InFAMOUS: Beyond Evil

1: New Testament

My name is Eli, I am a Conduit.

What is a Conduit? Well a Conduit is a person with a gene that allows him or her to develop powers. They are also the only people that are immune to the Plague. However, only active Conduits are immune. To activate a Conduit, they need to be in the radius of a Blast. A Blast is a powerful explosion of what we call "Ray Field Energy" that drains all normal humans of their life force and pumps it into any potential Conduits within the Blast radius, activating their powers. There is only one person in the world that can generate a Blast, the leader of the Conduits: Cole MacGrath.

This was how I got my power. I was part of the first Blast in New Marais, at the time, I was 2 years old. My earliest memory was of a woman with dyed blue hair pulling me out of the rubble of a cathedral. She took me to a young man wearing a white baseball tee with black sleeves and black pants with a white Union Jack on one leg. That was Cole. Of all the New Marais Conduits, I was the youngest, so the blue-haired woman, Lucy Kuo, took me under her wing. I traveled with Cole, Kuo, and the rest of our Conduit army from city to city as Cole activated more and more Conduits. Soon we numbered in the thousands and continued to grow. As the years passed, millions of people died from the Plague and millions more were consumed in Blasts to save Conduits.

During this time, my own powers developed. I can manipulate plasma in its various forms including light, fire, and lightning. Because of my powerful abilities, Cole himself has taken an interest in me, taking up the task of training me and, more importantly, adopted me as his son.

My name is Eli MacGrath, and this is my story.


I hurled a plasma bolt at the target, "Faster!" Cole instructed "Fire with more accuracy!"

I gritted my teeth and launched 3 more bolts at the next few targets in quick succession. I took cover behind a low wall as several paintball pellets fired in quick succession from wall-mounted turrets. "Take the fight to the enemy!" Cole commanded.

A small ball of light, like a little sun, formed in the palm of my hand. I lobbed it over the wall and it landed in front of the turrets in a flash of light, blinding their targeting systems. I rolled out of cover and fired fire missiles at the turrets, destroying them.

"Better" Cole said with a nod. In the past 12 years, he had grown a beard streaked with grey.

I flexed my shoulders and said cheerfully, "When isn't it?"

Cole gave me a small smile, something that did not come easily to him these days, "I suppose your constant rate of improvement is something to be thankful for," he gestured toward the door of the small training room, "We're done for today, go wash up, you can hang with your friends until dinner."

I smiled gratefully and raced out of the training room. I made my way to my bedroom and went into the small bathroom connected to it. I turned on the faucet in the sink and splashed cool water in my face to wipe away the sweat. Unlike Cole, my body constantly generates plasma instead of electricity so I can handle large amounts of water better than Cole although I still get shocked if I'm completely submerged.

After I finished drying my face with a towel I studied my reflection in the mirror. My skin was pale from lack of sunlight. There was a single streak of gold in the bangs of my messy black hair. My almost gold eyes shone in the dim light. I shrugged and exited the bathroom, going to my room's small balcony that overlooked Conduit City. Originally called Los Tormenta, Conduit City was where Cole choose to settle his Conduit army after his 10 year Campaign against the humans. Slowly, the Conduits were repairing the city, reconstructing its towering skyscrapers and expanding the city's borders. My home was one of the first new buildings to be constructed, a towering, narrow pyramid like a giant needle, with a halo attached to the tip.

"Have I ever told you this would be a great place for base jumping?" I smiled and looked over the balcony railing to see my best friend Ryan Black scaling the side of the building.

"I thought Anderson told you that if he ever caught you climbing the tower again he would through you off the top?" I said with a smirk as I reached out a hand to pull Ryan up.

"Well, he won't catch me," Ryan said as he climbed over the railing.

I shook my head in amusement. A native of South Africa, Ryan spoke with a thick accent. An orphan like me, Ryan's last name was not due to his skin color but rather, to his ability to manipulate shadows around himself too become invisible. Ironically, despite his affinity with the shadows, Ryan was an incredibly bright and cheerful individual and he had this annoying tendency to wear vibrant colors. For example, today he was wearing blazing white shorts and a neon green t-shirt which had written across the front in bold blue letters: CONDUITS ROCK.

