The dark, smokey figure behind us seemed to incase the entire room and probably the entire inside of Snape's house. It roared like a locomotive coming at us and showed me pictures that I would have never wanted to see. It loomed over us as if it was death itself until, just as quickly as it had come, it vanished. I sat up, startled and quickly began straightening my clothes as Luna did the same. We ran downstairs for Snape and a million scenarios that I had nightmares about ran through my mind. Had Voldemort found us out? Was Snape dead? Was Snape really ever telling me the truth at all? Was Snape trying to kill us? When I reached the study, I immediately got my answer.

The thing that I had brought...the chalice or whatever... it seemed to be causing the smoke from the fireplace to rush outwards into the study and around Snape in such a way so as he plainly could not breathe or see out of it. He stood frantically swinging the Sword of Gryfendor in the direction of the chalice for only the first moment I saw him and then he fainted for lack of air. I didn't know what to do. He would die if he didn't get some air soon, but what if Lord Voldemort knew somehow of what he was doing? What if I helped him and then it gave me away to the dark Lord? Could I risk it?

While I was frozen in place and trying to work it out I barely even saw Luna as she ran past me straight into action. Before I could stop her she had rushed to Snape's side and grabbed the sword from his convulsing fingers as he lay dying in a smoky heap. Before I even had time to blink she had raised the sword up over her head with both hands and swung it unto the chalice on Snape's desk. It clinked as it broke apart and immediately all of the dark looming smoke was sucked out of the room and back into the fireplace as if by a vacuum. No sooner had the chalice broken than Luna had knelt back down to the floor next to Snape, lifting his limp head and trying to fan him some fresh air.

It was to no avail though. Snape's heart wasn't beating and no matter how I tried for a pulse there was none. I turned to Luna and took her hand, gently tugging her to her feet.

"It's no use, Luna. Snape's dead. We've gotta go."

Her eyes were as large and full of surprise as usual and I couldn't read into whether or not she was very upset. There was no time for any of that. I had no idea of whether Voldemort could sense that a horcrux ad been destroyed or had some way of knowing who did it or where and I had no intentions of taking my chances of something like that. Luna and I had to leave. Now. I felt her hesitation as I tugged at her to follow me when I began to run, but only for a moment. I grabbed the sword and rifled through Snape's desk to find the wand I had dug out from Dumbledor's grave. Finally muttering an "accio wand" spell I was able to locate it and no sooner did I had both in my right hand than I pulled Luna out of the room with the other.

The cold night air that was usual for April stung my lungs as we ran. We couldn't use any form of transportation that could be stopped or searched, after all, that was how Luna had been kidnapped in the first place, off the Hogwarts Express. Now that she had destroyed a horcrux, they would certainly go through the trouble to find her again. I had desperately wished that I had a batch of polyjuice strong enough to last for a ride to Hogwarts though. Even on the train it was a several hour ride from London and on foot, especially on some of the terrain between London and Hogwarts, who knew how long it would take us to reach the castle? Still, every step we took was one more between us and the certain death that loomed for us at Snape's place. I found a secluded alleyway and stopped, trying to catch my breath and giving Luna a chance to catch hers. Sitting down, I decided to take stock of the belongings I had on me. It wasn't much. We had enough coins, of course, to live comfortably for a year or more, a fifteen minute or so batch of polyjuice potion, and that was it. Immediately, I knew what we had to do.

I used the polyjuice on Luna and me we went immediately int the store father and I had purchased our wizarding tournament tents and sporting supply from. There I picked up everything I thought we would need as quickly as I could, practically throwing it all into the hands of the store's owner as I went. Now I was all in whether I wanted to be or not. Whatever happened after this point, Voldemort would have to die if Luna and I were going to have a chance to live. That meant that I had to keep going on what Snape had told me. I had to somehow get to Hogwarts and find that other horcrux, plus whatever other ones were out there that I didn't know about. Snape had only told me so much and I had never really pushed for more information. Now he was dead and Luna was polyjuiced to look like some random red head off the street. Without Snape there was no easy way to get to Hogwarts and I couldn't even guess how long it might be, so I loaded up on as much supplies as I could. After all I was no outdoorsman and I never had enjoyed what some referred to as "roughing it".

