Shadow K I S S E D

A Novel

"My name is Xavier Ozera,"

he said. There was something achingly familiar about him.

Almost like we had met before, but that was impossible.

"Welcome to St. Vladimir's Academy."

ANNA HAS ALWAYS LIVED A NORMAL LIFE. ORPHANED AT a young age and raised by her new family, she's grown up an average teen and loved by many. But Anna can't help feeling there's something very different about her, something that makes her special. Her senses are sharper, her reflexes faster, and her strength greater. And at night, her dreams are invaded by things she can't help feeling are calling her to some mysterious destiny.

After sixteen years, Anna has given up on ever finding her real family and is content with living her life. Until she's brutally attacked by a fierce Strigoi – a malicious, undead vampire – leaving her world shattered. Left for dead, she is taken to St. Vladimir's Academy, a school for royal Moroi – living vampires – and their guardians-to-be, hidden in the dense Montana wilderness. There, Anna learns that she is a Dhampir: a creature born from a powerful blend of human and vampire blood.

Thrust into a world she doesn't understand, and unable to ever return to the life she once lived, Anna struggles to find her way. She must master the art of combat, navigate a new and dangerous world, and never let her guard down, lest death return to reclaim what was cheated from him. . . .

Sometimes who you are

is not always who you are meant to become.



Love and Loyalty Run Deeper Than Blood