The blonde's hand rested on her rounded belly as she softly padded barefoot through the grass that was wet from the morning dew. There should not have been anything peaceful about her return that early morning after she had been missing for two years. But like always, there was a peacefulness about Luna that was enough, in these situations especially, to deny any natural order. Her permanently surprised eyes and small, soft smile were the same as ever, as though nothing had happened. But the scars marring the otherwise lovely and perfect pale skin of hers told another story…as did the growing child in her belly.

Ginny was the first one to see her in the dim morning light, as she poured coffee and sat at the window. At first, she wondered whether the girl was real or not, or maybe some strange forest goddess. It was hard to tell Luna from one even in mundane situations with her exceedingly long blonde hair and the simple way in which she walked, as if floating. Walking up from nowhere like this through the field in the early morning certainly did nothing to help make the situation more real. Nevertheless, Ginny didn't waste any time yelling for everyone to wake up and running outside as quickly as possible from the cottage at the beach to hug the young woman.

"Hello Ginny." Luna said calmly as Ginny practically tackled her.

"Oh Merlin! Luna, we thought you were dead! Holy goodness! It's a miracle!" Ginny said, still grasping the girl as the others began to spill out the cottage door to join them.

"Wh-where were you?" Harry asked.

"Well, it's obvious, isn't it?" Hermione stated, standing back a little and annoyed with everyone for swamping the girl. "She was held captive…somewhere…" As Ron, Harry, and Ginny backed up she immediately noticed Luna's belly, but despite feeling a sudden urge to go kill something or cry or maybe take turns at both, she didn't say anything.

Harry and Ginny led her inside, while Ron hung back with Hermione. Leaning in to whisper to her from the side without taking his eyes off Luna, he said "get a load of those scars on her ankles! It sure looks like she was in for a rough time."

Hermione nodded to him, taking stock of the girl as best she could from her position. It looked as if she had been chained by the ankles, judging from the thick, angry scars that ran around them. The left side appeared to be much worse than the right.

Luna went with them, allowing them to guide her inside the cottage and into a large, overstuffed chair in the corner of the living room. She didn't say anything, but she smiled serenely and patiently waited for all of the questions that were sure to follow. It wasn't long before they noticed her belly, despite the loose fitting long sage green dress that she wore and she knew that it would take a very long time to answer all of the questions that would result.

"Are you okay?"

"Are you pregnant?"
"Who did this to you?"

"Are you okay?"

"Where were you?"

"Who were you with?"

"Who is the baby's father?"

"Are you sure you're okay?"
"Does someone need to go kill the baby's father?"
"Are you going to keep it?"

"Have you had any medical care?"

"Are you positively certain that you are okay?"

And she answered them, quietly, calmly, and without any real emotion. And she drank the tea and ate the biscuits that they offered her seemingly every ten minutes. But everyone knew that, despite her truthful answers, they had no idea of the real story behind what had happened to the otherworldly girl.

That story wouldn't come until much later that night and Ginny would be the only one to ever hear it in its entirety. She had originally come to check on Luna one more time, to make she was sleeping soundly. Her mind was too busy, too disturbed thinking and wondering about what had happened to her friend to allow her any sleep in Harry's arms. When she found that the nymph like girl was missing from her bed, she went on a search that ended on the third story roof of the wacky little cottage.

Stepping carefully out through the window she walked over to sit next to the blonde was lying on her back and seemed to be stargazing. It was a goodnight to stargaze with the clear sky and the gentle summer breeze playing with the ends of Luna's long curly locks. For a moment she said nothing, she just reached to the hand of her friend who had been away from them all for too long. But after a while, she managed to work up the courage to ask what she so desperately wanted to know.

"What happened to you, Luna?" Ginny barely managed to choke out in a whisper, all the while staring at the scars on her friend's flesh and obviously pregnant state.

"You want to hear the whole story." Luna stated instead of asked. "You're not the only one. There is a gnome over there that seems to be quite interested as well." She pointed to an area to the side of the cottage that faced the woods with a group of several trees and bushes. Ginny did see something (a bird probably) move around through the leaves there. Luna rested her free hand over her belly and smiled sadly, moving Ginny's hand there as well. "She's kicking." She whispered in a voice that seemed much farther away from Ginny than only the foot in between them.

"She?" Ginny asked, excitedly. If the baby was forced on Luna, maybe looking at a little girl would at least be a little easier than a boy, considering.

Luna ignored her question. "The comet that flew by a few months ago, did you see it?"

Ginny sighed, wondering whether Luna's child would be as otherworldly as her mother. "No."

"It was quite beautiful." Luna commented. "Unfortunately, it seemed to disturb to some of the Blibbering Humdingers that were grazing."

"Blibdeering wha- wait a minute!" Ginny snapped her head over to look at the small blonde. "You were outside watching a comet a few months ago?"
"Luna nodded."

"Then why are you just now back here? Did you escape and then get recaptured?" At this point Ginny was very confused.

"Perhaps I should tell you about it from the beginning. I don't believe it would make sense if I started at the comet."

Ginny eagerly nodded. "Please do."

Ginny had expected Luna to tell her the story herself then, but the girl beside her stayed quiet. She fished something out of an inside pocket of her dress and handed it to Ginny.

"I do hope that you will keep it to yourself though. Some of it is quite personal. It makes me too sad to talk about."

Ginny looked down to see a small vile in her hand and she immediately knew what Luna meant for her to do with it. "Are you sure you what me to see everything, Luna? I might see something you don't want me to."

Luna kept her peaceful face looking up at the sky while she began to sing softly to herself, seemingly out of nowhere as she caressed her belly .

"I see the moon and the moon sees me,

the moon sees somebody I would like to see,

so God bless the moon and God bless me,

and God bless the someone I want to see."

Ginny stayed quiet, listening to the muggle song she had only heard once before. Luna's voice was high pitched and airy and reminded her of one of those Disney princesses in a movie that Hermione had explained to her that the muggles play on their square boxes. It surprised her, a little, that Luna would even know the song, considering she had no muggles in her family. Her sweet and siren like voice, however, quickly removed the thought from the redhead's mind and she just listened to the otherworldly girl instead.

After a while, Ginny knew she must have dozed off while listening to Luna's singing. For when she looked over at her again, Luna wasn't there and the sweet song was gone. Ginny looked around for Luna cautiously at first, wondering where she had gone off to. The blonde was nowhere in sight. Ginny finally just decided to go back inside and end the burning curiosity she felt for whatever had happened to Luna. Pouring the teardrops into the basin, she knelt down and dunked her head under the warm liquid to see the story Luna had offered her.