Big Girls Can be Sexy Too!

Pairings: Puck/Mercedes, Finn/Quinn, Tina/Mike

Author Note: Homage and all agreements with Isis Aurora Tomoe, Never Piss off Mercedes was a complete inspiration…as you can tell from the title.

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Chapter 9 (A)

Mercedes PoV

"What makes you think I'd want his mouth on me, Mama? Or is it that you would like to see Sam's big lips sucking my cock?" Puck asked with a smirk.

"Ummm." I moaned a bit at the thought. My panties were soaked and the front of his pants weren't much better. He leaned up and nipped at my neck, demanding an answer without words. "I could definitely see the appeal in watching Sam blow you. Just as I'm sure that you could see the appeal in watching Sam suck my nipples from between my legs. But I don't think I could be 'that girl'. Sam is kinda of my friend. After everything he and his family went through last year, and prom and all… I don't think I could see him as just a sextoy. And I refuse to ruin what we have by daydreaming about Trouty Mouth."

Puck kissed me deeply. Sometimes I can feel his love for me almost tangibly in his kisses. This was one of those times. So I was surprised when he actually continued about Sam. "Yeah, but Sam he's a good guy. He's liked you since Prom. If he hadn't had his head all turned around by Quinn with her desperation to show Finn that she wasn't upset by his feelings for Rachel, you guys might have hooked up last year." Puck said quietly. "I just feel kinda sorry for him. He felt like he had to help Quinn because of how much she helped his family, otherwise he would have asked you out before you lost weight. But I just scooped you up after wards. And it makes me feel kinda scummy."

"So what you figure you would share me with him, and feel better?" I asked not mad, or sad or anything but confused. "And how do you even know all this."

"Well I know some of it because EVERYBODY thinks I'm a lot dumber than I am. I see stuff others don't notice. Then there is the fact that Evans was the one to come up to me and tell me that if I didn't take care of you he would find some way to kick my ass. Damned if I didn't believe him too." Puck answered. "Could I share you with Evans? Yeah I could because I know he loves you just as much as I do. Besides, this is about the only way to keep him from getting mauled to death by the she-beast Quinn is becoming. She's already spazzing about prom queen again."

His lips were so close to my ear. How cruel is he to make a conversation about another dude all sexy like this. I rocked my hips forward, loving the sensation of grinding on his reawakening erection. "Man I've never even had sex with one boy…now you are trying to convince me to have it with two?" I asked for further clarification.

Puck busied his hands gathering my corset, sitting up and helping me get it back on. "Not just sex…all of it. The dates, the making out. Maybe eventually the sex. But there is no rush…Sam just got Quinn's claws out of him thanks to Tina. Besides call me selfish…but I want to be your first. I can share you…but I want that little bit of you just for us."

"I'm still not sure I'm down with this. I'm not a toy to be shared with your friends." I huffed, starting to see past my hormones, and to the actual and factual of the situation.

"Sexy Mama, I never want to do anything to make you uncomfortable. But if I didn't tell you what I was thinking, you'd have ripped me a new one and that's what I was thinking about. Besides, you would have known if I lied. So think about it. It's not something that we could decide in one night anyway." Puck said gently pushing my hair behind my ear.

We made out for a few more minutes, just basking in each other's kisses until our alarms signaled that it was time to get me home. Of course even after he took me home, I was trapped in a miasma of thoughts and dreams of those two men and little ole me.

The next morning I was up early for a teenager on the weekend. I was up by ten. In fact I was up dressed, ok so it was a couple of tank tops, yoga pants, and fuzzy slippers, but it wasn't my pajamas… that has to count right. I have a nice healthy breakfast, and find a note from my parents telling me that they are spending the day in the city with my uncle and aunt and won't be back until late. Apparently Baby Duck…(my uncle Donald's childhood nickname) got his hand on some tickets to the opera and they were all going to go. Guess that's a great evening if you are grownups. The house to myself. Yeah! I headed to the living room to veg out. Thinking it was way too early to bother anyone for company, plus there is the fact that I've never been one to have trouble being by myself. I lasted about an hour…then I had a longing for some Halo. I grabbed my phone and texted the boys.

MercyMe0My to Puckzilla, Finnocence, SamIAM, Porcelain, AsianFusianM, & SmArtie: Rents gone for the day, anyone up for a HALO-athon?

Puckzilla: Hell yeah. So there. Be over in twenty.

Finnocence: Can't Quinn and I are doing the coffee thing then Lunch.

Porcelain: Going Shopping with Rachel. I will not rest until I break her addiction to animal appliqués.