We got out of the store and back into the alley just in time and I quickly handed Luna's cape back to her and pulled the hood far over her head in an attempt to hide her identity. Then I apparated us out of London into the countryside as close to Hogwarts as I was able, though I knew that it would take several days or even weeks to get to the actual school from there. For the night, however, I was much too tired to start trekking. By this point it was nearly midnight and all I wanted to do was set up the tent, curl up next to my sweet little loon, and go to sleep. As I worked with my wand to get the tent set I noticed how Luna wondered around in the open field in the night. The rain had stopped...or maybe it had never rained here as it had in London and the moon was out in full.

Then Luna, as if nothing bad had happened tonight at all, began to twirl around and dance. And as I watched her dance beneath the full moon, I was sure that I had never seen anything so beautiful before in my lifetime. Every strange, unexplainable thing about what Luna was doing at the moment only made her more beautiful to me and all the horrible worries I had seemed to melt away off my shoulders and into the moonlight. I walked up to her and offered my hand, spinning her around and offering her a partner, however awkward I might be, in the carefree dance. Before long I found myself holding her closely as we swayed to the music on the small radio and I tilted her chin up to look at me. I kissed her there under the open moonlight, holding her close and allowing my tongue to claim her as I wanted to in every sense. She never denied me and I reveled in the knowledge that she would allow me such an intimacy.

My kisses traced down her jaw and I felt her hand come up to the back of my white blonde hair. I reveled in the feeling, knowing that she was just as caught up as I was. Quickly and without thinking, I put a hand under her legs and lifted her up so that I was holding her as we kissed and I felt her smile into our kiss. Merlin, whatever it was about her...her smell...her taste...the feel of her soft, smooth, sweet skin...drove me to the brink of madness. For a while I didn't have to think of everything going on with the war. For while, maybe it could just be the two of us, Luna and I. I carried her over to where she had sat the blanket down outside of our tent for star gazing and then laid her down on the warmth of the quilt. I didn't break away from kissing her. I couldn't...she was simply too intoxicating for me to have the ability to stop, even if I had wanted to.

But there was one coherent thought that ran through my mind that was worth stopping, if only for just a moment. I reached into my pocket where I had been keeping what my mother had slipped to me and I couldn't help but smile. I halted our kiss for a moment and looked down at the woman who had managed to shift my entire world. Luna was so different from anyone else that I had ever known. Never once had she really asked anything of me, but then she hadn't really ever needed to. She just had this way about her that made it so that she had no need to argue or nag...because whatever it was that I knew she truly needed or wanted I just needed to give to her. If she wanted for the idiot Potter to win the war then fine, I would betray my up bringing, my family, and pretty much everything else that I had ever known just to help ensure that happened. I hated Potter, but after being with Luna I knew that he had to win because Luna had to live and she had to be happy...not kept as anyone's prisoner. She was too unreal of a creature to be degraded to that.

I took one last heavy breath as I brought the three hundred year old ring out of my pocket. As I looked into her mystical blue eyes I had no doubt that I was doing the right thing. If there was anything that I had ever wanted in my life it was this little fairy like creature that lay underneath me with her large surprised eyes and beautiful mouth that drew me in. I wanted to remember just how she was at that moment- breathing heavily to catch her breath from all the kissing, her heavy eyelids, her soft, small, knowing smile, and her beautiful pale skin. I had gone to school for years to study witchcraft and wizardry, but she was easily the most magical thing that I had ever seen.

I struggled for breath and for the right words to say. "Marry me." I breathed out in more of a whisper than in words. "Please." I huffed out, hoping that it would do. I knew that in so many ways I wasn't being fair to her. She had never gotten to experience another man to compare me to, but I couldn't bare the thought of allowing another man near her. She was mine. I would do anything for her. I loved her and she was just mine. I'd kill any other man before I would let them come near her.

I watched as the twinkle in her eyes actually became brighter and, although she didn't say a word, I could tell from her look what her answer was. I kissed her lips once again as I slipped the ring on the appropriate finger of her left hand, trying to get across all of the emotion that I was feeling to her. She wound her arms around my neck and I kissed her even more deeply, laying her back once again onto the quilt and unbuttoning her dress. I kissed a slow trail from her lips over her jawline to the little bit of her neck under her right ear. She shuddered when I got there and I filed that new knowledge away in my mind. I could feel one of her little hands on my upper back and the fact the she was hanging on to me in such a way drove my desire even harder. I stayed at her neck for a while, thinking of how sweet her skin tasted and how graceful of a neck she had. Everything about her was graceful and beautiful in a way that no one less than a goddess should have any right to be. As I was kissing her neck I allowed my left hand to settle on her left breast over her dress as I used my right hand to twiddle with the shoulder of her dress.

