold of friendship between herself and that other like no one else. For these two individuals would forever hold a strong bond and a precious side of her heart.


A boy of thirteen sighed tiredly. He pushed his hands in his jean pockets as he walked back home as he looked on ahead. His beautiful sea-green eyes, which mirrored the seas, looked troubled as his hands fiddled around his pen, which was really his disguised sword, Riptide. His shaggy, yet slightly messy, black hair blew with the wind as his thoughts waved with troubled, worried questions.

He was definitely worried, that was obvious. He still could not help but worry over his precious mother, especially after last night. He had never seen his mother so helpless, fragile, and sad. He knew the nightmare must have been a memory of her past, which she still had not told him yet. The thought that he could not do anything to help her saddened him and made feel helpless. It was not a feeling he very much enjoyed, especially when it concerned his mother, who was the most important person he holds dearly besides Annabeth and Grover.

'I can only hope she's doing alright while I was at school today,' Percy thought with concern.

The boy was none other than Perseus Jackson, or what many know him as Percy. Just about over a year ago, he had just been an ordinary boy with school problems that he usually gets expelled from explosions with a case of ADHD and dyslexia. Unfortunately, before and after summer began was when he found out about his true heritage and who his father was.

His father was none other than Poseidon, the god of the Seas and one of the Big Three.

He, Percy Jackson, was a demigod.

That was the year he found out about the Greek Gods' existence. Not to mention the explanation of all the dangerous situation of his life before he even knew of their existence. It was also that year he made friends and enemies from an ancient evil entity that the god of the Skies denied about. This fact frustrated Percy since he had seen and held more evidence about the Titan of Time's existence. Then there was Luke, son of Hermes, and the very spy of Camp Half-Blood that Kronos used to kill Percy in the first place.

Then, not that long ago on his second summer in Camp Half-Blood, he met Luke again when he sneaked out of camp with his Cyclops brother, Tyson, and his best female friend, Annabeth, to save Grover, his best male friend.

Percy remembered Luke's words of Kronos's revival that was closely approaching:

"Each time a half-blood joins us, the Olympians grow weaker and we grow stronger. He grows stronger,"

"He is re-forming. Little by little, we're calling his life force out of the pit. With every recruit who pledges our cause, another small piece appears—"

His fist tightened and glared down at the pavement below him. Percy wished Zeus would just get out of his denial, but he knew that it wouldn't happen any time soon.

At the thought of the Lord of the Skies led him to think of Zeus's one and only demigod daughter, Thalia. The last time he saw her was the last day of summer in Camp Half-Blood.

With a sigh, Percy shook all thoughts of his other side of his family and focus more on his mother, who was probably still home… hopefully. His mother needed the day off after that dream that made his mother sad. He hated seeing her so upset just like he did whenever her mother held the same expression when his father was mentioned.

"I just wish mom would tell me about her past soon…" Percy muttered with a sigh. That was one of the major mysterious of family. He knew for a fact that his mom's side of the family must be important as much as his dad's own family of immortal beings. He just wasn't sure how important they were.

Another thing was that he couldn't just straight out ask about them. The memory the first time he asked where his grandparents were and if he had any aunts or uncles around was a memory he would never forget for as long as he lived. The expression that reflected in his mother's eyes… it haunted Percy every time he remembers them which promptly stopped him from asking anymore.

That still didn't stop his curiosity about his mother's side of the family.

Shaking away from those thoughts, Percy concentrated getting home safely without any sort of mythology monsters encounters that might lead him into trouble… again.

It wasn't until a few minutes walking back home did another change will occur in his already chaotic life.

A bright orange and red light lit brightly in the alley ahead, which shocked Percy and almost had him fall back. Luckily, he managed to steady himself before he could stumble down in the hard concrete. Confused and worried, Percy took out Riptide and quietly walked toward the alley ahead. Seemed like the Mist was able to cover up the unusual occurrence, which relieved Percy since he was known with the most horrible luck when it came getting in trouble when he was merely defending himself from his monster friends.

Biting his bottom lip and gripping Riptide tightly, Percy slowly stalked inside the dark alleyway with his bronze sword lighting the way. With a nervous gulp and his muscles tense in ready, he allowed Riptide cover the end of the dark area and was shocked upon seeing no monster, but… an unconscious human being.

His sea-green eyes widened and immediately ran toward the unconscious person while putting away Riptide. Carefully and gently, Percy picked the smaller body and picked her up bridal-style. He was surprised and embarrassed to feel the small frame helped identify the body's gender as a female. Shaking his head, he determinedly ignored this fact and set out to get the girl somewhere safe.

'Normally I wouldn't do this, but finding her after that bright flash in the same alleyway it appeared from… it's too suspicious. Hopefully she's not siding with Luke and Kronos. I don't believe mom would mind having someone over unexpectedly,' Percy thought.

With a mental nod, he set out home with (hopefully) a non-enemy in his arms.


About 2 hours earlier

Hinata nervously waited patiently for the Hokage, Tsunade, to let her in. She was definitely nervous to what she was about to tell her Hokage, but she steeled herself for what's about to come. She truly needed to this. It wasn't only to know about her family, but a need to get stronger by getting away from the cold Hyuugas.

A young woman with short black hair and warm black eyes walked out of the Hokage's office. In her arms was a familiar looking pig with a beaded necklace.

"Tsunade-sama is ready to see you, Hinata-chan," Shizune said with a smile.

"A-Arigato," Hinata bowed with a nervous smile.

"No problem, dear," Shizune said as she led Hinata inside then walked behind the Hokage.

Her pale lavender eyes looked nervously to her Hokage's hazel eyes. Tsunade was a beautiful Kuniochi that Hinata could only dream to be. She had long dirty blond hair that's tied into two low pigtails. Her two long bangs parted from the middle of her forehead to show a purple diamond. Her most noticeable thing about her curved figure that most men look at was her large D-cup breasts.

"Why have you asked an audience for me, Hinata-chan? I know for a fact it can't be a mission, so what have you come for me?" Tsunade asked curiously.

Pushing her fingers together, she took a deep breath and steeled her non-existing confidence with Naruto pictured in her mind to let out the words come out of her mouth. "I have a favor to ask, Hokage-sama…"


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