SamIAm: Umm can I get a new handle this time. I do not like green eggs and ham.

AsianFusianM: I'm there til 2. Then I have a date with Tina

SmArtie: I'm good for some Halo. But I've got to be outtie by 2 as well. I'll bring some snackage.

I ran upstairs and threw on a bra. But other than some gloss, I was as presentable as I wanted to be for a Saturday afternoon Halo marathon. By the time I got back downstairs, Sam and Puck were at the door. Puck pulled me in for a long slow deep kiss, that I enjoyed quite thoroughly. However when I turned to say hello to Sam I was hit with a look of abject longing. It was gone so fast I thought for a second I'd imagined it but when I pulled Sam into my usual hug, I could feel something I'm really not used to feeling from my guy friends. And over his shoulder I saw Puck giving me his 'told you so' look.

"You are looking too good to just be loungin' playing Halo today Lil Mama. When we get tired of kicking each other's digital asses, we've gotta go do something." Puck teased.

"You do look good, Mercedes." Sam said shyly.

"You two must have been smoking crack rock at Puck's before you came over. Cause I barely unwrapped my weave." I joked. Before either of them could raise a rebuttal, Artie and Mike pulled up. "Come on the gang's all here, let's get out Halo on."

For the next hour and an half I kicked ass in Halo. The guys get so busy fighting each other they forget about me. Time flew, as it does whenever you don't exactly want it to, and Mike and Artie had to dip to the left. You know Artie never did tell us where he was going. Oh well I'm probably too nosy for my own good anyway. Shortly after they left, we decided to put away Halo and watch a movie. "alright. So Movie. What genre are you guys in the mood for?" I asked nicely.

"Sci-Fi." Sam suggested.

"Action." Puck said at the exact same moment.

"Look why don't we do something totally goofy. We can shut the storm shutters, completely black the living room out and watch some classic horror. I've got all the Poltergeists, the Nightmare on Elm Streets, The Fly, the Jeff Goldblum Version." I suggested before they could start to argue.

"Hey cool. Ya'll got the Ring?" Sam asked excitedly.

"Hell to the no. I am not watching that movie and then you both go home and leave me in this damn big ass house all by myself, swearing Samara is gonna come out of every fricking TV I have." I said shivering uncontrollably. I took a second to calm myself, you two go shut the shutters, I'll pop the popcorn."

The second I stepped foot in the kitchen the phone rang. "Hello Jones Residence." I answered politely.

"Hey Baby girl. Look your father and I decided to stay here overnight. You are a senior in high school we can leave you alone for one night. AND not come home to a destroyed house or a pregnant daughter." My mother said in her stern tone. "Now your father and I have discussed it and if you agree to not do anything life changing, you may have a co-ed sleep over."

"Mom. You couldn't have told me that when there was time to actually get the crew together? Tina and Mike are doing their Asian Fusion thing, Artie is busy, Brittany and Santana are doing some kind of intervention, and Kurt is trying to pry Rachel's wardrobe from her hands, without killing her." I said pouting.

"Well that still leaves you with Noah, Samuel, and that nice Lauren girl, and maybe Quinn." Mom advised.

"Umm no Quinn and Sam should not be in the same plane of existence for a while. Besides she's out on a date with Finnerfer as we speak." I joked. "No, but honestly. Not the greatest break-up story and in this one I'm kinda on Sam's side. She did him dirty too many times, Moma."

"Ok well, just try to have fun. We should be back tomorrow after church." She added. "We love you. Have a good evening and don't do anything that I wouldn't do."

Yeah that's not as limiting as one might think. I thought to myself, remembering that time I found her box of before she was Mama mementos. "I love you too, Mama. Have a great night."

Huh. I walked back into the living room looking very dazed and confused. "What's wrong, Mercy?" Sam asked confused.

"Nothing. My parents are staying the night with my aunt and uncle. And my Mom just gave me permission to get my groove on. I think. But then she said don't do anything she wouldn't do. Which one would assume would negate the whole have a co-ed sleepover thing. But then I remembered some of the pictures my brother and I found in her memento box at the back of the shelf of her closet, and I'm not sure that's even as much of a limiter as it was when Satan said it. So now I'm completely confused." I babbled.

"Whoa, way to channel your inner Evans, Lil Mama." Puck teased.

"You want me to leave ya'll 'lone, then." Sam said a bit dejectedly.

"Sam you're our friend and this is the first Saturday you've gotten to be a regular teenager in over a year. We are NOT kicking you out." I said gently.