I was trying my best to go slowly and not come off as too aggressive. I didn't want to remind her at all of the time I had almost taken her by force when she first stayed with me. With everything that I was taking from her and everything she was trusting me with that no one else in their right mind would I at least wanted to make sure I gave her a first time that she would always remember and never regret. With everything else I was cheating her out of this was the one thing I knew that I could do better than some other bumbling idiot that she could have chosen had she been given the freedom to do so.

I could tell that she was nervous. Her cold hand that touched my cheek trembled and it made me feel powerful to have the ability to invoke that kind of emotion in her. Very little scared Luna... torture and even death didn't, but my touch...that seemed to do the trick. I wondered whether she was afraid of me or of the act. Leaning back up to her face, I kissed her lips reassuringly once again instead of pushing down the shoulder of her dress. I wanted to make her feel comfortable, even if she was unable to completely relax.

"I promise I won't hurt you, Luna. I love you." I breathed quietly into her ear. For a moment didn't do anything more. I just ran my hand over her left check and the other through her pretty hair, taking the opportunity to get a good look at her face and eyes. Her usual surprised expression wasn't in her eyes at the moment, but was replaced by something else, apprehensiveness? After a moment though she seemed to grow more comfortable and I waited until I saw a resolution come back into her eyes before I continued. She wasn't the first virgin that I had ever slept with; she was the forth, actually. But I had never taken things this slow or been so concerned over the girl's wellbeing. I felt, in a way, like I needed to prove my worthiness and love to her.

After another moment I felt her slowly reach her little hands down my side to the hem of my shirt and begin to lift it up the sides of my ribs. As she went I could feel her trembling hands barely just touch along my skin, as if by accident, and the simple touch from her was more pleasurable than any part of any experience I had ever had with any other witch. When the shirt reached my neck I helped her get it over my head and toss it away. She had seen me without a shirt on before, even naked on one occasion when I first brought her up, but her eyes inspected my chest as though she had never seen what it looked like. For once, my usual cockiness about my six pack and chiseled chest failed me and I watched her expression, hoping that she thought me handsome, but unsure. After all, Luna was so different who knew what she might find attractive or not?

"I love you too, Draco." She finally said, after a long while in which she almost looked to be holding her breath. She leant up to kiss me again on the lips and I knew that everything about tonight was going to be okay. I kissed her with everything I had and everything that I had been holding back from her. Then I backed away just enough to lean her up and unbutton the back of her dress. It didn't take but a moment and she was laying underneath me in nothing but her nickers and bra, her pale and beautiful skin gleaming in the silvery moonlight. Merlin, my little fairy was beautiful! As I kissed down her collarbone and touched her smooth skin I couldn't get how lucky of a man I was out of my head. Luna looked and felt like nothing short of a goddess under touch and the silently pleasured expression I was able to put on her face excited me even more. I finally let my hands roam and immediately they both went to feel her voluptuous curves along her sides and hips before I brought one back up to the underside of her to gently unclasp her bra. As I took it off I kissed her lips once more to help her feel a little more comfortable to the adjustment, remembering other girls who had become self conscious at this moment. As I slipped a hand down to touch one I felt a sharp intake of breath from her as we kissed and I used my other hand to rub at her shoulder and the side of her head to try to reassure her.

Luna didn't have large breasts, but I thought they looked perfect for her smaller size. I smiled to her and thought about how I wouldn't want to change a single thing. Everything was beautiful. She was beautiful. So far she had been very quiet but when I pressed my lips to one of her nipples I could her her gasp loudly in enjoyment and again I felt proud to be able to make her feel good. I licked and gently nipped and sucked at her nipple and fondled her other breast as her hands pressed at my bare back and then switched and did the same to her other perfect breast. Everywhere her skin was as sweet as honey and smooth as fine silk. I trailed down her ribcage and then her flat belly with my lips as I began to run my fingers under the waistband of her I could get anywhere with taking them off though she sat up and tugged at my jeans, signaling to me to take them off first and not leave her as the only one without any clothes on. I made quick work of removing my jeans, thinking of them as annoyance to get rid of before I could have what I want. I went ahead and took off my dark green boxers too, hoping that it would make her feel less awkward about me taking off her underwear. Her cheeks held a lovely blush and her eyes carried a curious sparkle to them as she reached out to touch me for the first time. It was a cool night out, but I didn't worry about some things like other guys might, my body felt on fire from touching her. As soon as I felt a few fingertips on me I huffed out a breath, trying hard to keep myself calm and in check. For a moment I let her explore and touch me as she liked, letting her know with my eyes how she was making me feel, but soon I laid her back down and leant over her again, not wanting her to cause this to be over too quickly.

