Chapter 1

So here is my story, theres is this guy I like called Louis, I have adored him for a good two years now and I could never of imaginated ever getting close to him. He's practically out of my league: good looks to die for, popularity, and another girl named Kate feels the same way I do, except she is his ex so you can guess who has more chance with him can't you. How was I supposed to know that the whole world was going to black out on October 16th for that 2minutes and 17seconds that everyone is still talking about? Its given me a different view on life, I now know that anything is possible!

So here is what i saw in my Flashforward...

I was in some house I have never seen before, a mansion infact, so god knows how I ended up there. The point is I was in a bedroom with Louis, he had me held up against the wall whilst we kissed, it was wild and I know it was the happiest I have ever felt.

(short first chapter to keep you wondering what is going to happen next)