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Lee's Fantastic Discovery

The sun beat down through a crack in the shade and centered on Might Guy as he awoke from it. The nightmare he had that night, seemed all too real for him as he yawned and stretched. With the crack of first sunlight it was time to start his morning workout.

As he looked around, it was not the same and he didn't feel the same. The corner of his eye and to his left laid Jiraiya who was on his knees with his face against the wall. Guy couldn't help but blink, as this was something he had seen in his dream. Looking closer he could see that there were cracks in the wall and a bit of dried blood from where the old sage had hit the wall.

A shiver had run down his spine as he turned and looked to the right where he had hoped he wouldn't find another part of his dream. Turning slowly he saw a blond woman on her back. The blankets were not covering her and the very large breasts of this woman were exposed.

Guy's mouth dropped open as he looked at her. His eyes traced her voluptuous body from the sheet that covered only part of her lower body and stomach, right up past her breasts and shoulders to her neck and that somewhat youthful face to the diamond shaped mark on her forehead. His heart dropped and every nerve in his body tingled as he tensed up. There was no mistaking who lay naked next to him in this bed.

A knock came to the door and it slowly creaked open. More sunlight entered the room as a shadowy figure stepped into the room. "Lady Tsunade, it's time to arise and great the day we have a lot of work to …" the voice spoke but stopped suddenly. The light had blinded Guy so he couldn't see the person but he could tell who it was from her voice. A gasp came from the woman and almost the same time a loud "Oink!" was heard from the small pig in her arms.

"Oh my I um, better come back later" the woman said in apanic as she quickly vanished from site closing the door and blocking the light of day back out of the dark room. It was clear to Guy that he was not in his own home at this point and he leapt from the bed as the voice of the woman still lying there spoke. One eye opened as she said "either come back to bed or GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

The thunderous voice of the fifth Hokage sent another chill down his spine as he looked around. He was not dressed and nothing was covering his shame. His green jumpsuit was also not in plain sight. A moan from the woman who was waking up was heard and he knew from history that she was not a pleasant person to deal with in the morning so his clothes could wait.

On a normal day, Guy would start off with some pushups and squat thrusts to warm up before his jog but this was not a normal day and his nightmare seemed to have been a reality. Without a word, Guy bolted out the door to the hall where he could see Shizune leaning against the wall still with her hand on her forehead.

Jogging past the dark haired woman, he smiled and gave her his thumbs up nice guy pose as if nothing had happened as the girl stared speechless. "Good day Shizune I must get back to my jogging" he said as he jogged out of the Hokage office and down the street. Once again Tonton the small pig from the arms of Shizune called out "OINK!" as he left.

With his jog, Guy was trying to remember what all had taken place in this nightmare and what events and taken place before this. With his normal smile with the wide glimmering teeth was on his face as he was thinking and he didn't seem to notice that all the people in the streets had stopped and were watching him. A simple thumb up from the large eye browed man would greet each person as he jogged past them.

Slowly his memory was coming back to him as to how he had landed himself in the bed of Tsunade and he started to retrace his steps backwards in his mind. "I must tell Lee!" Guy exclaimed as he picked up his pace in the direction of his home.

Meanwhile above the flower shop at about the same time as Guy had awoke, a much younger version of him also stretched and looked at the window that was shut keeping the sun from getting into the room. "What a glorious day! I wonder what the day's youthful mystery will bring me" he said as he looked down off the bed.

It was at that time he could see his green jump suit and orange leg warmers laid against a chair. He turned and looked to the bed he was now sitting on the edge of and there was a blond woman, she had nothing on at all and nothing covering her slim and milky white body.

There was no mistaking who that was. Lee hopped out of the bed and looked at her as the power of youth seemed to grow within his body and he could feel it inside him start to stir. The blond rolled to her side and looked at him.

"Lee, I can see you are ready to go again but two nights in a row is too much for me, now remember this was a favor for you and you are not to tell anyone what we did! Don't test me because I can read your mind anytime I want and I will know if you lied!" The blond spoke sternly as she looked at the boy who stood before her.

"Yes Ino, I will not tell anyone other than Guy-sensei but I must tell him" he said as he stepped off the bed and made his way to the green spandex suit that he had on before the night came to an end. Ino waved her hand to acknowledge that he could tell his sensei, knowing full well it was a losing battle to try and convince him otherwise.

As Lee started to dress himself, he glanced over at Ino who had been watching him. Her body was slightly curvy without her clothes on and he could see she had a very pale tone to her. He traced her body with his eyes taking in every single site as once again the power of youth was stirring and building and at the same time making it difficult to pull the spandex suit over his hips.

"You like what you see?" asked Ino with a smile across her face before her eyebrows went down. "Well take a good look because this will not happen again!" she told him before grabbing the sheet and wrapping it around her.

"Yes Ino I understand, now I must be off to find Guy sensei" the bushy browed boy told her as he pulled his orange leggings over the suit. As he started to make way to the door, Lee turned and looked again at Ino. "I just wish to thank you for teaching me the ancient secret art of Intercourse, I have enjoyed these lessons every much"

"Just get out!" Ino said and pointed to the door as Lee nodded and walked out slipping on his shoes and starting off on his morning run to his sensei's home. With Lee gone, Ino laid back down grabbing a pillow and putting it over her body as she hugged it and looked up at the ceiling. "You know he wasn't half bad, actually he was much better than most…. But it was LEE!" she called out and threw her head back against the bed.

Lee ran down the street and didn't dawdle at all, he had to get back to his sensei and tell him the news of this new secret art of intercourse. He was sure that he had learned of its secrets before his sensei and in so would have won the challenge. His dream would be a reality if he could be better at intercourse than his master and yet he was sure there would be a few challengers along the way in his quest to master this technique. Tears started to flow from Lee's eyes as he ran. They were not tears of sadness but tears of joy and pride. "I will be the most splendid intercourse ninja of all time!" he called out as he started to run faster.

Lee had picked up his pace more than normal as he ran in the direction of his sensei. In his head he was saying over and over "I will be the most splendid ninja at intercourse and if someone is better than I will do intercourse one hundred times so I can beat that person. If they are still better I will do 1000 intercourse! I will not rest till I have mastered this intercourse technique and have become the best!" his tears still streamed as he started to recall the day before with his date and how this all began.