I slowly slid down her underwear, waiting until I had them all the way off and then kissing my way back up her smooth legs before I ran my hand to touch her in her most intimate of places. Gently, I parted her knees with one hand and laid my body between them, leaning down to kiss the inside of her thighs. I felt her shudder as I moved my mouth over to her center and put my tongue to work with pleasuring her in the way that no other man ever had and ever would but me. I knew that most girls didn't have orgasms their first time and I made a goal of making an exception of my beautiful little nymph. I wanted to make her see some stars that weren't in the open night sky above us and I worked mercilessly to achieve that for her. I felt her hands grasp at the back of my head and could hear her quick, sharp intakes of breath even if she was silent during the whole thing.

When she finally did come I knew it because she immediately began to cling to me and clinch in the tell tale way. I smiled into her center and lapped my tongue at her for another moment after it was over and then came back up to kiss her lips with her own taste on them as my fingers took over the work. I went slowly, keeping to the outside for a bit longer before very gently slipping one inside her as far as her virginal barrier would allow. She took in another sharp breath and I knew that I was on the right track to making her feel good. As I slipped a second finger in I couldn't help but notice how incredibly small and tight she was and, although the prospect only excited me more for my own pleasure, it made me worry a little about hurting her. No other girl I had bedded was quite this tight. Still, I kept moving and trying to be gentle with my fingers as I kissed her lips. When I couldn't stand waiting any longer I broke our kiss and waited for her to look me in the eye. I wanted to see every part of her expression and know every indication of pain for what I was about to do.

The tension hung all around us as I positioned myself and she stared at me, wide eyed and trusting with her hands on my bare upper back and her knees to either side of me. I went in slowly, stopping at her barrier and then leaning down to kiss her on the lips and brush her cheek with my palm in a soothing gesture to try to help compensate for the pain. I felt her body tense and her breath catch as I broke through, but she didn't shed a tear like the other girls I had bedded. As soon as it had been broken I froze and tried to remain perfectly still within her to allow her to adjust to my size and to the pain. It only took her a moment to relax against me again.

"Are you okay?" I whispered in question to her, hating that I had just put her in pain, even though I knew it was a one time necessity.

She nodded with a contented smile and I waited another moment to begin moving slowly and gently within her, still amazed at her tightness. I continued this way until I felt her hips start to try to move with me and then I knew that it was okay to speed up a little. I didn't rush though, however much my body screamed at me to. I knew that there would be plenty of time for that later, when she was healed. Right now I just wanted to make this experience last for as long as possible. I wanted her to be able to feel my love for her. What finally did me in was the loving look on her face as she reached a hand up to my cheek and gently said my name. I carefully laid down, still inside her but careful not to make her carry my weight. I rested like that for a time, not willing to leave her yet until I finally did move off and pulled her up against me, wrapping my arms around her tiny body and kissing the back of her head like I was accustomed to at night with her in front of me.

I could see her smiling as she lay there, me propped up on my elbow behind her. I wondered what she was thinking and then laughed a little to myself at how different I was, how different she made me, to care what was going through her head. But, as Robert Heinlein wrote in one of those crazy muggle books Luna loved to quote, "love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own" and I could care off little else lately but to try to make Luna happy. I had turned my entire world over for her and still it seemed like nothing at all in comparison. Then I heard her faintly humming she familiar tune and I smiled, feeling my skin tingle all over once more.

"I see the moon and the moon sees me

the moon sees the love that I want to see

so God bless the moon and God bless me

and God bless the one I love

Over the mountains over the sea

back where my heart is longing to be

please let the light that comforts me

shine on the one I love

I see the moon and the moon sees me

down through the leaves of the old oak tree

please let the light that shines on me

shine on the one I love

I kissed the rose and the rose kissed me

fragrant as only a rose can be

please take the kiss that comforts me

back to the one I love"