"Hell naw, man. If we decide to get our freak on, you can so completely watch." Puck teased.

I gave him a hard look. And he, of course, just shrugged unapologetically. "Ignore the horn dog on the couch."

"Okay…" he said stretching the two letters out to several syllables. "Besides, that would be too cruel even for you, Puck. I know that you know. There is no way you would pull that one."

"Yeah well, while you two have your man only convo. I'm gonna go grab the snackage from the kitchen for real this time." I said turning. What I said next, I will never admit to thinking they could hear me. I would, in fact swear I had said it under my breath. "Already told that boy only way Sam is putting his mouth on me is if he puts it on him too." I pseudo muttered as I headed out the room.

Puck PoV

She is so gonna pay for saying that then leaving me alone with Evans.

"What the hell man?" he asked stridently.

"What?" I tried to deflect. He wasn't chasing the stick. He stood there arms crossed and waited. "Fine. I feel kind bad 'cause I do know that you liked Lil Mama last year…still not sure how you let Quinn mind fuck you again."

"I have no clue. She somehow got my Mom on her side, and boom we're dating again." He groaned, throwing himself on the couch. "But that still in no way explains what Mercy just said."

"Ok, well like I said I felt bad for knowing you liked her since last year and then scooping her up before you could extricate yourself from Quinn. So last night after the Karofsky situation resolved itself, I may have put feelers out to see how she felt about pulling you into out couple ness." I said blushing. I hate blushing, it so isn't bad ass. "It's all your fault. If you hadn't been looking at her like you wanted to fuck her against the wall, never mind who was there. That made me start thinking about how much fun we could both have with her. But she says that you are too good a friend to just be a sextoy."

"Thank God for Small Favors. It would freaking kill me to just be her fuck buddy." Sam sighed.

"I know. Hence me trying to figure out how to have Lil Mama, and not be the world's scummiest friend. Anyway she said that the only way she would risk what she and I have would be for us all to be getting down. Not just her and I and you and her." I finally finished explaining.

"Dude." Sam groaned. "Why does everyone think just 'cause my lips are this big they NEED to be DSLs?"

"Cause they would look damn good wrapped round a cock." I joked. "Not our fault you have lady lips. Any way she is supposed to be thinking about it. She probably didn't even mean for us to hear that last part."

"So what, you have her thinking about it, but didn't see any reason to mention it to me?" Sam asked.

"Didn't want to get your hopes up." I replied.

"You are all heart." He said deadpan. "So what about the whole letting me watch ya'll get frisky. How mean is that. You can look…you can even watch me touch, but you can't touch yourself."

"I didn't mean for it to be cruel. I just assumed that seeing would be better than not." I said sincerely. "If the situation was reversed…I'd totally want to at least be able to watch you two getting busy…give me some great material for those lonely nights."

"You are all heart, Noah Puckerman." Mercedes said as she entered the room with a big bowl of popcorn.

"Mercy. I'm so sorry." Sam said as he rushed over and took the bowl from her. "I didn't put Puck up to this I promise."

He is such a suck up. Here I am trying to help out his situation. "Boy please, No one can put Puck up to anything." She says laughing. Damn I love watching her laugh. "I know where this is coming from. Puck wants to help. He, however, is a bit new to this whole caring thing, so his version is just not what one would usually think of in this situation. Sorry he made you feel uncomfortable."

"Oh stop apologizing for me." I said sternly. "You will note that at no point has he said that he wasn't thinking about it."

She turned and gave me a hard look. Then she gave Sam an even more assessing look. He started to blush fierce red. "OMG, Samuel Evans, you are so totally thinking about it."

"Well I'm a teenage boy, who has had a thing for you for over a year. Sorry if I'm considering my options when the endgame might actually be getting with the girl of my dreams." He said petulantly throwing himself back into his spot on the Jones' couch.

She bounced over and gave him a slower than usual hug. Things are starting to look promising. Call me greedy. But I have a girl way out of my league, and maybe I can do something I've fantasized about since puberty. Yeah I said it. Everyone always assumes that when I said I wanted a threesome I meant two girls and one guy, but the one I saw when I was eight was two guys totally fucking this chick and she was in absolute heaven. I decided then and there that that was what I wanted. Still not sure about interacting with him though. That was not in any of the pornos I saw.

"Sorry Sammy." She said. "I never thought you thought about me that way. I mean I know you said I was beautiful at Prom. But I kinda just thought you were just being a good friend."

"No I meant that you were beautiful. I was just too shy to say anything else. Then Quinn got my mom to talk me into going back out with her. And after the summer, well Puck got you before I could." He is such a golden boy.

