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"Y'know, Charlene, now that Dave and Claire are here," Brittany said, "You can come back with us if you want to." Charlene's green eyes both widened slightly at the offer.

"Come back?" she asked, "You mean… home? To America?" Brittany chuckled and nodded her head in response. Thinking to herself, Charlene gently pulled her paw out of Brittany's grip and turned around to look at the jungle.

"Hmm… I never really thought about going back." she said at last, "I mean, I've been on this island for so long, it's always felt like my home to me. I'm… not sure I'd fit in back in America." Simon laughed.

"So what? Look at us." he chuckled, "Do we look like a normal family to you?" Seeing them all together, Charlene smiled and giggled slightly.

"So what do you say, Charlene?" asked Alvin, gently taking her paw, "You want in?" Charlene looked at her paw, then at Alvin, then at Dave and Claire with the other five chipmunks. Finally, she gently slid her paw out of Alvin's grasp.

"Thank you for the offer, Alvin." She said kindly, "But I think I'm gonna stay here. This is my home now." Alvin's ears drooped a little bit before he finally spoke.

"It's okay, Charlene. Whatever you decide." He replied quietly. The red clad chipette then took Alvin's paw and looked into his brown eyes.

"But I will say this, Alvin." She said, "Thank you for being a good boyfriend to me. And an even better friend." With that, she gently pulled him into a hug. Alvin smiled and hugged her back. Charlene then walked up to Brittany and sighed before she finally spoke.

"Brittany… I'm sorry. F-For everything." She said sadly, "And for not seeing that you and Alvin belonged together." She looked down at the sand guiltily, still remorseful for almost destroying Alvin and Brittany's relationship. But Brittany gently took the chipette's paw and looked into her green eyes kindly.

"It's alright, Charlene. All is forgiven." She responded, "I haven't been fair to you either. So I'm sorry too." The two female chipmunks then pulled each other into a warm friendship hug. Once they had pulled out of the hug, Charlene then walked over to the other Chipmunks, Dave and Claire.

"Theo, Ellie, thanks for being so kind to me, you two." She said. Eleanor nodded in response.

"No problem, Charlene." She replied with a smile.

"You are our friend." Theodore added.

"And I'll never forget you two for being so nice to me." Charlene said, "Oh, and Theo? Thanks for the dress." Theodore smiled at her, before Charlene then looked up at Dave and Claire.

"Dave, Claire, take good care of your sons and daughters." She said, "With their kindness and understanding, they deserve good care from two great parents like you." Dave and Claire both smiled down at the chipette.

"Thanks, Charlene." Claire replied kindly to her.

"And we will." Dave said, smiling. Charlene then turned to finally face both Simon and Jeanette.

"And Simon, Jeanette, thank you also for acting kind to me these past few days." She said, "You two really are a perfect couple." Simon smiled and nodded at her in acknowledgement. As Charlene turned to go, Jeanette quickly grabbed her shoulder, making her stop and turn around. Jeanette then took the ring crown off her head and held it out to her.

"Here, you should have this back." She said kindly. Charlene looked at her then the crown in surprise.

"Are you sure?" she asked. Jeanette smiled and nodded in response.

"Yes. It'll remind you of Alvin and us." The purple clad Chipette replied. So Charlene gently took the crown from her and placed it atop of her head. Jeanette shyly turned to look at her male counterpart, fidgeting with her paws.

"I-I hope you don't mind." She stuttered nervously, "I thought she… deserved to have it back." Simon just smiled and waved his paw in dismissal.

"Oh, I don't mind." He responded with a smile, "Y'know, Jeanette, um… even the most perfect gem… cannot compare to your… beauty." This cheesy-sounding yet kind of cute comment made Jeanette smile at her male counterpart who smiled kindly back at her. Everybody then began to walk towards the orange lifeboat and climb inside it. Alvin and Brittany, however, stayed behind to say one last final goodbye to Charlene.

"So you really don't mind that I almost destroyed your relationship?" Charlene asked one last time, just to be sure.

"No, of course not, Charlene." Brittany replied kindly.

"Are you sure?" the red clad chipette asked. This made them both chuckle.

"Yes, Charlene." Alvin confirmed, smiling.

"Well, okay. Just checking." Charlene responded, smiling back in a jokey manner.

"Well, goodbye, Charlene." Brittany said, gently patting her shoulder and smiling, "Hopefully we'll see you again in the future, if you decide to come back to America." Charlene smiled.

"Yeah, maybe someday, Britt." She replied, before Brittany turned and made her way over to the lifeboat. That left only Alvin and Charlene alone on the sandy beach.

"So… I guess this is goodbye then, huh?" The red clad chipmunk said at last, after a moment of awkward silence.

"Yeah, I guess it is, Alvin." Charlene replied, smiling, "It was so nice to see you again, after five years."

"Yeah. Y'know, Charlene, I wasn't sure how much fun this vacation was gonna be." Alvin said to his old girlfriend, "But ever since I saw you again, this vacation got much more interesting than I thought it would be. And I'm glad." Charlene smiled at this.

"Thanks." She responded. She then took Alvin's paw and looked deeply into her ex-boyfriend's brown eyes.

"Alvin, there's something I want to tell you before you go." She said quietly, "Something I wanted to say since I saw you again." Alvin raised one of his eyebrows curiously.

"And what's that?" Charlene took a deep breath before speaking.

"I love you, Alvin, whether you're my boyfriend or just my friend." She said, in a less seductive manner and more honestly and kindly, "Always have and always will." Alvin stared at her for a few seconds before he finally smiled.

"As do I, Charlene." He replied, looking into her green eyes. Then, tilting their heads slowly, they both began to lean into each other, slowly closing their eyes. They got closer and closer until finally…

"I gotta go." Charlene opened her eyes in surprise to see Alvin walking quickly down the beach towards the lifeboat.

"ALVIN!" she yelled after him crossly. Alvin chuckled to himself as he leapt into the boat. From the lifeboat, Brittany smiled and shook her head before turning to look at Charlene.

"That's Alvin for ya!" she called to her. Charlene looked at her for a moment before smiling understandingly and rolling her eyes playfully, quietly giggling to herself. Then two of the lifeguards climbed out of the boat and began to push it into the ocean, before finally jumping in. Everybody in the boat called and waved goodbye to Charlene, who stood on the beach smiling and waving back.

"Goodbye, guys!" called Charlene to the departing lifeboat as it made its way through the waves to the cruise ship, "Hope I'll see you again in the future!"

"Bye, Charlene!" cried Eleanor, waving her arm.

"See you again hopefully!" called Simon.

"Call me!" Alvin yelled to her, making Brittany giggle. As soon as she could no longer see the lifeboat as it was pulled up onto the cruise ship, Charlene turned around and walked up the beach, straightening her ring crown. Before she went back into the jungle, she turned her head and watched as the ship began to sail away in the opposite direction.

"So long, Alvin." She whispered to herself, before walking through the wall of trees and back into her new jungle home.

(NOTE: Story continues from there, except without Charlene)

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