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Chapter 1:

Sirius Black was not really, nor had he ever been, a man of impeccable moral standing. He could hardly be accused of fair play and would probably laugh in your face if you asked him whether he stopped and thought about the consequences of his actions. He had lived and breathed spontaneity in his Hogwarts days, and he had resolutely refused to speculate about the future—determined, in short, to live in the now. It was, he had believed, the moment that mattered.

He did realise now, looking back with faded, though still faintly rose-tinted glasses, that it had been the sensation he had craved, not the act. He needed to feel, needed to hear his own heart pounding—craved, needed, as if it were oxygen: the fear, the adrenaline, the mind-shattering exhilaration which came with chasing the forbidden.

And by Jove was she off limits. He struggled with himself. The dominant, commanding nature of the Sirius Black of his youth had never really faded; it had simply dozed. There was a slightly more responsible man occupying his place these days. Still probably not appropriate for the age of the bones, but more... respectable, he supposed one might argue. As it was, this man had been hard pressed of late; the burning need to pursue what he knew he most definitely should not was all consuming. In his mind's eye he could see himself back at Hogwarts: he, James, Remus and even Peter, plotting, planning, and scheming.

Because, you see, it really was that simple. Sirius Black always got something if he wanted it badly enough. He always came out on top-usually literally-and always got the girl. It was just the way it worked. He knew realistically it wasn't so much the practical challenge: she had a boyfriend, was his guest, was considerably younger, and could, if anyone found out, mean life getting irreparably complicated and potentially painful, it was her reaction which made him hesitate.

He supposed that the conquest in itself would be easy enough-he knew he could please a woman, knew he could leave her incoherent in the end. But ensure she could live with the guilt afterwards, of that he wasn't so certain.

It was only the unexpected growth of a conscience, a curious acquisition he couldn't recall the origins of, which currently protected Hermione Granger from his libido.

Brought rather abruptly from his thoughts by a loud thud, he sighed and elected to investigate. He supposed indulging fantasies of scantily clad Gryffindors would do little to help his problem and he might really, at least when said Gryffindor was still wandering about his house, benefit from a distraction.

Fate, it would seem, was not going to be his friend today.

Peering through the crack in the not-quite-closed door to the room shared by Hermione and Ginny, conveniently located just above the kitchen, he was presented with a sight that both amused and irked him.

"Ronald Weasley, you have absolutely no respect for women!" Hermione yelled. "Did you really think this would be a good idea?" At the end she lowered her voice to a hiss.

Not quite able to see what the red-head had presented his new girlfriend with, Sirius could only wince at his response.

"Well, you like books!" Ron bellowed in return. "No need to bloody shout at me! I mean, I was only trying to help, wasn't I? It's hardly my fault your technique could use a little improvement."

There was a pregnant pause. Sirius realised he was holding his breath as he released it explosively when he heard the smash.

"Get out." It was barely above a whisper, but it was filled with menace.

Leave, just leave, Sirius found himself chanting in his head. The boy was certainly a first class buffoon when it came to women, but he had to realise saying anything else would be a mistake.

"But 'Mione, be reasonable..."

Shit. It would seem, Sirius reasoned, that Molly Weasley would be a few grandchildren short of what she had hoped for after all.

"Reasonable?" Her voice became softer.

There was another crack. Suddenly, hesitant footsteps became a sprint; Ron came pelting out of the bedroom at break-neck speed.

"I'd stay out of there mate, the woman's gone mental!" He shouted as he ran past.

Looking back at the door, Sirius was confronted with a suspiciously calm Hermione Granger.

They stood looking at each other for a long moment before they simultaneously broke the silence.

"I really am..." She started.

"I hope that..." He began.

They both fell silent again.

"He's a prick," Sirius offered.

Hermione sighed and looked at her feet.

"He's also my boyfriend." She looked back up with a slightly twisted smile on her face.

Sirius sighed in return. "I'm sorry chick." he replied, opening his arms slightly in invitation.

There was almost no hesitation as she threw herself into his arms and started to cry. He murmured soothing words into her hair as he rubbed her back. She shuddered as he held her close.

They stood like that for a while, until her shaking ceased and her sobs abated. She drew away with a sniff, her face red and blotchy, and her eyes downcast. She opened her mouth to thank him, but paused as he held his hands up.

"Don't fret it, chick."

And that was all that was said. She offered him a watery smile and nodded, retreating back into the safety of her room.

Sirius sighed and leaned against the banister immediately to his left. All he could think about was her small body in his arms. It had been an inhuman restraint which stopped him from taking advantage. It was something terrifying which made him grateful he had not.

What the meeting had achieved, however, was making up his mind. Ronald Weasley did not deserve her, and whilst he was almost certain he definitely didn't either, he would make her realise as much. Cost be damned.

For the first time in his life, Sirius Black was going to seduce a woman not for the thrill, not for the buzz, not for the moment, but for the consequences.