Brits POV

I looked down at the baby girl. I held her in my arms while she lay peacefully in a dream world. She was so beautiful! She deffinatley looked like a mini Meat.

I just couldn't believe this angel of a baby was Galileo's. She wasn't mine? Out of all the people it could have been? The lover and soul mate of Meats best friend. I love her!...Loved her. I dont know what to do now. Shes my girlfriend, my best friend. I should forgive her...but this is a situation thats too big. I dont think I'll be able to.

I thought we were going to have a family. A proper family. A bohemian family! Just me, Meat and the baby. I guess not...They'll be sorry. Both of them! Meat and Galileo. They'll see what a big mistake they've made.

Scara's POV

I couldn't deal with the news and emotion that was coming towards me. I stormed out of the bar and locked myself in the nearest bathroom. ... How could Gaz do something like that?... How could Meat do something like that? Shes my best friend, and Gaz is my boyfriend. It just doesnt seem right! And now they have a child together! Is that really my Gaz? My Shagaleo Gigalo! I should have been the mother to that child!

Even if we stayed together, there would be complications. Gaz would have rights to see the baby which would mean they would most likely be together more. He'd be spending less time with me. I frowned at the thought. I may as well end my life! If he doesnt want to be with me, then so be it.

I looked over towards the sink and spotted Bic Macca's razer. Could I...? Would I...? Doesnt seem like they would miss me if I did. I stood up and make my way towards it, picking it up. From the corner of my eye, I saw my bright shade of violet hair, sticking up all over the place. Black mascara running down my pale face, tears dripping onto the old white sink. I held out my wrist and hovered the razer over my veins. I slowly lowered it but as it touched my skin. I immediently pulled away. What was I doing? Being the childish teenager I once was, only a few years ago. I thought the self-harming habit had stopped?

Galileo will be mine again, and Meat will pay.

And that is it! That is the end of The Bohemian Child. But dont panic - there is going to be a sequel! :D Fun times! Originally a sequel was not planned, but I really enjoyed writing this story. Im not sure when the next story will be uploaded as I have Dracula rehearsals at the moment (I have a lot of lines to learn! :O ) but I will have it up as soon as I can. If you havnt already, subscribe to my profile and you will know straight away when it is uploaded. See you soon! :)