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Lee awoke and hopped out of bed the feelings he had the night before were not with him and he felt like his old self. He started doing squat thrusts and counting aloud. Suddenly he heard a moan and he stood up. Lee looked to the bed and could see a lot of blond hair starting to move. He quickly got into his fighting stance and stood ready to fight.

Ino rolled over in her bed and squinted at Lee before pushing her hair from her eyes. The light was blinding this early in the morning and she had a hard time focusing on him. "Lee what are you doing?" she asked, sitting up and holding the sheet over her body.

"Oh Ino, it is you. Have you come to train this morning?" he asked returning to his normal standing position. Ino looked at him and sighed "I think we did enough training to last us a life time last night Lee" she told him before letting out a yawn.

"There is never enough training! The greatest man in the world Guy sensei always says to make a splendid ninja one most work hard and train as much as possible, every day of their life!" He spoke to her as he crossed his arms.

"Lee, I am tired do you always do this in the mornings?" she asked him. Lee nodded his head. "Yes Ino I must work hard and train hard or I will not be the most splendid ninja I can be!" He told her as he stretched. "If you wish to work out, I think fifty times around the village will do for this morning than we can get some breakfast" he told her.

Ino groaned "Lee are you never tired, even after last night?" She asked. Lee shook his head than it hit him what she had said. "Wait, we trained last night?" he asked her and scratched his head. He didn't remember anything that had happened that night. "What did we do?" he asked her and paused for a moment before adding, "I must know every detail".

Ino looked at him for a moment as she was starting to wake up. "Lee you know damn well what we did last night! We had sex!" She told him. Lee looked at her confused "Sex? What is sex?" he asked her.

Ino was starting to get angry at the way he was acting. "INTERCOURSE!" She shouted at him. Lee was again stunned. He didn't know what that word was but for some reason he had trained with her. "We did intercourse last night?" he asked.

Ino shouted once more "YES WE DID!" she now remembered why she didn't want to go on a blind date in the first place. She could get someone like Lee and she got just that Lee. He was normal Lee again and not whatever he was that night.

Lee got excited "Is that a secret art technique?" He asked her. Ino was very annoyed at this time and she shouted again "YES IT IS NOW LEAVE ME ALONE I NEED SLEEP"

Lee started jumping up and down with his excitement as he had trained all last night in the secret art of Intercourse. It was at that time he realized he was not in his own room and he was not with any clothing on. "Oh Ino I am sorry, I am exposed to you, I must head home but I am grateful to know about this new technique" he told her.

Ino rolled over and she got an idea. "Lee sweetie, this secret art of intercourse must remain a secret or it will lose its power. You cannot tell anyone of this ok?" She said.

Lee looked at her "But I must tell Guy-sensei!" he told her. She sighed, "Fine JUST HIM but if anyone else finds out I will hunt you down SO HELP ME!" she said to Lee and tossed him his pants.

Lee quickly put on his pants and nodded "That is a deal Ino I will only tell guy sensei" he told her before leaving as quickly as he got on his pants.

Lee than started running at full speed down the street passing everyone in a cloud of dust and shouting "GUY SENSEI!" as he ran past everyone. Nobody even seemed to bat an eye at what Lee was doing.

Lee rushed to his sensei home as Guy was about to leave for his morning jog. Lee called out "GUY SENSEI, GUY SENSEI!" Guy stopped in his tracks. "What is it Lee?" he asked turning to face his student. "Why Lee you have forgotten your shirt!" he told him looking at the shirtless Lee.

"Yes Guy sensei but I have important news to tell you?" He said to his team leader. Guy stood stretching as Lee spoke. "Well than Lee you must tell me this news" he insisted waiting for his student to continue.

"Well, Guy sensei as you know I had a date last night and it was with Ino!" he began. Guy looked at him and his eyes widened "With Ino you say?" he asked.

"Yes and she showed me a new technique!" Lee told him. Guy was flabbergasted at what Lee had said. "A new technique you say? Well, what could it be?" he asked Lee now getting very excited to hear that the date went well and they had trained.

"Well guy sensei, it is a secret art known as the secret art of intercourse!" Lee exclaimed raising his arms in the air as he finished his statement. Guy looked at Lee for a moment as he thought of what it was. Lee than asked "Do you know of this?"

"Of course I do Lee but I just forgot how it goes, will you show me and refresh my memory?" Guy asked Lee for in reality he had no clue what intercourse was or how to do the secret art technique.

"Yes Guy Sensei!" Lee said as he got in his fighting stance but then he stopped. He frowned before adding, "I am sorry Guy sensei I cannot remember how it goes" He said sadly. Guy sensei laughed. "Well Lee that is alright, it seems that the most powerful techniques are the easiest to forget!" he told him.

Lee nodded as his frown went away. Than like a light bulb going off, Guy put up his hand. "Well Lee, being that neither I nor you have worked out this morning and neither of us remember how to do this technique than I propose a challenge to you!" he told him with a smile crossing his face.

Lee's eyes lit up as Guy told him he would issue a challenge. "YES GUY SENSEI ANY CHALLENGE I WILL ACCEPT!" he shouted in his excitement. Guy laughed as he had gotten carried away himself.

"WELL LEE THIS CHALLENGE WILL BE A SIMPLE ONE!" He spoke than realized he was shouting. "I propose at challenge between you and me! Whichever one can master this secret art of intercourse first and do it most will win this challenge and we have 24 hours to do so! Are you up for this challenge Lee?" Guy asked him.

Lee nodded "Yes Guy Sensei I am!" he exclaimed. Guy flashed a nice guy pose with a thumb up and a brilliant flash of his teeth before he spoke. "Then we will begin right now" and with that Guy rushed off in a flash of dust to find the first person he could see.

"Oh... OH YES GUY SENSEI!" Lee said as he started to run but realized he was not in his normal clothing. Lee quickly changed into his spare green jump suit and orange leg warmers before he ran off the other direction. Lee was determined to beat his sensei in this contest of intercourse.

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