"Yeah, yeah…while you two are thinking way too hard about something that's really all kinds of easy, the popcorn is getting cold." I started the movie. The very first Poltergeist, and pulled Lil Mama into the seat between me and Evans on the sofa. The old me would have talked them into hitting the Jones' Liquor cabinet, and then preyed upon them in their drunken states. But I'm not gonna wreck this. I'm gonna be good, and try to develop this into something real.

Sam PoV

I'm trying to be good. I really am. But with the three of us cuddled on the couch, and Mercy smelling so damn good, being good is taking a way different meaning for me right now. Puck, however, is making things so much worse. Not better. He'd laid his head in Mercy's lap and stretched his arm up and over my thighs. Like she and I have already agreed to his crazy plan. If I am completely honest with myself. I know I'm gonna agree. I mean it's not even like Puck's will be the first cock I've ever had in my mouth. God and the reward will be so much better than the five hundred bucks I won on that dare. There is a reason alcohol sluts should never drink in a same sex environment. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

I slid my arm over the back of the couch and Mercy cuddles into me, while stroking Puck's hair. I can't help but smile at the way he shivers when her nails lightly scratch his scalp. "I'm in." I say quietly. "If part of this is more nights like this then I'm in."

"Whoa…What?" Mercy asks looking at me in that total soul searching way she has.

"Look I like you. I could so easily love you. Puck. He's already in love with you. I like Puck. I'm not exactly bi or anything. But I can be with him if you wanna watch. But more than that I can so see us cuddled on a couch like this in an apartment of our own somewhere, the three of us wrapped around each other like this." I said trying to calm my racing heart. Now that I've agreed, I have no clue what I would do if she said no.

"Why?" she asked. Ok…still not no.

"Because I think I want this. I think that you deserve this. You deserve two guys who think the world of you and worship the ground you walk on." I said with a smile. "You don't have to decide anything right now. Think about it." I pressed a chaste kiss to her forehead and then followed suit to the head still in her lap, though he was paying us far more attention than the movie. "Puck if you think I'm gonna blow you and you never return the favor. You are crazier than Glen Beck."

"Shit, I was already wrapping my head around the thought. I'm never selfish in the sack, man. And always taking is just fucking rude." Puck said defensively.

"You two are talking like I've said yes to this, this insanity." Mercy said with a sexy as hell pout on her lips.

Puck and I exchanged glances. I just pulled her back into the earlier embrace, and Puck threw his arm back across my thighs. By the end of the Poltergeist series, we took a break and hit the head, Puck and I gathered some sweet refreshments, and met back in the living room. Mercy was still not back. When she walked into the room we were sitting on the couch talking, and both of our jaws hit the floor.

Mercedes PoV

I am about to be badder than I have ever in my life been. I am so wrong. I know I shouldn't do this. But still I'm up here taking off my bra, and panties, and pulling on a comfy casual skirt. I leave off the fuzzy slippers, and make sure that the built-in bras in my layered tank tops are doing a decent job of holding up the girls; I head back down to the living room. The guys are already on the couch, my space waiting between them. I make my way to the DVD player and exchanged the Nightmare on Elm Street DVD for The Ring. I settle myself between them and press play. I can tell the second they realize what I'd done.

"Really Hot Mama, you know how we are reading this." Puck asked

"Yeah, cause right now I'm thinking that you are either agreeing to be with both of us, or I fell asleep while waiting on you." Sam said shaking his head a bit.

"Well I'm still not ready to go all the way. And when I am, I'll be honest; I will want that first time to be a one on one occasion. But I'm good with doing some stuff tonight. And I still say at least one of you will be staying the night. Because I am not staying here by myself after watching this damn movie." I said fiercely.

Both boys grabbed their phones, and within minutes, I had company for the evening. Sam pulled me in close, and Puck resumed his place on my lap. But the sexual tension in the room was way higher than it was before the break. Without the buffer of my pants, I could feel his every breath on my thighs. Soon his breath was replaced by tiny kisses, and he worked my skirt up until he had removed the barrier between our skins. Sam was rubbing gentle circles on my shoulders and pressing kisses to the top of my head. I leaned my head back onto his arm, and sure enough he took my signal to press his lips to mine. Sam's kisses were every bit as drugging as Puck's but in an entirely different way. Sam's kisses were sweet and made me feel beautiful and desired. Puck's kisses were hot and made me feel sexy and wanted. Somehow both of their kisses drugged my senses and made me feel needed. And in that moment, I believed that this could work out.