"So," Ryan asked "Has 'the Beast' let you loose for the day?"

"Yep," I rolled my eyes at the use of the name the humans gave Cole.

"Sweet," Ryan said, "wait till you hear what I-"

"RYAN!" a shrill voice called from below the balcony.

Ryan's eyes widened "Uh oh," he ran into the darkest corner of my room and crouched in it, "I'm not here," he whispered before the faint shadows turned pitch-black and Ryan melted into them, returning the shadows to their original shading, leaving the corner empty.

"I KNOW YOUR UP THERE RYAN!" the voice called.

I went back to the balcony and looked down at the source of the shouting: a 15 year old girl standing on a disk of light the size of a manhole cover that shifted between every shade of blue and green as it carried her upward. The girl was wearing a black leather jacket over a black tank top with a silver skull on it. She wore tight black jeans with a studded black belt; her hands were stuck in the pockets of her jacket but I could see the chain bracelets on her wrists. Her long, flowing, dirty blond hair fell past her shoulders and halfway down her back. In the front was a long streak of hair the same shifting blue-to-green color as the disk of light she stood on. Her skin was deathly pale.

I smiled in what I hoped was an inconspicuous manner, "Hey Sunny."

The girl nicknamed Sunny (I'll give you three guesses why) fixed me with eyes that were also a shifting blue-to-green color, "Where is Ryan?" she asked coolly in her British accent.

"And why would you be looking for him?" I asked slyly.

Sunny's dark, blood red lips formed a snarl as she floated up to eyelevel, "I'll tell you why. Because he did this to me while I was asleep!" she thrust her hands out of her pockets at me palms down so that I could see that her normally black fingernails had been painted hot pink.

I raised my eyebrows "Wow, that's…"

"It's not funny!"

"It kinda is." I said with a smirk.

Sunny flipped over the railing. "Whatever, just tell me where he's hiding."

"What if I told you that he's not here?" I folded my arms across my chest and leaned against the wall, still smirking.

"Then I'd do this!" Sunny growled. She stretched out her hand into my room and suddenly every square inch was illuminated in a blinding light.

"Agh!" without any shadows to conceal him, Ryan faded back into sight.

Sunny turned and fixed me with a pointed glare, "Oh, hey Ryan!" I said trying to sound casual and failing miserably "When did you get here?" I let out a nervous chuckle that faded away along with my smirk when I saw that Sunny was most definitely not amused. I winced "Please don't kill me."

"Now why shouldn't I do that?" Sunny said menacingly.

"Because I'm fun and adorable?" I said hopefully "And because Ryan is making a break for it."

Sunny spun around in time to see Ryan leap off the balcony, turn into an arrow of darkness, and shoot out into the city. "RYAN!" Sunny leapt off the balcony after Ryan. A disk of light formed under her feet and, crouching low on it, Sunny sped off in pursuit.

I rolled my eyes and went back into my room to grab a long rectangular metal plate. I ran back out to the balcony and leaped over the railing. As I fell, I slid the metal plate under my feet and as soon as I made contact with the plate, lightning arced across it and my fall became a glide. I landed on a rooftop and shot forward across it, as flames roared out the back of the plate. The board, for that is what it had become, carried me from rooftop to rooftop as I searched for my friends. Finally, in Bellawood, I found Sunny on a rooftop holding a vaguely human-shaped shadow by the throat.

I rode up to them and said casually, "You know, you can just paint your nails black again."

Sunny glared at me "That's not the point! I'm sick and tired of his damn pranks!"

"Oh come on!" Ryan said, reverting from his shadow form. "You have to admit you like some of my pranks!"

A faint smile twitched on Sunny's lips. "I'll admit, the time you tricked Burke into appearing in front of half his gang in his Care-Bear pajamas was kinda funny."

