At this point in time, I dont know whether to make this a long story or just a short one. Depends on the next couple of chapters. Hope you enjoy this and please let me know what you think :) xx

Meats POV

How would I tell him this news I have? Would he want me to go ahead with it or would he not be ready yet?

So many thoughts ran through my mind. I didnt know what to say to him. I didnt even kow whether to be nervous or excited. I didnt know myself.

Just before my thoughts could go any furthur, Scaramouche came out of her and Gaz's room opposite mine and Brits. I gasped and grabbed her, pulling her into my room. "Scara!" I said, shutting the door behind us.

"Meat? Whats going on?" Scara questioned. Freash tears had fallen from my eyes, as I now found it hard to control my emotions. "Whats happened?"

I led her to the bed and she sat down. I took a deep breath and walked over to my chest of drawers. I opened the top draw and took out the small rectangle box I had been dreading to look at again for the past two days. I handed it to Scara and I sat down next to her, waiting for her reaction.

She opened the box to reveal the plastic stick. She looked at me as she read the result. "You're pregnant?" She asked, smiling. Her question sounded more like a statement. I nodded in confirmation, my lip trembling. I felt like a kid about to get told off by their parents for breaking a family ornament. "Oh my god! Meat, thats amazing! Congratulations!" She embraced me in a hug and I burst out crying. "Why on planet Mall are you crying? Its wonderful news!"

"I know but I dont know if im ready. And what if Brits not ready and he wants me to have an abortion. If we decide to keep it, I might be a terrible mum!" I said, still heavily crying.

"Im sure you'll be a great mum. There's not doubt about that but you'll need to talk to Brit when he gets back. Find out what he thinks and we'll take it from there" Scara said, rubbing my arms in reassurance.

I nodded and breathed in deeply. "Okay."

Scaramouche smiled. "Thats my girl! Now, lets get you cleaned up. You look like a panda."