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Chapter 1: Surprise

Somewhere in a small town, in the busy marketplace, there was a crowd. And bobbing in that sea of people was a vibrantly coloured umbrella that weaved in between the throngs of buyers, not taking any particular interest in the stands. The rain finally stopped a few minutes later, and with a relieved sigh, a tall girl closed her umbrella with a faint smile on her face.

"Phew! I thought it was going to rain forever!" she smoothed her dry short black hair and widened her eyes at the imminent sunshine. Her brown eyes shone in the growing light of the sun. She was wearing the local school uniform with high, transparent socks underneath her white ones. She looked around and realized she was the only one standing gazing at the rainbow in the middle of the market place. Immediately, she consulted her watch and gasped.

"I'm going to be late!" she screeched, gripping her forehead in pure panic.

The girl ran energetically down the street and passed harassed looking teenagers her age, who shouted at her to slow down. Her pale strong legs pumped on the sidewalk and left a streak of disorder in their wake. But the girl didn't notice at all, she just had that small smile of well being on her face. She turned at the utterance of her name:

"Jeez, Honoka-san!" someone screeched, picking up her homework papers agitatedly. "Quit it!"

"Sorry!" Honoka Shirahama didn't stop to help. She opted for a subtle wave and laughed.

The student watched as the pretty young girl grabbed a streetlamp and swung right disappearing behind a picket fence. All that could be seen was the flurry of papers and the continual wails of, "Sorry! Oh, excuse me!"

She sweat dropped and shook her head. What in the world could Honoka always hurry off to after school everyday like that? And whenever anyone asked, Honoka would just shake her head and say she was visiting friends. This added to the mystery that Honoka Shirahama seemed to exhibit. She seemed like an average 16 year old like everyone else, but sometimes, she showed such a maturity and wisdom that it scared most around her—

Meanwhile, Honoka tripped over her own laces.

She felt like curling into a ball just then, but it didn't really matter. She had reached her destination.

"Ryouzanpaku!" she threw the gates open excitedly. "Apa! I've come to play Othello!"

It had been two years now, but Honoka still couldn't stop herself smiling when she saw Apachai—otherwise known as the Muay Thai Death God—sprint across the green grass surrounding the dojo.


She felt herself being lifted into the air easily and placed easily on Apachai's shoulder like old times. Honoka still felt like a child with the perfect view of Ryouzanpaku which was, admittedly, shabby but still…

It felt like home.

Apachai threw the front door open and Honoka ducked her head to get through, throwing her backpack so it landed precisely by the entrance. Her eyes adjusted to the dark marginally so she could just make out…


The girl immediately leaped off Apa's shoulders—which were a good feet above ground—and landed daintily on the wooden floorboards that creaked in disapproval of the additional weight. A woman with exceptionally large breasts folded her arms across her chest with a wooden spoon and a ladle in one hand. Her blonde hair cascaded down to her tiny waist. Honoka straightened and patted down her pleated skirt.

Miu smiled. "I'm glad you came."

Honoka nodded warily, "Yeah, Big Boobs. I always come. Shouldn't you be studying in your room or something?"

Miu shrugged, "I'm in college now. That doesn't mean I can't cook for everybody." Then Miu disappeared as quickly as she appeared. But before she did, Honoka could have sworn she saw a specific look in Miu's eyes.

Then Honoka realized something. "Apa? Where are the masters?"

Apa scratched his light-haired head. "APAAAA…" he drawled."Well, they said they were having meeting and that I should lure you here, Apa."

Honoka stared at him in disbelief and slight betrayal. "Apa, how could you?"

"Apa!" Honoka assumed he had no idea he had just been involved in a plan of the most devious order. He looked at her in surprise.

Honoka shook her head. "Apa."

She ducked past his bulky arm and tore towards the door—the light at the end of the tunnel. Honoka jumped instinctively and felt foreign hands travel up her skirt. She snorted angrily and twisted herself away from the hand mid-air.

Honoka caught a glimpse of Chinese Kenpo master Kensei with his camera in one hand, taking polaroid pictures of her. She gripped one of the support beams he was hanging off of and rocked forward, landing a little outside the door. She then broke into a clean sprint.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo!" she screamed, watching Shigure and Sasaki block the front gate as she darted at a 90 degree angle from them for any wall to climb up.

Big boobs knew about this! She seethed, crawling up the wall angrily, recalling Miu's smirk, she …she knew that these people…

Honoka yelled as she felt her feet give way beneath her and rise into the air.

"I've…got her," a black haired woman in purple announced. Honoka glared into the upside-down face of Shigure Kousaka.

Honoka knew it was too late for her life. She had tried to escape, but obviously it was futile when she was fighting with Ryouzanpaku's greatest.

And as Shigure, Sasaki and Kensei regarded her—like hunters stare lovingly at their newly captured deer—she finally inhaled wearily.

Honoka folded her arms, swinging like a pendulum from her ankle.

"Alright. Alright. I know Kenichi's at university. But I am not going to be your new disciple."

these people want me to be their disciple.

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