"I beg to differ," I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard that all too familiar voice. Turning to the source I saw a large, muscular, 18 year old young man of African decent with a buzz cut. He was wearing a red t-shirt with a gold fist stamped on the front. Flames danced across his fingers.

"Burke," Sunny said coolly, releasing Ryan "What do you want?"

Burke spoke with a thick West African accent, "I've got a message for daddy's boy here," He spat, gesturing to me.

"So you're Banga's little delivery boy now?" I said dryly.

Burke sneered, "Cute, MacGrath, real cute."

"What do the Blood Gold want now Burke?" Ryan asked mockingly "Do they need Cole to come down and give them a band-aid for a little boo-boo?"

Burke growled at Ryan, "I'd watch your back if I were you. You might find a knife in it one day." He turned back to me "Banga wants you to tell Cole that the Feral are harassing the Outskirts again."

I took a step forward "You know, you're lucky Cole tolerates your little gang's existence."

Burke took a menacing step forward, "You talk big from your safe little perch in Downtown don't ya? Why don't you come down to the Outskirts and we'll see how tough you are then? Oh, wait," a taunting smile wormed its way onto Burke's lips. "Your daddy wont let you go to the Outskirts will he? Thinks you're still too weak."

Anger flared up inside me and purple lightning crackled in my palms. Before I could strike, however, Sunny grabbed my arm. "Come on," she said calmly "this ass isn't worth it

I found Cole in the briefing room with Kuo and Cole's head of security, Anderson. "The Human Resistance are pushing, we've already lost a dozen Conduits this week." Anderson was saying, "If this keeps up we'll-" he stopped when I entered.

Cole looked up from the map of Conduit City he was studying and fixed his gaze on me, "Yes, Eli?"

"Burke contacted me," I said "he says that the Feral are harassing the Outskirts again."

"Damn it!" Kuo swore, "We can't handle all these threats simultaneously!"

I decided that now would be a good time to leave. Sunny and Ryan were waiting for me in the hall outside, "Well?" Sunny asked "What's going on?"

I shrugged "I don't know, it sounds like they have their hands full. I don't know why."

"I bet I can find out," Ryan said with a mischievous grin. He took out his cell phone and disappeared into the shadows.

Sunny cocked an eyebrow at me. "Has it ever occurred to him that maybe there are some things we shouldn't hear."

"Like your singing?" I said with a grin.

Sunny glared at me, "Do you want to have a repeat of last Tuesday?"

I paled, "No."

"Then I suggest you shut up."

Several minutes later, Ryan reappeared holding up his phone triumphantly, "Check this out."

He pressed a button on the phone and immediately Anderson's voice started playing through the speakers, "-tween the Feral, the Blood Gold, and the HR, the Outskirts have become a warzone."

Cole's voice started speaking, "As long as I'm here, the Blood Gold won't try anything and the Feral are too disorganized to pose a threat so long as they're kept outside the city. The real problem is the HR. Have we had any new leads on where they're getting their supplies and weapons from?"

"No," Kuo spoke up "Most, if not all of the worlds governments are either gone or dissolved into territorial city-states. Our Conduit cities in South Africa have heard rumors of an underground military organization in Rissikburg that's taking control, but with the Feral roaming around, its to risky to verify."

"What about the remaining humans?" Cole asked "Last time I checked, most of the cities not under our control were deserted."

"It's the Feral." Kuo said, "They've been driving people out of rural areas and into the cities. We've managed to suppress the Plague for now but if people keep on being crowded back into cities, its only a matter of time before we have another outbreak."

"And I can't leave as long as the Blood gold and HR remain active." Cole said bitterly.

"What if you gave your powers to someone else?" Anderson asked.

"No!" Cole said sharply, "I will not relinquish even a fraction of my powers to anyone who I do not believe can handle it!"

Ryan pressed the button again and the recording stopped. "That's all I got before I think Kuo noticed me."

"Oh, she noticed you all right." A cool voice said behind us. We spun around and saw Kuo standing behind us, hands on her hips. "You're in big trouble."

A/N: I've wanted to write this fic since I finished the evil ending of infamous 2. This is my first fan fic so please kindly criticizes.